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Dha Bralor was a Mandalorian warrior, the son of a pair of proud commandos. When he was a young teen, his family was attacked by a faction of the Sith Empire. Dha believed all members of his family dead, and fled Mandalore due to what he saw as dishonor on his name, though he also wished to retain his loyalty to his culture. However, he was unable to maintain his armor without the proper tools, and he was forced to wear an inferior set of durasteel armor. Nearly a decade later, he was discovered by a bounty hunter named Braden, who offered him a spot in the Great Hunt. Seeing it as a way to return to Mandalorian culture in honor, Dha accepted.


Early life

Major Prudii

Prudii, Dha's brother.

Dha was raised with his brother, Prudii, on a farm in the Mandalorian system. When Dha was sixteen, he was working in the fields with his father when an unidentified strike force attacked the farm. Dha and his father fought off the attackers while Prudii, who had been out hunting, ran to the home to protect their mother and younger adopted sister, Briika. Dha and his father were eventually unable to hold off the attackers, and were forced to surrender. It was then that a red-skinned alien in black robes approached. Realizing that he was a Sith, Dha's father attempted to negotiate their release, but the Sith strangled and killed Dha's father and left. Dha, alone, killed one of the attackers—which he realized were Imperials—and took his weapon. Seeing fire at the homestead, he ran to help and found his mother dead. Of Prudii and Briika, he found no sign.

Dishonored and clanless at sixteen, Dha fled from Mandalore to become a bounty hunter. Eventually arriving on Nar Shaddaa, Dha took increasingly difficult bounties. Eventually unable to maintain his Mandalorian armor, Dha was forced to wear less protective armor. Nearly ten years later, a bounty hunter named Braden approached Dha and offered him a spot in the Great Hunt, having heard of his blaster skills. Dha accepted, knowing that the Mandalorians hosted the Great Hunt and he would be able to find a way to return to his culture honorably. Dha bought a mixed set of Mandalorian armor from an arms dealer—a replication of Mandalore the Preserver's chest-plate, and ancient Neo-Crusader helmet, gloves, and greaves.

Entry Into the Great Hunt



Braden, the old bounty hunter who hired Dha.

Arriving on Nal Hutta, Dha was introduced to the others of Braden's team: Mako and Jory. Braden planned on getting his protege into the Great Hunt, a competition held for hunters across the galaxy. There were two ways to gain sponsorship, either to become a Mandalorian, which would take too much time—and which Dha could not do while dishonored—or if he gained the favour of Nem'ro the Hutt. Mako told him of a Corellian gunslinger named Vexx who had stolen from Imperial paystations. Dha went into the town of Jiguuna and fought his way into Vexx's safehouse, mercilessly killing his henchmen, and got a datapad with information on Vexx's whereabouts. Returning to Braden's safehouse, Dha gave the information to Mako, who told him that Vexx was at the Jiguuna spaceport.

After Dha faced and killed Vexx, he and Mako return to discover Braden and Jory murdered. Mako initially blamed Dha, but he convinced her to think logically—if he'd done it, she would be dead, too. Examining a holorecording, they learn that a disgraced Mandalorian named Tarro Blood had an accomplice kill them, depriving them of the support needed to enter the Great Hunt. Angered that a fellow Mandalorian would sabotage his hunt, Dha agreed to continue the Great Hunt with only Mako at his side.

On the way to Nem'ro's Palace, Dha took out several of Fa'athra the Hutt's captains in order to gain favor with the Hutt. While he went to speak with Nem'ro, Mako gave Jory and Braden a proper burial. Nem'ro requested that he kill an Evocii named Huttsbane. Dha complied with the order, but upon arriving at Huttsbane's home, was impressed with the Evocii's skill and honor, and agreed to take an already-dead Evocii's head to Nem'ro. Nem'ro, who could not tell one Evocii from another, accepted the contract as complete. Mako reported to Dha that she had been followed by a man in a bone mask, and he warned her to be cautious.

After accepting payment from a Twi'lek named Juda, Dha accepted the next bounty, one for a man named Yalt, one of Nem'ro's former accountants. He tracked Yalt to the Rust Yards and cornered him. Though Yalt begged for mercy, even offering a bribe, Dha declined, seeing Yalt as dishonorable. He killed Yalt and took the man's head to his wife.


Mako, the young slicer who accompanied Dha as his only crewmate.

Upon returning to Nem'ro's throne room, Dha was engaged by a Rodian bounty hunter named Nails, who had been hired by Tarro Blood. Dha attempted to threaten Nails, but she declined the chance to leave, and he killed her in a shootout. Dha then confirmed his kill with Nem'ro, who asked him to go kill his beast keeper. This turned out to be a trick—the keeper released a series of beasts upon Dha, who killed them all. The keeper then attacked Dha, and was killed.

Nem'ro told Dha then that he had already sponsored someone for the Great Hunt–a Trandoshan named Rarsk. Dha was angered by this and set out to Fa'athra the Hutt's palace to engage Rarsk. Mako insisted she go with Dha, and he agreed. The two set out for Fa'athra's Palace together and were met by a Chiss claiming to be the Red Blade and his ally, Kaliyo Djannis. The group fought to Fa'athra's Palace together, but split up upon arrival. Dha and Mako found Rarsk's bounty, a Republic scientist named Albea, in the lower levels of the palace. When Rarsk entered the palace, Dha and Mako killed him and took the token. Dha decided against taking Albea's bounty, since he had sympathy for the woman. He even allowed Mako to give her a blaster, and passage off Hutta.

Returning to Nem'ro, they found the bone-masked man that had been following Mako, and learned that he was actually a Great Hunt representative named Grataa. He accepted Dha into the Great Hunt, and he and Mako were allowed to travel to Dromund Kaas to enter the melee that would decide who entered the Hunt.

The Black Talon

Agent Merok

Merok, the Imperial Agent that helped Dha on Hutta and the Black Talon.

Dha was given transport aboard an Imperial cruiser, the Black Talon, upon arriving to Vaiken Spacedock. Leaving Mako to take a shuttle—he argued it would be harder for Blood to follow them both—Dha joined the rest of the passengers on the Black Talon—the "Red Blade", who revealed himself to be an Imperial Agent named Merok, and two Sith, Methic and Tran'thar. They were then contacted by a droid called NR-02, who asked for their assistance. Grand Moff Rycus Kilran had assigned the ship to intercept the Republic ship the Brentaal Star carrying a secret passenger called the General and capture him. However the captain of the Imperial starship, Revinal Orzik, saw it as a suicide mission and disobeyed his commands. Kilran assigned the four passengers to retake control of the ship and intercept the Star.

The team complied and, after purging the ship of disobeying troops, encountered Captain Orzik in the bridge. Though Tran'thar was in favor of executing him and giving the command of the ship to his second-in-command, Lieutenant Sylas, Methic, Dha, and Merok overruled him and spared Orzik, who immediately complied with Kilran's commands, sending the ship towards the corvette Brentaal Star to attack. Thanks to the surviving Orzik, the Talon managed to destroy pods carrying sabotage droids before they arrived, though the team was still forced to fight off Republic boarders.

Back on the bridge, Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan contacted the crew and attempted to convince them to turn away, stating that she was coming with a fleet of Republic warships, and that the Black Talon could not survive alone. However, all four warriors were determined to finish their mission, and boarded the Star.

Aboard the Brentaal Star, the team was attacked by dozens of Republic troopers but managed to defeat their opponents. They proceeded until a Mon Calamari Republic commander organized a team and engaged them. This however only served as a diversion and the team got through and finally reached the General. The Jedi Padawan Yadira Ban tried to protect the General but was slain by Methic. Now with a wounded-General alone, the team proceeded to apprehend him, in spite of Tran'thar's insistence on just killing him, and leave the ship before Satele Shan's fleet could arrive. The Talon then proceeded to Dromund Kaas, where Dha rendezvoused with Mako.

Dromund Kaas

Upon arriving at Dromund Kaas, Mako noted the reek of the spaceport was the same as any spaceport in the galaxy, and that she was eager to leave as soon as possible. Dha replied that it was a better smell than Hutta, but Mako said that was like saying a girl was slimmer than a Hutt. She added that the Empire wasn't fond of aliens, and to be careful—as a Zabrak, Dha would be watched closer than most. Dha told her his goal was just to join the Great Hunt, but she insisted he keep a low profile. The two traveled to the Mandalorian enclave to meet their contact, Crysta Markon.

Upon arriving at the Mandalorian enclave, they met Crysta, who told them she was eager to be working them. She hurried them into the Huntsmaster's office and told them to return to her when they were done. The Huntsmaster, a great white Wookiee, and his assistant, a Mandalorian man named Lek, spoke to the bounty hunters congregated in the office and explained to them the rules of the Great Hunt—after taking three bounties, they would enter a final melee, where one hunter would be chosen to enter the Great Hunt. One bounty hunter, a masked man named Q'kal, dropped out, telling Dha that he wasn't foolish. The hunters then returned to their handlers. Crysta told Dha and Mako that their first bounty was to find a man named Lord Altaca and bring him back alive; his family wanted him back and his wife, Lady Dak-Ah, had kidnapped him.

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