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Deyo Remeda was a small rocky planet in the Deep Core. Surrounded by the moons Austra, Lopemeon — nicknamed "Lop" — and Ithicus, the planet was largely known for its expansive hospital, which was home to some of the most advanced physicians in the galaxy, and which treated many of galaxy's highest-profile — and highest paying — invalids.


Shortly after the Naboo crisis, Dooku, a former Jedi, visited Deyo Remeda's hospital to check up on the health of one of his associates, after they underwent extensive cybernetic enhancements.

Around the same time, a scandal emerged when several high-profile figures started to vanish from the hospital, including a number of Senators from the Galactic Republic. This piqued the interest of the Jedi, who sent Master Ki-Adi-Mundi to investigate the disappearances. Mundi managed to infiltrate the hospital and found the culprits — a group of nefarious bounty hunters, including Aurra Sing, acting under the leadership of the Sluissi Victor, a doctor with a chequered past, who had put their victims in stasis and hoped to sell them to the Hutt Council of Nal Hutta. The bounty hunters managed to escape, but Mundi captured Victor, who begged for mercy. Rather than handing him over to the authorities, Mundi took the doctor back to Coruscant, where he would work as an actual doctor under the close supervision of the Jedi Council, and where he would eventually come to meet Bolo Artel after the Battle of Atairis.


Behind the scenes

Deyo Remeda was created by Jegory as a location for the Tales of the Jedi series. The planet was named after a real-world human ancestor, Australopithecus deyiremeda — the name of the planet, Deyo Remeda, mimics deyiremeda, while the planet's moons, Austra, Lop and Ithicus together form Australopithecus.

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