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Devena Blue was a Separatist mercenary in the Clone Wars. When ARC Trooper 22K infiltrated Raxus, she tried to use a potion to control him, but he pulled a blaster on her, demanding she give him Separatist information. She did, and he took her into custody.



When an ARC Trooper infiltrated the Separatist capital Raxus, Devena was sent by the Separatists to detain him. She tried to use a love potion, but he resisted, pretending that it worked. When they returned to his temporary apartment, he pulled his blaster on her. She reluctantly gave him information on the Separatists, and a Republic fleet managed to stop an invasion of Naboo. Devena was then taken into Republic custody.

In Service of the Republic

Due to worsening conditions in the war, the Republic needed more soldiers. They let Devena out of custody, on condition that she fought with General Eon's 43rd Combat Corps. She agreed, but only if ARC Trooper 22K (who she had grown obsessed with) was also assigned to that group. The Republic agreed, and Devena was transferred to Eon's temporary headquarters on Saleucami, where a fierce battle was raging. 22K, surprised both by his transfer and seeing her, demanded to know what was going on. She explained that she had become a member of the Republic's 43rd Combat Corps, shocking him.

Battle of Saleucami

Devena fought on Saleucami with the rest of the 43rd. When she was separated from the unit, she fought off over ten battle droids with a DH-17 carbine and vibroblade. She was taking on a super battle droid when 22K came to the rescue. She assumed this meant he reciprocated her feelings. When he assured her that he did not, she doubled her efforts to earn his affection.

Break on Dxun

General Eon managed to get the group some break time on the jungle moon of Dxun. Devena planned to convince 22K of her feelings when his comabat readiness (which she called a "battle shield") was lowered. When he returned from a hunting venture in the jungle, he found her wearing a revealing bikini. Quickly, he grabbed his food and returned to his tent. Despite this, Devena continued wearing the bikini all weekend.

Space Battle over Tatooine

Devena later proved her flying skills in the Space Battle over Tatooine. She flew an ARC-170 starfighter, with 22K as her tail gunner. Mandalorian Walon Vau served as her wingman, also in an ARC-170. Their job was to escort Delta Squad to the Separatist frigate. They successfully escorted them in and out.

Battle of Yaga Minor

During the Battle on Yaga Minor, Devena disovered that Kento Marek was married to fellow Jedi Mallie. She promised not to tell anyone, and when 22K asked her why she winked at Mallie, she replied that she'd tell him if he gave her a kiss. He quickly reconsidered.

Finally Accepted

After they left Yaga Minor, 22K surprisingly accepted Devena as a friend. Though she said she wished they could be more, she accepted that for the time being, friends would be best. As they fought together, they grew closer and closer, and Devena hoped that the time of them getting together was at hand.

On the Run


Devena as a mercenary.

When Order 66 was issued, Devena convinced 22K not to kill Eon, and the three escaped from the 43rd Division. Devena, seeing a warrant for their arrest, dyed her hair pink. The three took up jobs wherever they could, trying to stay alive.

Personality and Traits

Like all Zeltrons, Devena was obsessed with being in love. However, when she met 22K, she found him irresistible, and for this reason she requested his transfer to her unit. When he did not at first reciprocate her feelings, she did all she could to persuade him that she was the right female for him. She used her Zeltron pheremones, and when he showed that he was trained to resist such things, she took to literally showing herself, wearing extremely revealing outfits and bikinis.


Devena in a bikini, trying to seduce ARC Trooper 22K.

She was an expert fighter, at one point destroying over ten battle droids by herself when she was separated from the rest of her unit. She also managed to hold her own against a Trandoshan elite mercenary for a short time, until 22K killed the merc.

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