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What might somebody like yourself be doing all the way out here?
—Zy Forge

Derus is a dark forgotten planet in the far Outer Rim.. Taken over by small militia force that live in what remains of the planet after the inhabitants were executed.

The appearance of the planet is very surprising, as if it is mostly made up of frozen cold ocean with snowfilled land.. As the phrase has been coined, looks can be very, deceiving.


Original inhabitants are unknown, first report of life was made by Zy Forge, the Commander of a small fleet of Action VI transports and 2 Tantive IV seeking illegal trespassers who triggered sensors in the Lincado System.

Upon landing, Forge and his men discovered the trespassers, small groups of Verpine, who stated they were stranded and had come from the Roche Asteroid Field in hopes of finding a new home. The Verpine we're very open and welcomed Forge and his men to their newly found yet to know doom..

Forge met with the Verpine leader, Prasas Monike in an attempt to negotiate a deal in order for the Verpine to pay Republic Credits for their illegal stay on the unknown planet. After hours of discussing, Forge became tired of the leader and ordered an attack on Monike and the rest of his population,

In an attempt to leave the planet after the successful attack, they found their engines were useless, and their long range communications were not leaving the planets ionosphere.

Forge ordered his men to scour the planet looking for hopes of shelter left by the Verpine or previous unknown inhabitants.

Forge's men found human like structures built, appeared as if the-

Points of Interest

Compound 3 - Older rundown facility, used for storage.

Compound 7 - Main facility used to hold life, air converter is failing, constructing Compound 8.

Compound 8 - Being constructed by remaining life in order to preserve future inhabitants.

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