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I fear nobody. I do not fear Vader, Palpatine, Xizor, or anyone. People fear me.

Deras was an Imperial Moff who came to power a number of years before the Battle of Yavin. He was notable for being angered easily and for going to war with the major crime organization known as the Steel Legion, led by the droid Unit 8311.


Early life

Deras was born into an upper-class family on Coruscant. He soon got used to his opulent lifestyle and was taught by a tutor at home. When his parents went missing during a business trip to the Outer Rim, however, Deras was taken into care, and was forced to receive a school-based education, which he hated. He was also bullied at school, which prompted him to take up intensive exercise to increase his strength. Soon, Deras took on his bullies and won, and encouraged him to use his fists to get what he wanted.

Upon graduating from an academy, Deras took on a job on a Republic battleship, and rose through the ranks to become captain. He was given the role of guarding merchant lines in the Inner Rim, a task he found tedious.

Clone Wars

Years later, the Clone Wars began. Deras was given command of a squadron of Republic Acclamator cruisers and fought in several major battles, including the battle of Muunilinst and Battle of Boz Pity. Although a competent leader, he was nothing special, and was desperate to be known.

Towards the end of the war, he was paired with a Jedi and was sent clean up enemy forces on an obscure outer rim world. There, Order 66 was given, and the clones present attempted to kill the Jedi, but Deras, assuming that the clones had gone traitor, gunned them down. Upon returning to base, he learned of the order and allowed the Jedi to be killed, but was mocked and jeered at by his fellow officers for his mistake. It was from this point on that Deras gained a hatred of humiliation and embarrassment.

Imperial era

Regardless, Deras managed to keep his position, and continued to rise through the ranks as the Empire established itself. Eventually, the Emperor made him a Moff after he skillfully crushed a group of dissidents on Cato Neimoidia. During this time, Deras subtly had those who had laughed at him for his mistake during Order 66 eliminated, covering up his tracks to make sure others were suspected of the deaths.

Deras took glee in his newly-acquired power, and was considered by many to be sadistic, as he often tortured anyone who displeased him. This sense of sadism originated from the sense of pleasure he felt when he had defeated those who had bullied and tormented him in his childhood.

He was also known for his seemingly ruthlessness and cold-hearted manner. Under Deras's rule, dissidents in his sector were punished harshly, and taxes went into mainly constructing new weaponry for his garrisons.

Meanwhile, Palpatine tasked him with the job of storing some Imperial funds. Deras stored them in various orbital platforms above several planets under his control, confident that nobody could reach them there.

Steel Legion conflict

However, he was wrong. The powerful Steel Legion organization, led by Unit 8311, learned of this platforms and attacked one of them, destroying the flotilla guarding it and looting the platform, stealing hundreds of millions of credits. The Emperor was outraged, and subsequently Deras was mocked and jeered at for allowing some criminals to defeat his forces. Deras was thrown into a rage by this humiliation, and declared war on the Legion.

8311 realized all too well that Deras was a threat to the Legion, and mustered all available fleets against him. Both sides grappled with each other for a short while, with Deras having the advantage of access to Imperial resources, despite not having the official backing of the Emperor.

Determined to destroy the Legion, Deras launched a massive attack on the Legion's main planet, Nar Shadda. This was to prove a costly mistake. A massive Legion fleet, bolstered by mercenary ships, met his forces, and destroyed them, with Deras's ground forces not even entering the atmosphere. The tide was turning, and as a result of this, Deras began to slowly go insane.


I am immortal! The Empire belongs to me! Hahaha!
—Deras moments before his death

The Emperor realized that Deras was now unfit to be a moff, and ordered him to be removed, but Deras's followers protected him. Taking this advantage, 8311 launched an assault on Carida, where Deras was. What remained of Deras's army was overwhelmed and destroyed. Deras's palace then came under heavy bombardment, and was destroyed. Somehow, Deras survived, but ended up being pinned under rubble. 8311 himself arrived and killed the helpless Deras with a electrostaff.

Post Mortem

The sector Deras had controlled was quickly handed over to another moff. Many expected Palpatine to declare all-out war on the Legion, but instead, Palpatine sent his thanks to it, congratulating them for purging the Empire of a rogue moff. Deras's family quickly changed its name afterwards to distance itself from the madman that Deras had become.

Personality and traits

Deras was somewhat arrogant, but above all had a fear—some would say a hatred—of being embarrassed or humiliated in any way. This mainly stemmed from his early life and his mishap during Order 66. During his somewhat troublesome childhood, Deras was twisted into the man he would eventually become.

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