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Deralia, was a remote planet approximately a hundred light years beyond the Outer Rim. It had a very warm climate, and was mostly covered by water. Most of the land was covered by a jungle. A large, wolf-like species known as Deralites were native to the planet.


There were very few cities on the planet, as most settlements were small villages. The only spaceports on the planet were in the cities. Deralia had very few people, and very little contact with the rest of the galaxy. However, what few companies did know of the planet bought most of their supplies from Deralia. Amnesiac Darth Revan's pseudo-biography listed him as being originally from Deralia.


Deralia made very little money from tourism. Most money on Deralia came from exported goods, such as ores, wood, and exotic fruits. Most businesses had no limit to employees, so jobs were plentiful. Deralian businesses charged buyers fees for maintenance for the export ships, shipping charges, and profits to ensure that they would not be taken advantage of. However, most buyers found these prices reasonable. Because of these fees, Deralian workers were paid well, and very few workers lived in poverty. The business owners made about 175% of the money the workers made.


The government had two sections: one to control the economy, and one to keep the planet peaceful. The laws for the economy included laws to ensure that the workers would not be exploited, and the shifts would not be excessively long or difficult. Most laws were observed as other planets, such as laws against murder, theft, battery, etc. Deralian citizens had freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and other rights the government ensured.


In the Jedi Civil War, the Deralian Government was allied with the Galactic Republic, and even allowed the Jedi to set up an Academy there. Later, during the Galactic Civil war, Deralia was allied with the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

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