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Depa Jarrus a young Jedi was born into the start of the new Rebellion. With the influence of her parents (Kanan Jarrus & Hera Syndulla) she grew in to a respected Jedi at a young age.

|type= Jedi Knight

|name= Depa Jarrus


|birth=5 BBY

|death= (Has not died yet)

|species= Human


|height= 1.2

|hair= Long blonde curly hair

|eyes= Brown

|skin= tan

|cyber= 2x mint green

|era=*Rebellion Era

|affiliation=*Rebel Alliance

|masters= Ahsoka Tano

Depa Jarrus is the Daughter of Kanan and Hera from Star Wars Rebels. Depa is a young fearless 16 year old girl who grows in to the role of a padawan when Ahsoka Tano takes her under her wing.

At the Time Kanan never believed he could train Depa, so he taught her a little about the force and gave her books to read. Depa became a very quick learner but she would never become the rank of a Jedi with out having a Master.

"Rebellions are built on hope" - Depa Jarrus

Now that the rebellion has a base Depa was offered the role of a commander. She takes regular lessons with Commander Sato to help her with her education.


Early life

Depa Jarrus wad the daughter of the Jedi Kanan Jarrus and his wife Hera Syndulla-Jarrus. She spent most of her early life onboard the Ghost though she claims Lothal as her homeworld.


In 7 ABY Ezra Bridger took her as his padawan.



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