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Do you believe in fate, Jedi? That we all have a purpose to fulfill? I like to think so.
Krovo Scrios to Julian Qel-Tythas

Krovo Scrios believed himself to have been the fabled Final Prophet of legend

The Final Prophet, also known ceremonially as the Demiurge, was the prophesied Harbinger of what the Charon regarded as the "end times", namely, the Prophet of the Void that would both initiate and see the end of the Charon's holy war to eradicate all known life, both in the realspace galaxy as well as their own.

Krovo Scrios, the Harbinger during the Extant War, believed himself to have been the Demiurge, in no small part due to the coaxing and firm convictions of his predecessor and mentor, Mercius Nothian. By the time the Charon invaded the realspace galaxy, the Demiurge was considered by the majority to have been a purely mythological figure. Due to the history of the Oblivion Crusades, very few among the Charon believed the extinguishing of all galactic life was possible within the span of a single Prophet's lifetime.