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Delta Squad 17 was a Commando Squad in the grand Army of the Republic. It consited of a Commando Assassin, a Commando Grenadier, a Commando Hunter, and a Commando Paramount. Delta Squad 17's emblem "S' was the form of a serpent.

Some beleived they received the serpent after their lie told to Commander Gree. It might as well be that it was always their symbol, but it remains a mystery.


The only thing known about DS17 is that they posed a DS12 for some while after Order 66. When Darth Sidious learned of this he looked fondly apon the clones. He loved their lying ways and had them ranked as his guards.

The Message of Posers

After Order 66 was given Delta Squad 17 intercepted a message to DS12. However, DS17 had been on Utapau and learned of DS12's movement to follow the Kaminoans. The message was as follows:

Delta Squad 12, Commander 38, this is Commander Gree. Do you read me?
—Commander Gree of the legion on Kashyyk
This is Delta-38, designation RC-1138, Commander Delta Squad 12, reading you loud and clear Commander.
—DS17's Commander posing as 38
Good to hear from you Delta-38...I have a mission for you on Kashyyyk. It seems that Cheiftan Tarful along with an army of wookiees has escaped and run into the shadowland jungle. We need you to track him down and kill them.
—Commander Gree
We're on our way Commander. We'll kill those damn wookiees.
—DS17's Commander posing as 38
That good to officals tell me you are in high standards. Good luck. Gree out
—Commander Gree's finally statement
Commander 38, as well...out.
—DS17's Commander posing as 38
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