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And the Wind said to the Earth, 'I am your protector and master. I envelop you and I bring you life, but invoke my wrath and Death shall ride his Cóiste Bodhar. The Wind can bring light to your surfaces, or hide it, enshrouding you in darkness. For the Wind serves neither good or evil, but the whims of itself, controlling the fate of tomorrow. I may waver, but I will not be stopped.'―Del Viento[src]

Del Viento, known as his Sith alias Sin Valor, was the son of Al Viento and a Jedi who infiltrated the New Sith Imperium during the Sith Insurrection to investigate the disappearance of Bratak Dar. Though he failed to locate Dar, he continued his espionage of the New Sith Imperium.

Behind the scenes

Hurrah it's Malfoy!TheStarWarsRP.Com User "Arcturus"[src]

Del Viento was originally created by Dmitri Valentine to serve as his Sith Lord on the Dark Council on's fifth timeline, as he did not wish to use Geist Weiss. However, in the end, Valentine decided not to use Del Viento and instead created Stern Stark, otherwise known as Darth Nichts. For the profile, Valentine used Lucius Malfoy (and Draco Malfoy for the younger version) for the picture, a kudos to Andraste using Bellatrix LeStrange.

Del Viento is Spanish for "of the wind". His alias, Sin Valor, is Spanish for "without value." Viento's Darth name would have been Darth Ventus, Ventus being Latin for "wind".

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