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Dead Contact is a short story which set during the Clonehunter Saga. It was written on the Jedi Council Forums, and written by Clonehunter. The story began on May 22, and was completed June 7, 2009.


A mandalorian bounty hunter named Cade Tylinn (commonly mistaken for Boba Fett) has been sent by the Rebel Alliance to rescue a prisoner who was captured by the Empire on Ioda whose name was Brian Tonike. As Cade scales an imperial tower on Nar Shadda, he encounters stromtroopers, imperial officers, and even Darth Vader. When Cade reaches Tonike, it is to late, almost. Brian is killed by Vader, but killed before Vader could get the plans for a new Alliance war-head from him.

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Droid modelsEdit

  • Imperial Interrogation Droid

Weapons and technologyEdit

  • EE-3 blaster rifle
  • lightsaber
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