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The Daybreaker

The Daybreaker anti-aircraft gun was a large automated cannon that shot projectile shells. It was named the Daybreaker for its ability to turn night into day while creating large amounts of firepower. The gun had a range of 50 kilometers for static targets based on advanced computer calculations and azimuth tracing. The Daybreaker could also shoot at moving targets, however, its ability to actually track and take down enemy aircraft was limited to a range of ten kilometers. Nevertheless, the amount of firepower produced when Daybreakers were clustered together meant for an impenetrable wall of shells.

It also factored in variables such as weather, temperature, and air resistance, which had an effect on the effectiveness of the weapon, and it would change shell types to match the scenario.

Three Daybreakers were used on the Aan fortress of Pso Hill, Aantooine during the Battle for Crom. Any aerial or ground vehicles that came within range of the guns were turned into flaming bits of scrap metal. When Tooin soldiers infiltrated the compound as Aan, the guns were not destroyed but rather used against the Aanian forces. The guns obliterated every major building at Pso Hill at near-blank range. They were then turned on the two remaining Aanian strongholds, and wiped them clear of resistance.