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Now there's something you don't see every day! I've read the whole thing on Garyn Dakari's blog. Most impressive.―Panzer44, KotORFiles member[src]

Dawnbreaker Episode I: Hard Contact is the first chapter of the Dawnbreaker series. It was created by six bored people RPing on JK3files.


One of the last of the Sith'ari meets the self proclaimed creator of the force on the field of battle for an epic clash of the titans. Who will emerge victorious?




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HK51 droids (First appearance)


  • Commenor (First mentioned)

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This story was created as a result of a picture blackout on the gamefront network sites. JA_394 and SithLord_Darkon started to pretend to attack each other with their RP characters, and soon it turned into a whole story with multiple sequels. You may view the original comments here. After the story was complete, the authors voted on various songs to be used as the theme song, and the winning song was the Republic Commando war chant.

The story has gone over one revision, by Garyn Dakari, which fixed many grammar and spelling issues, and a few plot holes.


  • The Gatekeeper - JA_394
  • LordDarkon - SithLord_Darkon
  • Ty294 - Ty_294
  • JulioC - JulioC
  • Captain Deadmerit - Deadmerit
  • Deathdragon - Deadmerit
  • Mysterious onlooker - Garyn Dakari
  • Star Wars - George Lucas
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