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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from a recently released or soon-to-be-released product. Caution is advised.

Dawn Starskipper, known by her close friends as Skippy, was a Human female from Seswenna. She was a teenager during the outbreak of the Seswenna Security Crisis and was orphaned in the conflict. She became a refugee aboard the Mally, the flagship of GIN Special Agent Evening Delwynn, who had foud Starskipper on Seswenna with the Jedi Knight Fay.


Dawn Starskipper was born on Seswenna and led the life of an ordinary young girl. She was promised by her parents, upon entering her early teenage years, the opportunity to attend an all-girls camp in the rural areas of Seswenna. This was something that Starskipper had desired to do, along with her closest friends. Their estivation, however, ended during the escalation of the Seswenna Security Crisis. During her homebound return, the girls discovered their hometown devastated by the plague that had ensued. Entering her house, Starskipper found her parents dead in their bed. Traumatized and fearful, now having been left alone, the girl locked herself in her bedroom and cried herself to sleep.

The following day, two beings entered her house. Startled, the child hid under the bed, where she was discovered by the Jedi Knight Fay and GIN Special Agent Evening Delwynn. Fay had entered the house, sensing that Starskipper was still alive. After a brief discourse, the young girl agreed to leave the house, for it was regarded as unsafe. She took refuge aboard the Mally, Agent Delwynn's flagship. Starskipper was given accomodations and tended to by Agent Delwynn. When the crew of the Mally traveled to Eriadu to finish the investigation, Starskipper remained on the ship, sleeping. When Agent Delwynn was recalled to Coruscant upon the revelation of a larger conspiracy at the root of the conflict, Starskipper remained with the team. Among her personal effects was the novel Cubing the Sphere by Kellark Cogg, which she read as a reminder of home.

Behind the scenes

Dawn Starskipper was originally created by Aban Fiolli as a foil for the character of Evening Delwynn. Her role, while minor in Golden Age of the Republic: Secret Agendas, is important to providing deeper insight into the character of Evening Delwynn. Starskipper is planned to have a vital role in Golden Age of the Republic: Ghostly Images and two upcoming short stories in the series.


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