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Davin Krey was a young male Mandalorian that had been born to a Force-sensitive family, a descendant of rebel Mandalorian Jindo Krey, he was banished by the Mandalorian Culture when his clan resisted and a majority died against Mand'alor Fenn Shysa in their support of the Galactic Empire.

Davin was captured by the Dark Empire, Palpatine intended to break him, and make him into one of his Dark Acolytes. Davin was being kept aboard Byss' orbiting station, before being taken into the custody of Lucian Aetius, during the evacuation of the area during the Destruction of Byss. Still rebellious, fate would lure him down a path, that would end in Krey faithfully serving the Empire that imprisoned him.



Davin was raised and trained to join Mandalorian society from a very young age, he was taught to be self-sufficient, how to hunt and kill both animal and man. He was raised in relative peace, but sometime after the Battle of Endor, his family had attempted to rebel against Mand'alor Fenn Shysa which ended in failure. The Mandalorian Protectors in turn, destroyed his clan and scattered the surviving remnants.


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