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Old Republic era
This academy, like the one on Dantooine, should be nothing more then a graveyard of the past.

The Dashaad Jedi Academy was a secret place used by Jedi Master Kalnar Zan during the Black Republic. It was created in 25,783 BBY, shortly after the end of the Force Wars. All residents of the the academy eventually left and was eventually forgotten by the Jedi Order, until a corrupted master, Kalnar re-discovered the location and used it as a base for his splinter group of Shadow Jedi.


The academy was first build by the original members of the Jedi Order, shortly following the Force Wars. However, the academy was never meant to have been the Order's main location, but instead a place where future generations of Jedi would take their first steps into their paths. At some point during the Hundred-Year Darkness, all the students and staff of the academy left the academy and went on to continue either there training and work at other locations. The academy on Dashaad would be forgotten by the Jedi Order for a time at this point.

Thousands of years later, a corrupted Jedi Master, Kalnar Zan, seeking to find a new home for his follower's, eventually discovered the forgotten academy. Kalnar and his Shadow Jedi begun targeting supposed threat's to the Order from here, and for a while, no one knew where they were striking from.

In 3,933 BBY, The Dark Hero, Naresha, and their companions discovered the academy and started killing the Shadow Jedi, at the heart of their own base. As The Dark Hero and Naresha fought Kalnar and his apprentice Voner Niro, Mandalore and Mira, planted explosives around the academy. Shortly after Kalnar and Niro were slain, the academy was destroyed.

Behind the scenes

If player's follow the neutral or dark path in The Lost Knights, the academy will remain and will not be destroyed. Either, saving the place for future generations (neutral), or becoming the new head of the Shadow Jedi (dark side).


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