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Darth Zane
I am the embodiment of ultimate power!
—Darth Zarek

Sith Lord, Darth Zarek is a human male force-sensitive born on Planet Alderaan who would quickly rise to the ranks of Sith Lord. While working around the house, Zarek was discovered by Sith Master, Darth Bane from the high level of force potential within him. For many years, he would train under Bane and serve as his secret apprentice. At the Galactic Civil War, Darth Bane recognized Zarek's true potential, as he would then train him to the fullest which would make Zarek's connection to the Dark Side of The Force greater.


Early Life (7-23 ABY)Edit

He is strong in the Force, stronger than he can comprehend!
—Darth Krayt, Sith Academy

Komoto Blackshire, codenamed Zarek was a human male born on Planet Alderaan[1] to Gwenivene and Marcus Blackshire. He was discovered by Darth Bane[1] while working around the fields because of his massive count of Midi-chlorians. He would later be taken to The Sith Academy[1] to be trained in the ways of the force. Komoto would be later trained by Sith Lord, Darth Krayt[1]. After two full years of Sith Training, Komoto's powers and abilities had risen so fall that he was able to duel and defeat his own master and attract the attention of Darth Nihilus. At 14, he would be taken by Nihilus and would be trained further in the ways of the dark side. At 16, Komoto would become the secret apprentice of Nihilus. He would infiltrate Republic bases and Imperial hideouts for gathering secret intel and stealing Sith and Jedi Holocron's. After the end of the New Republic era, Komoto gained the title of Sith Lord at eight-teen and thus gained the name, Darth Zarek.

A New Sith Lord (23-42 ABY)Edit

At this moment a new Sith Lord is created. I introduce to you, Darth Zarek.
—Darth Nihilius
 Now at the rank of Sith Lord, Zarek lead his own Imperial Army against the Rebellion to conquer everything they had created. At the time of being a Sith Lord, he powers grew greatly allowing him to take on a frontal assault by The Rebel Alliance by himself while only being slightly short of breath. While a Sith Lord, he secretly still trained under Darth Nihilus[1] and learned new techniques such as Force Lightning and more advanced abilities such as Force Repulse. He continued his reign over The Rebellion until 30 ABY in which Coruscant[1] would become the Galactic Capital and the Galactic Alliance and Galactic Empire would have a devastating war. Ultimately the alliance won and conquered the galaxy, although Zarek had a major part in the war and even showed up fighting he would lose his left hand to a Jedi in battle. This angered him and served as inspiration to become stronger with the dark side of the force. After 10 years of secret training of the ways of Darth Nihilus once more, Zarek was ready and prepared for The Second Galactic Civil War[1]. He made his appearance by slicing of a Jedi Knight's head from behind, as The Empire quickly took the lead in the war from the help of Darth Zarek, the rebels would soon crumble and The Empire would claim the universe once more.

Joining The Imperial Knights (45-50 ABY)Edit

After this, I will become the most powerful Sith in the universe!
—Darth Zarek
 After winning The Second Galactic Civil War, Zarek was informed by Nihilus that he had a mission for him. Zarek had to infiltrate The Order of the Imperial Knights[1]' headquarters on Coruscant as a Jedi. Before the
Great War Jedi vs Sith

Zarek and other Sith against Jedi Knights on Crouscant

mission, Nihilus had taught Zarek how to conceal the dark side deep within him so he could sneak in undetected. After joining the order, he soon became a Knight, the 4th rank from First Captain. He was disguised as a Jedi for 5 years and even participated in wars against the Sith[1]. After discovering all intel and data avaliable and learned all the new skills and techniques he could, he revealed himself as a Sith and slayed all Jedi and Knights within the facility, escaped Coruscant and completed his mission.

Imperial Reign (50-125 ABY)Edit

I will unleash my wrath upon the Jedi
—Darth Zarek

Darth Zarek's hand-crafted armor, created out of Phrik, a light-saber resistant material and gadgets to upgrade augmented-force abilities

 For over 50 years, Darth Zarek would be known as the most feared Sith of his era, and to others he would be known as The Dark Lord of the Sith[1]. After finding and destroying the last remaining Jedi hideouts and secret bases, Zarek would undergoe a spiritual training in which he would learn more powerful techniques within The Force[1] by communicating with Sith Lords from ancient eras. After 25 years of spiritual training, he would create a New Empire and create his own army of Sith and Sith Lords. In 126 ABY (1 year after the end of his force training) Darth Zarek was ambushed and killed by a Force Storm[1] created and manifested by Grandmaster Luke Skywalker. While dead, he used the Dark Side of the Force to recreate him a new body while still maintaining his previous abilities, combat skills, and intelligence and also enhancing it to greater heights, allowing him to summon a Force Storm at will, but would cost him of all his energy. 2 years later, he would lead his New Empire to ambush the Jedi. This event would cause The Great Imperial War which would lead to the beginning of massive bloodshed.

Force Abilities Edit

He is strong in the force, a little too strong.
—Darth Bane

Komoto displays talent for Force lightning

 While superior to most in lightsaber combat, Darth Zarek is far beyond average when it comes to force abilities. After training in The Sith Academy, becoming a Sith Lord, and surpassing even Darth Nihilus[1], he has became the most powerful force user of his era. He has an extraordinary talent for Force Push and Force Choke, and tends to use this in combat like a secondary instead of a go to. When using the force in extreme conditions, Zarek tends to use his emotions and hatred to give him a boost in The Force. Darth Zarek has a moderate pain tolerance, being blasted in the chest with a plasma cannon and still killing hundreds of Jedi dispite the chest injury. Zarek tends to use Force Speed in combat to enhance his physical movements and deal heavy, quick attacks. As for tougher crowds, Zarek uses Force Repulse[1] to send enemies flying. One time, Zarek was stranded in a Star Destroyer heading for an unhabited planet. Channeling all his energy and rage, he released a massive Force Repulse which broke the Destroyer into pieces while Zarek fell to the planet with only some bruises and cuts. Once, Zarek unleashed his true destructive power when a Jedi mentioned his parent's deaths. This angered Zarek to where he unleashed his most devastating technique Force Storm upon the Jedi Army, murdering all the Jedi in mere seconds with only very few remaining but left Zerek with very little to no energy left in him. Zarek was also proficient in the Force Heal ability which would be a support unit to him in combat. Being extremely strong in The Force he could create an almost impenetrable shield around his body, protecting him from extreme dangers and punishment. Also very skilled with Force Push, he could reflect rockets and plasma bolt with flick of his hand. Prior to his duel with Luke Skywalker[1] he had murdered his former master Darth Bane with Force Drain, absorbing his energy. After absorbing the energy he became so empowered that he could control The Force itself and everyone who used it, and could even absorb the life essence of everyone who was force-sensitive. Zarek eventually lost this ability but his Force Drain ability was kept and it's power was extended by a large amount allowing Zarek to absorb the life out of an entire army or small village. As a Sith Lord, Zarek also had the ability of Precognition , meaning he was able to sense the future or incoming events. This ability was so great that he could tell when incoming danger was near, this helped him in battle allowing him to know if there was an ambush or frontial assault. Another of Zarek's most powerful abilities was his Scream Force Scream . Zarek could amplify the pitch of his scream to immeasurable levels, even allowing him to break through steel walls, destroy AT-AT's with a single use, and he could even use this power to internally shred an opponent's organs, although this has only been done once.

Lightsaber AbilitiesEdit

He's unpredictable and too swift, how do I even counter!
—Luke Skywalker against Darth Zarek

Darth Zarek's Lightsaber

Displaying excellent skill for The Force, Zarek his superior to most in Lightsaber Combat. He displays excellence of many forms and styles of combat, while his most used form is Form IV: Ataru allowing him to execute quick, and precise strikes while also having a decent amount of defense. Because of his Sith Training, his attacks are more of an aggresive style. This is because he uses rage and massive amounts of strength. Aside from the strength he uses to overwhelm opponents, he is exceptionally acrobatic and swift with his attacks, thus making it easier for him to overpower his target while also seeming as a blur in combat. While he is skilled in all lightsaber forms, he perfers to use certain forms against certain opponents. For weaker opponents, Zarek would use Form I: Shii-Cho, for stronger opponents like Jedi Knights, he would use Form IV: Ataru, and for severly strong opponents, Zarek would use a combination of Form III: Soresu for defense, Form IV: Ataru for speed, Form II: Makashi for precision and finally Form V: Djem So for raw power.

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