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Darth Ximus, birth name unknown, was a Human male from Nar Shaddaa. Born in 3,676 BBY, he was abandoned as a child and left to die in the streets. Fortunately for him, a smuggler named Meridan picked him up and brought him home. He took the name Ximus, and for the next twenty years of his life he helped Meridan with his job. Soon he became dissatisfied, and began to pursue a career as a bounty hunter. He was successful, in part because he was Force-sensitive, and in part because the amount of bounties placed during the Great Galactic War was high. Even after the Treaty of Coruscant the bounties were still high. It was only after the Jedi and Republic soldiers came back and crushed the Sith Empire that the bounties disappeared. Ximus blamed the Jedi and returned to Nar Shaddaa. There he met Ne-Rei Dis, a dark Jedi Sith apprentice. She sensed that he had a Force connection, and that he had much darkness within him. She took him to Korriban where he began to train under Darth Vesanus.

As he grew stronger he became eager to kill a Jedi with his new Sith powers. His master found this amusing and denied Ximus the chance for, what seemed to Ximus, a long time. He trained for five more years before Vesanus finally allowed him the chance to kill a Jedi. He traveled to a monastery where he engaged Jedi Master Karbacca. They fought long, but Ximus triumphed and killed the Wookiee. He then took his ship to Ossus, slaughtered the few Jedi Knights there, and built himself a lightsaber of his own.

For a long while Ximus trained and advanced at a faster pace than Ne-Rei Dis, eventually passing her. After five years, he was acknowledged as being Darth Ximus. He then set off in search of an apprentice, one that long proved unsuccessful. Finally, he visited Tatooine. On the desert world he found a Human male named Uzlagna, a Force-sensitive that was already using some of his powers. Darth Ximus took him back to Korriban and the pair began to train.

They trained for a long while but Darth Vesanus kept them from hunting a Jedi. Ximus, however, overheard him talking of a Jedi one night and took Uzlagna with him to Kashyyyk where Vesanus had said the Jedi was. They massacred many Wookiees and killed the Jedi there, but they suffered Vesanus' displeasure when they returned. Ximus later went to recruit the Massassi to Vesanus' cause, fighting them before he was able to recruit them through negotiation. Vesanus wanted to lead an assault on Coruscant, but Uzlagna declared it foolish. Ximus however, tricked Vesanus into going, something that led to Vesanus' death. For a year Ximus prepared and made Uzlagna a Darth and his heir if anything went wrong, then Ximus attacked the Republic. His conquest advanced quickly, but he was attacked and soon pushed back. He fought his final battle on Korriban, in 3,617 BBY, when he died.


Early lifeEdit

Ximus: “So, ladies, we once again triumphantly returned home for a drink.
Meridan: “All thanks to our great teamwork.
Ximus: “All thanks to my mad skills you mean.
Meridan: “What?!
Ximus: “I am the greatest smuggler around. Now can I interest you in more drinks?
— Ximus and Meridan trying to impress ladies with tales of their adventures but arguing over who is a better smuggler.

Ximus was born to unknown parents on Nar Shaddaa in 3,676 BBY. He was left to die in a back street, and would have if the smuggler Meridan had not been running from some unhappy gangsters. He came across the baby and brought Ximus home. From then on, he trained Ximus in the ways of mercenaries, smugglers, and bounty hunters. At some point, Ximus decided to take his name, and so Ximus was then truly born. For the first twenty years of his life, Ximus made many smuggling mission for the Galactic Republic, Sith Empire, Hutts, crime lords, or anyone else who would pay. He favored a blaster pistol as his weapon on these missions, because they were light and quickly fired, among other reasons.

Ximus and Meridan had no issue smuggling for the Sith Empire. They were asked by the Empire to steal a shipment of weapons and armor from the Republic at 100 credits per weapon and eagerly accepted. They hurried to the location of the shipment and sneaked aboard while the weapons were being loaded. Revealing themselves to the guards just after the ship took off, they attacked and overpowered them, entering the bridge. As they burst into the room, more soldiers attacked them but they defeated the attackers and commandeered the ship. They triumphantly flew to meet the Empire's representative and handed over all of the weapons, save for a pair of blaster pistols, which Ximus kept and continued using them into his carrier as a bounty hunter.

Bounty huntingEdit

I'm not your average bounty hunter. I miss bounties all the time. But I take so many jobs that I win more than I lose.
—Ximus talks about his job.

Shortly before the Sacking of Coruscant, Ximus began to lose interest in the mild business of smuggling and parted ways with Meridan. Returning to Nar Shaddaa, he began a life of hunting. He took all of the jobs he could get but could not complete many of them. However, he could complete enough of them to get by and slowly began to get better and better at it. Unknown to him, he was Force-sensitive and was using it to aid him in his work.

During the Sacking of Coruscant, Ximus was on Nar Shaddaa purchasing a set of light armor for himself, including a helmet, which he hoped his adversaries would find intimidating, as he himself believed it was appropriate for his line of work. Later that day, he heard of the treachery of the Sith Empire and feared that the amount of bounties would go down without a war. He was proven wrong, however, and began taking jobs almost exclusively from the Sith Empire. He wore his armor, wielded his pistols, and proclaimed his allegiance to the Sith Empire with pride, becoming more boastful and proud. He began to take only "dead" jobs instead of "dead or alive." His name became a feared among the mercenaries and scoundrels. Everything seemed to be going as good as it could be until disaster struck–the Jedi and Republic soldiers attacked the Sith Empire and swept it away, marching into the Outer Rim Territories, not stopping there. The Sith Empire was destroyed, and the level of bounties went down to a level never before seen by all but the very eldest. Ximus was furious, believing that the Jedi and the Republic were responsible. He swore revenge on them but had no idea of how to get it until he was found by Ne-Rei Dis.

Sith apprenticeEdit


Ximus trains as a Sith.

Vesanus: You did not know that you were Force-sensitive. That you could easily have been one of the Jedi you hate.
Ximus: I did not know. But I do know that I will do anything to wipe out the Jedi.
Vesanus: Then become my second apprentice. With your help, I can begin building my Sith Empire. We will wait and be patient. But when we strike, we shall be deadly and swift.
Ximus: Yes, my master.
Darth Vesanus takes Ximus as his second Sith apprentice.
Ximus had returned to Nar Shaddaa, lying low and waiting for a good job. One one occasion, he was in a bar when he was confronted by a female Nautolan who introduced herself as Ne-Rei Dis and told him she needed his help defeating the Jedi. With his oath of revenge in mind, Ximus gladly accepted the job. As the pair walked back to Ne-Rei Dis' ship, she began to explain that Ximus was Force-sensitive, to his shock. She continued to explain that he could be trained as a Sith Lord. Ximus doubted her at first, but as she began to sway him to her side, he envisioned himself leading armies against the Jedi and became wholly convinced, asking her how soon they could begin training. She laughed and said that he could start immediately, but she was not going to train him. She was silent for the rest of the trip until they arrived on Korriban. Ximus followed Ne-Rei Dis to a temple in the wilderness, beginning to feel fear. As he did, a voice laughed and called out that Ne-Rei had chosen wisely. A man wearing a long black cloak walked into the light. His face was pale, and his eyes were yellow. Ximus almost fled, but instead he asked the man who he was. He introduced himself as Darth Vesanus and told Ximus to kneel before him. Ximus did as asked, and Vesanus ignited a red lightsaber. He proceeded to knight Ximus as his second Sith apprentice.

Thereafter, they began training. Ximus was taught how to access the Force and how to focus his fear and anger into power. Each day Ximus grew stronger and happier; he felt more alive than he ever had and felt that he was truly getting closer to destroying the Jedi. He would train for hours on end, and then he would watch Ne-Rei Dis train and would learn as much as he could from her, as well. Ximus began to long for the chance to kill a Jedi, but Vesanus simply stated he was not ready. This made Ximus all the angrier and thus stronger, fueling his desire to kill one of the Jedi. For five years, he did nothing but train in the dark side of the Force. But as his blood lust grew, his patience diminished, finally breaking during a training session. He began shouting at Vesanus that he was ready to take on a Jedi, and would prove himself. Vesanus laughed and told him that he would prove himself or die: there was a Jedi on Tatooine that he could kill.

Fight against a JediEdit


Jedi Master Karbacca duels Ximus.

Ximus: Prepare to meet your fate, Jedi. You shall be killed honorably, by a Sith Lord.
Karbacca: «You're not a Sith. You're a pretender. You don't know what you're doing, to me or to yourself.»
Ximus: I know I will kill you.
Karbacca: «If you're set on a fight, draw your sword.»
―Ximus confronts Karbacca on Tatooine.
Ximus immediately took the lightsaber Vesanus had provided him and left on Vesanus' starship for Tatooine. Once he arrived, he landed on the outskirts of Mos Eisley. He made his way through the city, looking for any sign of the Jedi. After interrogating a barman, he tracked the Jedi to a monastery. He stole a speeder from a shop by killing its owner so as to avoid dangers such as Tusken Raiders, and flew to the site, breaking in and killed the monks before engaging with the Wookiee Jedi in a duel that lasted the entire night. The Jedi attempted to redeem him, but Ximus would not sway from the dark side and ended the duel by using the Force to collapse the monastery on his enemy.

Ximus was then taken by his desire to kill. Remembering that the Jedi had a small, well known sanctuary there, he took his ship and set a course for Ossus rather than Korriban. He meditated the entire way, building up his strength. When his ship landed, he got out and charged toward the small Jedi residence, bursting through the door. Igniting his lightsaber, he began to fight the dozen Jedi there. He defeated each of them but was wounded considerably. After he killed that last Jedi he fell into unconsciousness due to his injuries and exhaustion. He awoke several hours later, covered in wounds and surrounded by dead Jedi. He could barely remember the fight, recalling only hacking at Jedi and utilizing one of his most recently learned Sith powers, Force lightning. He lay on the floor for hours, recovering from the wounds he had received. When he had recovered enough, he gathered the lightsabers of the fallen Jedi, and, along with his own, began to use the pieces to fashion himself a unique saber. He put in the red crystal from his old weapon, but took the other crystals also. Once he had practiced for a time and felt attuned to it, he left Ossus and returned to Korriban where he discussed his triumph with Darth Vesanus.

Becoming a Darth and taking an apprenticeEdit

Finally, you are a Sith. I am no longer your master. You are no longer my apprentice. Go now and find someone for you to train. We must continue my cause...Darth Ximus.
—Darth Vesanus acknowledges him as Darth Ximus for the first time.

Ximus was kept on Korriban for a long time after his display, not because Vesanus disapproved of his actions, but because they could not let the Jedi learn of them just yet. Ximus soon surpassed Ne-Rei Dis and began advance training. He traveled to Yavin 4 and fought the spirits of Exar Kun and Naga Sadow, impressing Vesanus with his performance much more than she had. On Dathomir, he fought rancors, on Nal Hutta he killed bounty hunters and mercenaries, and faced Vesanus in many sparring matches per day on Korriban. For five years he trained in such a manner. He would go out and face challenges, but nothing that might attract the attention of the Jedi. After five years, Darth Vesanus brought Ximus to him. He said that Ximus was now Darth Ximus and that he had to go and find an apprentice to continue their fight against the Jedi.

Darth Ximus returned to Nar Shaddaa in search of a Force-sensitive. He searched long and hard, but his hunt was fruitless. He returned to Korriban but was sent back out to continue the quest for an apprentice. He decided to return to Tatooine and search there, arriving late at night and staying aboard the ship. As dawn came, he crept into the city and began a systematic sweep of the different pubs and bars. Once more, he had no success. As he was returning to his ship, he suddenly sensed a Force-connection and followed it, returning to a bar he'd visited that morning. Sitting in a corner was a Human male, whom he sat by, introducing himself as Darth Ximus, a Sith in need of an apprentice. The man ignored him. As patiently as he could, he asked if the man knew that he had a Force-connection. The man responded that he did, and used it often, saying that he was not as careful as the Jedi. Inquiring the man's name, he asked if he would be Ximus' apprentice. The man stood up, paid for his drink and led Ximus out of the bar. Once they were outside, he bowed before the Sith. As he rose, he said his name was Uzlagna. The new master and apprentice then returned to Darth Ximus' ship.

Training UzlagnaEdit

Your former knowledge of the Force has made my job easier. However, there is still much for you to learn. You still think more like a Jedi than a Sith. Use your anger!
—Darth Ximus trying to make Uzlagna more fully embrace the Dark Side.

Darth Ximus found that Uzlagna easily learned due to his experience with the Force. However, as time went on Ximus began to feel that Uzlagna often chose not to use his anger to fuel his power. This frustrated Ximus, as he was forced to spend much of his time explaining to Uzlagna why and how to use his anger, all to little avail. Finally, Ximus made a decision. He brought Uzlagna before him and told him that he was no longer his apprentice. As Ximus turned to leave, Uzlagna attacked him fully using his anger for the first time. Ximus and Uzlagna fought, but Ximus bested him. He then told Uzlagna that he was still his apprentice, but only as long as he used his anger.

He followed the example of his master and made Uzlagna fight rancors, bounty hunters, and the spirits of the ancient Sith. He was very pleased with Uzlagna's work and the how his apprentice grew stronger every day. During this time, Ne-Rei Dis was declared a Sith by Vesanus as well, and she renamed herself Darth Nereis. Darth Ximus did not mind that she had finally passed, for he had done it before her, and that proved to Vesanus he was greater.

As time went on, Darth Ximus began finding it easier to teach again. Uzlagna seemed determined to prove himself to Ximus and he was finally using his anger to enhance his abilities. Ximus began sparring his apprentice, their matches sometimes going on for hours as Uzlagna could not beat Ximus, but Ximus did not want to reward Uzlagna for not winning. Ximus also began to feel his blood lust again. He was being cooped up on Korriban by Darth Vesanus and was growing sick of it. When he asked Vesanus if he could leave and kill Jedi, Vesanus' denial only made him want it more.

Massacre on KashyyykEdit


Darth Ximus and Uzlagna are attacked by Wookiees.

Ximus: Come apprentice. I heard Darth Vesanus talking about a Jedi on Kashyyyk. We're going to kill him.
Uzlagna: But I thought that Darth Vesanus didn't want us off planet.
Ximus: What he doesn't know, can't hurt him more than he can handle. Besides, don't you want to kill Jedi?
Uzlagna: Let's go master.
―Darth Ximus and Uzlagna head to Kashyyyk.
Finally, as he and Uzlagna were cleaning up from a sparring session, Ximus overheard Darth Nereis and Darth Vesanus talking about a Jedi on Kashyyyk. He hurriedly put on his armor, and went to find Uzlagna again. At first Uzlagna was hesitant to cross Vesanus, but in the end he was convinced and they both set off in a ship for the jungle world. As they landed, they were confronted by Wookiees, whom Ximus quickly dispatched. He and Uzlagna had barely traveled for five minutes when they were attacked again. The two Sith stood back to back and took down all of their adversaries. Soon they were attacked for a third time, but this time they were attacked by an entire mini-army of Wookiees being led by the Jedi. Darth Ximus and Uzlagna called upon their anger and began to fight. The Wookiees were no match for the Sith, but the Jedi was definitely competent. As Uzlagna was finishing the Wookiees, Ximus engaged the Jedi. They had hardly began to fight when the Jedi called on the Force and leapt into a tree. Ximus furiously followed, but the Jedi fled once again. As Ximus chased the Jedi he called out that the man was a coward to run from Ximus while Uzlagna killed the Wookiees. This halted the Jedi and he once again fought Ximus. Neither was a better swordsman, but Ximus called upon the dark side and smashed the Jedi through one of the trees. He lifted the man again and impaled him on his lightsaber. Ximus later mused that the red light emitted from his blade made it look like blood, something that did not occur with lightsabers.

When Darth Ximus and Uzlagna returned to Korriban, they were immediately set upon by a crazed Vesanus. The pair was shouted at for hours before Vesanus attacked them with Force lightning, beating them and smashing them into pillars and rocks. When he was finally done, he left them lying there, alone with their pain and thoughts.

Preparations for warEdit

Vesanus: “We are now ready, my Furian Empire is born. We will now launch an attack on the Jedi! We will attack Coruscant!
Uzlagna: “It is folly! We will be defeated!
Ximus: “No we won't. But my lord, aren't you getting too old and tired for this?
Vesanus: “No! I will lead the assault myself, along with my new apprentice. You two shall stay here.
— Darth Ximus tries to get Darth Vesanus killed.

Darth Ximus confronted Vesanus, asking why what he and Uzlagna had done was wrong. Vesanus told him the Jedi would now know of them, then made the bold statement that he was taking a third apprentice. Just before he left, he added that Ximus would need to go recruit the Massassi warriors from Yavin 4. Ximus went to get Uzlagna, and the pair prepared to set off on their mission.

They landed on Yavin 4 and Ximus immediately set a course for the tomb of Naga Sadow. When they arrived outside the tomb, Ximus called out for the Massassi, who swarmed out and attacked them. They were the hardest opponents Ximus had ever fought, the fight going on for several hours. Uzlagna was being overrun when Ximus killed the leading Massassi warrior. The race's respect gained, he recruited the Massassi after quick negotiations. The Sith would be back with a ship to take them to Korriban.

Darth Vesanus had been buying ships for years and storing them on Dromand Kaas, ship that now amounted to a large fleet. Darth Ximus was angry that Vesanus had kept this from him, but he did not press the point, instead taking some of the ships back for the Massassi. Vesanus had also recruited hundreds of Humans from Korriban and Dromund Kaas. With the fleet ready and military warriors at hand, Darth Vesanus ordered his empire to attack Coruscant itself. Uzlagna proclaimed this folly and tried to stop Vesanus, saying he was too old and weak, but this only made Vesanus more determined. As the fleet left Korriban for Coruscant, Ximus laughed at his master's plan.

Lord of the Furian EmpireEdit


Darth Ximus and his troops on Korriban.

Lord Ximus, with Lord Vesanus' death, you are now lord of the Furian Empire.
—Darth Ximus becomes lord of the Furian Empire

Sure enough, word soon reached Darth Ximus of Darth Vesanus' death. He rallied his troops and began to prepare, hiding away for another year. He made Uzlagna Darth Uzlagna and told him that he would be Lord of the Furian Empire should Ximus die. Ximus then took his fleet and attacked Outer Rim planets such as Yavin 4, quickly pushing forward. What he had not counted on, though, was the Republic's quick reaction. They fell on his fleet and began pushing it back until, in 3,617 BBY, they pushed him all the way back to Korriban, where he waited for the Jedi to land and face him on his home turf. They did, and for hours Ximus and his warriors fought against the Jedi and the Republic. He drew on his anger and fought harder than he ever had before, but his warriors fell. The Massassi were the last to be standing with him. He killed trooper after trooper and wounded Jedi after Jedi, but his strength began to fail. As Darth Ximus was killed, he felt the spirit of a Jedi, and noticed it was in agreement with the punishment Ximus was taking.


Darth Ximus would not be remembered by the Jedi Order except for a few small references deep in their archives. Similarly, the Sith would all but forget him, though they did sometimes talk of him. Darth Uzlagna would go on to take the Furian empire into a "golden age," but with the deaths of Vesanus and Ximus, the empire that had barely begun to take shape already began to die.

Personality and traitsEdit

Darth Ximus had brown eyes and hair and light brown skin. He grew himself a beard, but even with this he did not stand out in crowds and was not an easily recognizable individual, which may have influenced his purchase of a unique set of armor.

Darth Ximus became more centered on death as his life went on but was not always that way. For the first twenty years of his life he was a simple smuggler, taking jobs wherever they came from. It was only after he started a career as a bounty hunter that he began to turn. He delighted in killing his targets, going so far as to only take jobs where the victim was required to be dead.

His hate for the Jedi started when the Jedi ended the Great Galactic War, eliminating almost all opportunity for bounty hunting. He went so far as to swear an oath that he would bring the Jedi Order to and end because of their actions. At first he had no way of doing so, but he was soon found by Ne-Rei Dis and began his life as a Sith. His blood lust was then fueled by his new abilities as a Sith, his desire to kill the Jedi grew all the more with it, wanting to charge into the heart of the Republic and slaughter them all. He was restrained by Darth Vesanus, but not completely. His blood lust would take over him sometimes, including during his attack on Kashyyyk.



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Meridan was the smuggler that was ultimately responsible for Darth Ximus living, for which Ximus was forever thankful. He worked with Meridan for twenty years, helping him smuggle. Eventually Ximus felt he wanted a more dangerous occupation and he left Meridan for a life of bounty hunting. He never learned what happened to the smuggler. He was considered a father by Ximus, and the smuggler was the only person the Sith ever cared for.

Darth VesanusEdit

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Darth Vesanus.

Darth Vesanus was Darth Ximus' Sith master. As most master-apprentice relationships of Sith, Ximus was thankful for Vesanus' training but ultimately viewed Vesanus as an obstacle that would need to be overcome. Regardless of how he felt, he took his time and trained, refraining from showing any signs of conspiracy against his master, even when he took his own apprentice. He became more distant from his master as time went on until, after the massacre on Kashyyyk, Vesanus beat Ximus with the Force and Ximus never forgave him. In the end, Ximus worked to get Vesanus killed in his assault on Coruscant.

Darth NereisEdit

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Nautolan Sith

Darth Nereis.

Darth Ximus became a Sith because of Darth Nereis. She found him on Nar Shadda and sensed his Force-connection, bringing him to Korriban where he began his life as a Sith. He was never very fond of his master's first apprentice and was not at all saddened by her death.

Darth UzlagnaEdit

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Darth Uzlagna.

Darth Uzlagna was the first apprentice of Darth Ximus. Ximus was rather fond of him and knew that he would be a good inheritor after Ximus was dead. The two spent time plotting to kill Darth Vesanus occasionally, but they were not overly obsessed with becoming the lead Sith. Darth Ximus knew that eventually Uzlagna would kill him if he did not die from other causes, but other than tightening his watch, this did nothing to their relationship. Uzlagna was the closet person to a son for Ximus, but he was never loved by the Sith as Meridan had been. It took quite some time and effort from Darth Ximus to make Uzlagna embrace the dark side, further separating the two.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Darth Ximus had many powers that did not require the Force. He was considered a skilled shot with blaster pistols and proficient in hand to hand combat. He and Meridan easily overpowered Republic guards when they commandeered Republic ships using nothing other than their hands and blasters.

Darth Ximus did not find lightsaber combat easy. As he practiced it came much slower than other things. He could rarely beat an opponent with saber skill alone and was considered merely decent. He used a lightsaber Darth Vesanus had provided him with until he created his own weapon on Ossus using the lightsabers of the Jedi he had just killed.

Darth Ximus had unconsciously been using his Force-connection for years before he began training as a Sith, but once he started, he found it easy to learn. He demonstrated use of Force lightning and Force choke that was considered powerful on more than one occasion. He could also use Force rage, however, his anger would sometimes become more than a Force enhancement and could completely take him over. He occasionally used a Jedi Mind Trick to get past opponents but would rather use Force push, Force repulse, or other Telekinetic powers.



Darth Ximus used a variety of weapons over the years. While he was a smuggler and bounty hunter he favored a specific pair of blaster pistols. When he began to train as a Sith, Darth Vesanus provided him with a red lightsaber. On Ossus he created his own unique lightsaber from his old one and the weapons of the Jedi he had killed. He continued to wield this weapon until his death, where it was taken by the Jedi.


Darth Ximus bought himself a set of light armor while he was a bounty hunter. He rarely was without it since he viewed it as both intimidating and protective. His armor was ultimately destroyed during the battle in which he died. It is unknown from whom he bought it and if any other sets like it were made.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ximus was originally going to be portrayed by the Viggo Mortenson's portrayal of Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the author decided against this and Darth Ximus' appearance was based on Russel Crowe's portrayal of Maximus Decimus Meridius from the film Gladiator instead. The name Ximus was then chosen in reference to this. He was created to be Darth Vesanus's second, more potent, and important apprentice. Darth Ximus' legacy might later be explored further by the author, SavageOpress1138.

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