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This article is about the illusion created by Geist Weiss. You may be looking for the real Jhon Cordatus.

The Darth Vitium illusion, using the appearance of Jhon Cordatus.

I myself was once misguided, but I have seen the truth, and the truth has set me free. I am a Sith Lord to free you from the misguidings of the Jedi.―The Darth Vitium illusion pretending to be Jhon Cordatus[src]

Darth Vitium was a Force-generated illusion of Jedi Master Jhon Cordatus. It was created by Geist Weiss using Sith alchemy, with its intention being for propaganda purposes. The New Sith Imperium, as well as the rest of the galaxy, believed that Cordatus had died following a confrontation with Darth Exodeus, so Weiss intended on using the illusion to disparage Cordatus' legacy as a Jedi Master. The Vitium allusion announced itself as a Sith Lord shortly after the Battle of Empress Teta.[1]

Behind the scenes

Vitium is Latin for "vice," a play on the fact that Darth Vitium is actually an illusion created by Geist Weiss, whose name is pronounced vice.


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