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Darth Vesanus. He was the man responsible for many things, including the creation of the Furian Empire.
—Darth Uzlagna

Darth Vesanus, born Fey-an Nore in 3,673 BBY, was a Human male who was alive during the Great Galactic War. He was trained in secret by Darth Malgus as a weapon that Malgus could use against the Sith Emperor or the Dark Council if the need were to arise. Several months prior to the Sacking of Coruscant, Fey-an Nore killed his first Jedi, Master Atok Mar. Mar had led a Republic strike force into an ambush. There his fleet was destroyed, and he was killed by the Sith apprentice. Fey-an Nore then participated in the Sacking of Coruscant and the destruction of the Jedi Temple, after which he received the title Darth and his Sith name. Vesanus spied on the Jedi and warned his master that they would rise again, but Malgus paid no heed. Soon thereafter, the Jedi and Republic troops restarted the war, but it ended not long after it began. Unfortunately for Vesanus and his master, the war ended before the two of them could put their plans for seizing power in motion. Worse for Vesanus, Malgus died in one of the battles at the end of the war. As he fled from Korriban he was attacked by four Jedi, managing to kill three of them. He fled with the fourth, a Jedi Knight named Ne-Rei Dis, who became his first apprentice.

They trained for a short time before Vesanus sent her to find him a second apprentice. She brought him a man named Ximus and he trained them both for years. Half a decade later, Ximus became Darth Ximus and was soon followed by Ne-Rei Dis' ascension to Darth Nereis. Darth Ximus soon took a man named Uzlagna as his apprentice, but Vesanus kept them on Korriban to stop the Jedi from discovering them. Ximus disobeyed, and he and Uzlagna massacred Wookiees and a Jedi on Kashyyyk. When they returned, Vesanus beat them for their stupidity and declared that since they now had to speed up their plans, he was taking his third apprentice. He then sent them to recruit the Massassi while he went to Dromund Kaas. There, he found a young man named Incultus, whom he took as his apprentice. When they returned to Korriban, they brought a small fleet of ships and a small army of men loyal to the Sith from Dromand Kaas. Though Uzlagna cautioned against it, Vesanus and Incultus attacked Coruscant in 3,618 BBY, where he was killed.




Darth Vesanus trains under Darth Malgus

You are a weakling. You deserve nothing from me. Yet, if you will train under me, I can make you into a terror, a power, an unstoppable force of evil. Together we will be able to destroy the Dark Council, kill the Sith Emperor, and take the crumbling excuse of a Republic for ourselves. Will you be my apprentice?"
"If you will be my master.

—Darth Malgus and Fey-an Nore when they first meet on Korriban.

Fey-an Nore was born in 3,673 BBY on Korriban. When he was a very young boy, he was taken from Korriban in secrecy by Darth Malgus. For the next fifteen years, he was trained by the Sith Lord, whose ultimate plan was to kill the Sith Emperor and the Dark Council. Fey-an Nore was overly confident and eager to kill the Sith Lords and take the title of Sith Emperor along with his master, but Malgus knew that they weren't ready. Even though it was rarely considered a Sith trait, Darth Malgus made sure to teach his apprentice the importance of patience. It was a hard lesson to learn, but Fey-an Nore eventually realized that he was far too weak to challenge the Dark Council and the Sith Emperor. For years. Malgus trained him on Korriban, Dromund Kaas, and Yavin Four, having Nore perform tasks such as lifting as many statues of ancient Sith as he could or fighting rancors without a lightsaber. At first, Fey-an Nore was ready to take on these tasks, but he soon found them tedious and felt they were worthless. Malgus only pushed him harder, making him survive for fortnights at a time alone in the wilderness and forcing him to fight against the spirits of Exar Kun and Naga Sadow. He spent several days in the heart of the Republic, Coruscant itself. This, as Malgus explained, was a way for him to practice concealing himself, for if he was found by the Jedi he would be killed. Fortunately, he proved powerful enough that he could hide himself. For fifteen years Fey-an Nore was trained in secret, but at last he was finally powerful enough for his first true test.

Killing a JediEdit

Kota vs Starkiller2

Fey-an Nore duels Atok Mar.

My spies have located a lone Jedi. Master Atok Mar. He is leading a strike force of Republic soldiers to Korriban. You have yet to face a Jedi. I hope you survive.
—Darth Malgus gives Fey-an Nore his latest mission before departing.

After fifteen years of training, Fey-an Nore was greatly pleased when his master gave him his newest assignment. Malgus' spies had provided the pair with the exact coordinates where the small fleet of a Jedi Master—Atok Mar—would come out of hyperspace. Nore was given a starfighter and prepared to leave at once. Malgus sent a small fleet to aid his apprentice and to destroy the rest of the Republic ships.

Atok Mar's forces blasted out of hyperspace right into an ambush, but Fey-an Nore managed to guide his ship into a hangar. There, he killed the Republic troopers and made his way further into the ship. He was attacked for a second time by several dozen troopers, but Malgus' training payed off and he dispatched them, continuing his search for the Jedi. Fey-an Nore finally caught sight of Master Atok Mar, but before he could reach him, an explosion caved in the hallways between them. An angered Fey-an Nore mercilessly butchered more Republic soldiers and hurried on, attempting to cut off his prey. However, his dark presence was sensed and Mar altered his course to take out Imperial boarders in a different section of his ship. When the Sith apprentice came bursting into the corridor where they should have collided, he was overcome with fury. Once there, he was almost wounded by a skilled Republic officer, but Fey-an Nore used all of his anger to blow himself a passage right through the ship and strait to his quarry.

Finally, Atok Mar had nowhere to run. Drawing a green lightsaber, the Jedi gave Fey-an Nore a chance to surrender. He responded by lashing out and beginning their duel. Mar deflected the red blade and swung his own attack, once more offering Fey-an Nore a change of surrender. Again, Fey-an Nore struck back, this time offering Mar a chance of surrender. Mar only laughed and said the Sith were no match for the Jedi. Fey-an Nore continued his assault, claiming that this thinking was why the Jedi were losing to the Sith. Mar pushed him away, contemplating whether Fey-an Nore was indeed right. This was just the distraction that the Sith apprentice needed, and he leapt back at Mar, tapping into his hate once more. The Jedi was pushed back until he was up against the wall. He begged the boy to think about what he was doing and reconsider, but Fey-an Nore was far too down the dark path. Laughing, he utilized Force repulse, which knocked the Jedi's lightsaber away. Fey-an Nore then skewered the unarmed man, killing him.

Sacking of CoruscantEdit


Nore and the Sith Lords that attacked the Jedi Temple.

Malgus: “The Jedi and Republic senators have been called away to Alderaan for peace negotiations.
Fey-an: “So the war is to end?
Malgus: “Not remotely. We are going to attack Coruscant, the heart of the Republic. They will all be deceived, and so they shall fall.

— Malgus discusses the Sacking of Coruscant with Fey-an Nore.

Only a few months after Fey-an Nore's fight with Mar, Malgus asked him if he would want another opportunity to kill a Jedi, which Nore eagerly accepted. Malgus then went on to explain the Sith Empire's plan to attack Coruscant while some of the Jedi and senators were at peace negotiations, claiming that no one would expect it. Fey-an Nore then hurriedly prepared for his most challenging mission yet.

As the master and apprentice arrived on Coruscant, he was disappointed to learn that he had to ride in a hijacked shuttle and couldn't walk into the temple with his master, but Malgus reminded him that no one knew who he was and he would stand out much less in a small ship crowded with many Sith. Fey-an Nore accepted this, and set off to help with the hijacking.

By the time Nore met up with the other Sith, they had already captured their ride to the Temple. He boarded with the last few Sith to come, and the shuttle took off. They soon crashed into the Jedi Temple and began to fight, Nore engaging a Jedi Knight, then another, then another. By the end of the battle, he had bested at least twenty Jedi. He was so absorbed in his victories that he stayed, relishing in those victories as the Jedi Temple started falling apart around him. He only came back to himself when the light was blocked, as the doorway caved in before making his way out. Before he could get out, though, a new Jedi Knight burst into the room from another smashed wall. Nore tapped into his anger and started throwing huge pieces of hot rocks at the Jedi but the mysterious man deflected the pieces without even raising a hand. Angry, he launched himself at the Jedi, but the man deflected all of Fey-an Nore's attacks until he succeeded in knocking the Jedi's lightsaber away. The Sith apprentice then blasted Force lightning at the disarmed man, but he blocked it with his bare hands. Completely blind with anger, Nore lunged forward with his lightsaber and finally killed the man. As he turned to leave, the Jedi made his final act and used the Force to make his fallen saber reignited and slash off the lower half of Nore's right leg.

Becoming a DarthEdit

It is time for you to join the greatest of the Sith. From now on you shall be known as Darth… Vesanus.
—Malgus gives Fey-an Nore his Sith name.

Fey-an Nore struggled to escape from the ruined Jedi Temple, suffering from his wound, but he forced himself to keep crawling away. He used all of his rage and pain to keep himself functioning until he found a starfighter. When he arrived back at his secret training facility on Korriban, he was more dead than alive. Fortunately for the dying apprentice, his master was there and set to healing him right away. He awoke three days later, with a prosthetic leg. His master then informed him that, having gone through all of that pain and suffering, not to mention the skills he proved he had, he was ready to change his name and become a Darth. After a short discussion, they agreed to rename him Darth Vesanus.

Acts of espionageEdit

Darth Caedus

Darth Vesanus as he spies on the Jedi and Republic.

The treaty holds us from interfering with the Republic. However, if you are not found, they will not know."
"Yes, my master.

—Darth Malgus sends Darth Vesanus out to spy on the Republic.

With the Treaty of Coruscant in place, all conflicts between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic were ceased, though this treaty was merely for appearance. All had spies, liars were everywhere; Darth Vesanus was just one among many of Malgus's operatives. Vesanus felt, however, that he was the most valuable. He was tasked with the most dangerous of Malgus' missions—spying on the Jedi on Tython. Vesanus had to disguise himself with the Force, protecting his dark presence, thankful for Malgus's training. He watched and listened for months, reporting back to Darth Malgus every few days. For a long time the reports were of success: the Jedi were too weak to attempt anything. Just as the Sith had come back, however, the Jedi began to strengthen. Padawans became knights, knights became masters and the masters began to prepare for a second round against the Empire. The reports went from concerning to alarming, and Vesanus became uneasy, fearing that the Jedi might start another war. Malgus shared this thought, though he did not believe that the Jedi would have any easier chance this time than the last, despite Vesanus's warnings. After several weeks of this warning, Malgus told Vesanus that he was getting too lazy, and by getting lazy, he was getting overly concerned about small things. Vesanus denied this, but Malgus had enough, withdrawing his apprentice from Tython and bringing him back to Korriban. Vesanus was amazed at the blindness of his master, saying that Malgus was a fool to make Vesanus sit around while the Jedi grew in strength and number. Once again, Malgus ignored his apprentice, but this would prove to be his undoing.

Restarting and ending the warEdit

Duel on Coruscant

The four Jedi demand Darth Vesanus' surrender.

It seems that the Jedi were growing stronger…"
"Just as I—"
"They shall be crushed again. And you shall play a key role.

—Malgus and Vesanus discuss the Republic's declaration of War.

Vesanus was proven correct even sooner than he had thought. The Jedi and Republic soldiers swept into the Empire's territory and quickly overcame the Sith and Imperial warriors. Darth Vesanus lost contact with his master and fled Korriban as the Jedi closed in, but his ship did not go unnoticed. It was soon boarded by Republic soldiers and four Jedi Knights. Vesanus sent Imperial warriors to kill them, but they were as effective against the Jedi as the Republic's soldiers had been to him. Vesanus resigned himself to conflict and awaited their arrival on the bridge. It was not long before the Jedi burst into the bridge, demanding Darth Vesanus' unconditional surrender. Vesanus backed away slowly, laughing and denying them. A Human Jedi ignited a violet blade and the other three activated their lightsabers as well, forcing him into combat. Vesanus asked if they were sure they wanted to die for the Republic, and they answered that if it meant killing him, they would. The duel began and Vesanus remaining on the defense for the first minute or two, deflecting each of the Jedi's attacks before switching to the offensive, taking them by surprise and killing a Zabrak. He was almost hit by the Human, but he spun around the sliced off the man's head. An Iktotchi was far more skilled then the other two, and he and a female Nautolan stayed in the fight. Vesanus started to use his signature power, Force rage, and began pushing the pair back, using the same trick that had helped him defeat Master Mar. The Iktotchi was pushed backwards by the power of Vesanus' Force repulse, and Vesanus ran his saber through the Jedi's chest, leaving only the Nautolan. As Vesanus turned to face her, she screamed that he had killed her master, recognizing his missing leg. Vesanus recalled the mysterious Jedi he had killed as the Jedi Temple fell, but denied killing him. She leapt at him anyway, but he swung her aside. He urged her to give into her anger, pain and rage and use it to strike him down. At first, she tried to ignore him, still attacking him like a Jedi. After he continued dodging her, she began to draw on her anger. Vesanus continued drawing her towards the Dark Side, and soon she was wildly attacking him, completely given over to her hatred of him. When he deemed her ready, he quickly engaged her and disarmed her. Taking her lightsaber, he offered her a chance to become his Sith apprentice and escape the dying ship. She bowed before him, stating she would take his offer, and the two fled in her boarding pod.

Training an ApprenticeEdit

Nautolan Sith3

Ne-Rei Dis trains under Vesanus.

Vesanus: “You are a weak little Jedi, fallen from grace. But I can make you more than you ever would have become.
Nei-Rei Dis: “Yes. You will train me as a Sith.
Vesanus: “Indeed. Together we can rebuild the Sith Empire and wage war against the Jedi once more.

— Darth Vesanus and Ne-Rei Dis discuss their plans as Sith.

The pair fled to the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta, learning her name was Ne-Rei Dis. She was only recently knighted, and she was full of fears, using this fault to convince her that the Jedi were responsible for the death of her master. He began to train her with tests similar to the ones Malgus had made him do, realizing now their value. They soon left Nal Hutta and set off for Yavin Four. There Vesanus had Nereis perform her first life-threatening task. She, like him, was forced to battle with the spirits of the ancient Sith Lords, and, also like her master, Ne-Rei Dis survived and the pair left the spirits to themselves. As they were traveling back to their ship, they were attacked by an enraged terentatek. Vesanus quickly demanded that his apprentice prove herself against her latest foe, and she ignited her green lightsaber, attacking the beast. During the duel, she weakened the creature by brute force before turning to Sith powers. She utilized Force lightning for the first time and blasted the creature until it died. Darth Vesanus laughed and told her she was far weaker than he had thought, but she was also learning quicker than he had anticipated. They traveled to Korriban and stayed there for a while. Vesanus dueled her on multiple occasions, each time taking her by surprise. He taught her to be resilient to Force lighting by blasting her with it until it didn't affect her. When Darth Vesanus finally deemed her ready he taught her what he thought to be the greatest of the Sith's abilities. He taught her to channel her rage, hate, pain and fury at her opponents and use it, telling her how one could make lightning so strong it would burn someone to ashes if the user had enough fury. She took this lesson and slowly began to understand it, starting with her first mission.

Beginnings of an EmpireEdit


Ximus trains under Darth Vesanus.

Vesanus: If we are to create our own order of Sith, we will need Sith to be in the order.
Ne-Rei: What do you mean?
Vesanus: Your first mission is to bring me a Force-sensitive. One that is of an acceptable species and heritage. One that can become my second apprentice.
Ne-Rei: I shall complete your task.
―Darth Vesanus sends Ne-Rei Dis to find him a second apprentice.
Darth Vesanus summoned Ne-Rei Dis to him and told her that he would need another apprentice so he could start to build a Sith empire for himself. She gladly took the mission and, as she left, Vesanus mused that she would completed all of his tasks or she would die. He meditated for hours on end, waiting for her to return. When she did a month later, he felt that the one she had brought with her was a man full of fear and hate. Vesanus called out to her that she had chosen well, stepping into the light and telling the man to kneel before him. Igniting his lightsaber, he knighted the man as his second apprentice.

He began training them both, Ne-Rei and the man named Ximus. They trained for six months, Ximus advancing rapidly with the Force, but slightly slower in lightsaber combat. Ximus impressed Vesanus when he battled the ancient Sith and slew bounty hunters. As time went on, Ximus told Vesanus he wanted to kill a Jedi, but Vesanus responded that he was not ready. The debate continued off and on for a long while until finally Vesanus knew his apprentice could handle it. He told Ximus to go to Tatooine and kill the Jedi there, to which Ximus eagerly accepted. Vesanus continued training Ne-Rei Dis while Ximus was away. The next day, Vesanus felt a disturbance in the Force. When Ximus returned to Korriban, he admitted to slaughtering Jedi on Ossus after killing the one on Tatooine. Vesanus was pleased with his apprentice's performance, but he also feared that the Jedi would find them. He kept Ximus and Ne-Rei on Korriban for the next five years as they trained until finally Vesanus knighted his apprentice Darth Ximus, making him no longer his apprentice. He added that Ximus needed to find an apprentice so as to continue their plans. His old apprentice soon found the man Uzlagna and took him as his apprentice. They trained for a long while, but Vesanus kept them on Korriban so as not to alert the Jedi to their presence. Ne-Rei Dis then became Darth Nereis, and was still willing to obey Vesanus, but Ximus and his new apprentice had other plans. They went to Kashyyyk, massacreing Wookiees and killing another Jedi. Vesanus beat them upon their return, but was nevertheless forced to speed up his plan because of it. He sent Ximus and Uzlagna to Yavin Four to recruit the Massassi while he went to find a third apprentice.

Attack on Coruscant and deathEdit


Darth Vesanus' fleet over Coruscant.

Vesanus: “We are now ready, my Furian Empire is born. We will now launch an attack on the Jedi! We will attack Coruscant!
Uzlagna: “It is folly! We will be defeated!
Ximus: “No we won't. But my lord, aren't you getting too old and tired for this?
Vesanus: “No! I will lead the assault myself, along with my new apprentice. You two shall stay here.
— Darth Vesanus prepares to attack Coruscant.

Vesanus traveled to Dromund Kaas where he found a young, eighteen-year-old man. The man's name was Incultus, and he agreed to be trained in the ways of the Sith, for his ancestors had been on the side of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. Before returning to Korriban, Vesanus also hired a small army of Sith allies and a small fleet. He was cautioned by Incultus that it would not be enough, but he paid his apprentice no heed. They returned to Korriban and gathered the Massassi from Yavin Four. Vesanus then declared himself Lord of the Furian Empire, establishing his empire at last. His first act was to declare war and prepare his assault on Coruscant. He was again cautioned, this time by Uzlagna, but Ximus enraged him by saying he was too old to lead an attack. Vesanus left Ximus and Uzlagna behind, but took Incultus and Nereis with him.

His fleet arrived out of hyperspace, and began to attack the Republic's fleet. The Republic was not unprepared, contrary to Vesanus' belief, and almost immediately began inflicting casualties to the Furian Empire. Vesanus began to attempt battle meditation, but he had never practiced it, and it did not work. Instead, he watched as bombers flew in to strike the bridge of his ship, and watched the ensuing chaos. He went into shock and stood by as his army was defeated and his ship blew up around him.


Darth Ximus was overjoyed with the news of Vesanus' death before letting the empire recuperate. Ximus then launched his own crusade against the galaxy, a crusade that would end little better than Vesanus's. The empire that had only just begun to form would die with the death of the first two leaders. Vesanus himself would not be well remembered by the Jedi Order or the Galactic Republic; not even the Sith counted him among the great ancient lords.

Personality and traitsEdit

Darth Vesanus was not a compassionate person. He never loved anyone, and he hated almost everyone he knew, which came from his hard upbringing on Korriban. There, during his early life, whoever worked hardest got the most. Because of this, he felt that sympathy and mercy gave a man nothing other than a poorer reputation. If he was to survive, he had to want it and work for it. Vesanus was considered greedy, for he wanted everything from Sith powers to the galaxy itself, all for himself alone. He could not stand those that did not appreciate his powers, and he loathed Malgus for seeming to do so. He often became angry when Malgus disagreed with his statements of caution, especially when Malgus was proved wrong. This may have been considered hypocritical, for he ignored Incultus's and Uzlagna's warnings about attacking Coruscant.

He was also very suspicious by nature, owing to the realities of his relationship with Malgus and the plots which they developed together. He didn't trust his apprentices, because he felt Malgus hadn't trusted him. He forced them to undergo the same trials he had faced, in the hopes that they would develop to think and act like him, making it easier to predict their moves. He considered pushing his apprentices to their limits the only effective way to train them, for it brought out their anger, and forced them to try their hardest. He believed that once they were used to doing this, it would come naturally, making them powerful allies. His methods were parallel to most of the Sith traditions for training, and he never felt the need to deviate far from them.


Darth MalgusEdit


Darth Malgus.

Darth Vesanus did not like his master very much. He viewed Malgus as arrogant, stupid, cruel, and foolish for not listening to him. He did not like the tests the man gave him, and he hated doing the Sith Lord's bidding. He would, however, regret the death of Malgus as it left him without any help or back up. Later in life, he would realize that he had benefited from, as he had viewed it, the harsh training. He would begin to respect the Sith and eventually believed that Malgus may have even had Vesanus's best interests at heart.

Darth NereisEdit

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Nautolan Sith

Darth Nereis.

Darth Nereis was Vesanus' first apprentice. He did not like her and would have killed her, if he hadn't needed an apprentice to help him. He saw her as weak, corruptible, and potentially helpful, so he killed the other Jedi with her and brought her to the dark side. He never felt any thanks for the work she did, which may have been considered hypocritical when compared to how he felt about his own master's lack of thanks. He feared her slightly, because he was unsure if someday she might seek revenge for her dead Jedi Master. She never did, but he never let his guard down while around her.

Darth XimusEdit

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Darth Ximus.

Darth Ximus was Vesanus' second apprentice. He valued Ximus far more than Nereis, for he felt Ximus had the potential to be much greater. He became increasing annoyed with the man, however, for Ximus constantly wanted to kill Jedi. Vesanus allowed him to kill a Wookiee Jedi, but that was all, for Vesanus feared the Jedi would find them. He was still pleased when he finished training the Sith, but became angry again when Ximus could not find an apprentice. His anger was stayed when the man returned with Uzlagna, who Vesanus believed could be worthy. His fury was roused again when the two deliberately disobeyed his orders and massacred Wookiees and a Jedi. As punishment, he beat the two and left them behind when he attacked Coruscant.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Darth Vesanus was considered to be more powerful than the average Force-sensitive. He utilized Force powers such as Force lightning, Force choke and Force repulse. He was able to enhance these powers using Force rage, which he had been well taught to use.

He was not stupid, and yet he was not considered brilliant. He would not give tactics much thought and he preferred the use of brute force over stealth, though this did not mean that he never used it, especially while spying on the recuperating Jedi on Tython.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Vesanus was created by SavageOpress1138 as his first article on Star Wars Fanon. He was originally named Darth Furious, but the name was changed to Vesanus—the Latin translation of "furious"—after a prompting by users Solus and Brandon Rhea. He was created as a test to see how SWF worked. Savage choose the picture of the Dark Clone from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, because it was one of his favorite images from Wookieepedia. His birth name, Fey-an Nore, was derived from Feanor, a character from John Ronold Reuel Tolkien's The Silmarilion.

Vesanus' death was based on the death of Cutler Beckett from Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End.