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Rise of the Empire eraRebellion era

Palpatine hates his son, if that Sith didn't love his son in some twisted way, then he wouldn't even feel that.
Darth Vader speaking on Valens and his father's twisted Hate-based love for his son.

Darth Valens whom had been also known by his birth name as Cassian Palpatine, Lord Valens, the Emperor's Wrath or simply the Wrath. Eventually he would lead a coup against his father and take over half of the Galaxy for himself as well as killing Palpatine, he would found from these remnants a nation that he called the Sith Infinite Empire and placed himself as the Sith Emperor, being proclaimed the Sith'ari or Second Sith'ari by the Sith and Dark Jedi.

Prior to this he was a Dark Lord of the Sith and Shadow Hand of Emperor Palpatine that had been sent to be trained on Korriban from the Spirits of the ancient Sith Lords, during this journey he became the unofficial apprentice of Emperor Vitiate's Ghost and the successor to the title of Sith Emperor, Valens takes interest in Luke Skywalker who he wants to use to rebuild the Sith Empire within the shell of Palpatine's Galactic Empire. To this end he gathered together secondary and third parties, began converting those few Force Sensitives whom had Jedi Masters, and freeing force sensitive individuals from Slavery to be trained into Sith.

Valens was the son of Palpatine and an unnamed woman of the Shan family thus making him possibly the biological descendant of Darth Revan and Bastila Shan, Valens showed himself to be particularly capable in both Lightsaber Combat and Force powers to the extent of a Sith Inquisitor's capacity in Sith Sorcery, due to the might of his skills after being recalled by Palpatine from his training he was chosen by Palpatine to be the agent and fist of the Emperor wherever he went therefore Palpatine revived and gave him the rank of Emperor's Wrath which gave him a Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military position but being answerable only to the Emperor at his own discretion.


Pre-Rise of the Sith Infinite Empire

Birth and youth

Cassian was born to Palpatine and an unnamed woman of the Shan family a few months before the beginning of the Clone Wars, born on Dromund Kass he was raised in secret by his mother whom was possessed by a spirit shard from Emperor Vitiate's spirit, allowing to use her as a temporary avatar in the Galaxy despite the slow destruction that it would bring her body. In 17 BBY at the age of five, his father came to Dromund Kass and was surprised to see his son being trained by his untrained mother, Cassian's mother died upon trying to leave Dromund Kass with Palpatine and the semi-trained youth was considered a "blessing of the Ancient Sith Lords" and even "of the Darkside" to Palpatine.


In 15 BBY, Palpatine continued to train his son further in the Darkside and decided that the boy needed to become stronger and so he sent for his personal Prophet of the Dark Side: Cronal, using a combination of Science and Sith Alchemy in Project Thirty-Three that took a great number of test subjects it was by the will of Vitiate and the Dark side of the Force that Valens survived.

He was the only successful member that lived without dying later on and became a successful Hybrid with amazing powers, from his Human form he deluded the people into believing he was normal, but his Sith species genetics enhanced his bodily speed and strength to inhuman levels as well as his Dark side capacity beyond human limits alone, his Chiss mental redesigning made him have a higher mental capacity/reaction speed and gain the ability of photographic memory.

With this great success he was trained further by Palpatine in the basics of the Sith and other Dark Force sensitive aspects before being sent out into the Galaxy three years later in 12 BBY, his mission was to take the Shadow Overlord and go to worlds of Darkside interest and gain further knowledge on the Darkside whether he had to call spirits to do so or learn from the Holocrons of deceased Sith Lords he found, this quest would eventually cause Palpatine to lose his grip on his own and for Cassian to meet Vitiate's spirit once again.

Whilst on Korriban he learned of a group of Dark Jedi whom were aspiring Sith Lords, learning of his close connection to the current Dark Lord of the Sith these Dark Jedi challenged him to Duels and Cassian accepted, besting them all he forced their obedience and promised to return the Sith Order to how it once was thereby making many into Sith Lords. Giving one the Sith name Dominatus, and promising on making him a Darth upon his return, Valens left the planet to continue his learning in the Force.

Search for Knowledge

Cassian was guided also to the Voss Mystics and Fallanassi where he learned powerful Voss Spells of healing from a Voss Dream Walker and Fallanassi illusion techniques, his Fallanassi master was a traitor to her kind going by the name of Isela Talsava Norand who he placed under his protection, during that time he also dabbled in the knowledge of the Aing-Tii and in the knowledge garnered by the Baran Do Sages.

It was during this time that Cassian travelled to The Maw and met with the Mind Walkers, they offered for him to drink from the Font of Power and bathe in the Pool of Knowledge to partially transform him into a Celestial, initially he refused and the Mind Walkers agreed that the future they had seen of him agreeing had yet to arrive and still waited in the future for when he was both stronger and ready.

Birth of Darth Valens

Vitiate's spirit began to teach Cassian countless arts and skills in which he could increase his own power, he learned the ancient Sith Sorcerer arts and was introduced to two more of Vitiate's Sith counterparts: the spirits of Darth Malgus who trained Cassian in Sith Warrior combat and Darth Nox who taught Cassian Sith Inquisitor abilities and the secret Sith Spells that he had learned during his time on the Dark Council, when Cassian had grown stronger he was finally approached again by Vitiate's spirit to make his ultimate sacrifice and to take on a Sith name.

Vitiate's spirit told Cassian of an unnamed heavily populated world that many had come together for a large gathering on, more importantly was the fact that a large group of Darksiders had come to the planet for a secret meeting which Cassian decided to crash, arriving on the planet he used the Control mind spell to bend the will of these Darksiders to his own and led them to his private hanger on the planet which he then sealed using only Life-support to sustain all life within. Creating a circle of Sith Runes on the floor he began the ritual and had his enslaved Dark Jedi chant the spell outside the Circle as he stood within it, once the spell was complete all the life energy of the Living Entities on the world outside the Circle and Force presences were absorbed into the circle causing all life and force sensitivity on the planet to end, all this energy was then absorbed by Cassian making him ready to pronounce himself by Sith Title.

Before he could choose a Sith name however Vitiate's spirit appeared before him and gave him a warning about the spell, the Immortality garnered was only temporary and would not stop his body from weakening from aging and extreme levels of Darkside Corruption, this made it more likely that in later years his body will be weakened to the point that someone could kill him and it was never assured that Cassian would be able to transfer his spirit into another body without preparation. Deciding that he needed to increase his strength once again Cassian made a desperate choice, he would go back to The Maw where he would bathe and drink his fill from the Pool of Knowledge and the Font of Power, thus making himself Part-Celestial in the process and eternally young.

Vitiate's spirit then appeared before him once again, knighting him a Sith Master under the known universal Sith title and with the given name being Darth Valens, Vitiate's spirit and the spirit of all the other Sith Lords he had met began to work on the next stage of their plan by aiding in the training of other Force Sensitives and Dark Jedi whom would one day be forced into the service of the newly aspiring Sith Emperor, Darth Valens had risen and the path for his dream of ultimate power had only just begun.

Valens would base himself and his growing Organization on the world of Dromund Kass but would return to Korriban to dub Dominatus as Darth Dominatus in the position of Headmaster of the Korriban Academy, Vitiate and the Sith spirits would appear at the new Sith Academy on Korriban with the aid of their new trainees and soon the reborn Sith Empire began to grow in power, from the Academy new Acolytes soon began to pour out within the two years after Valens had taken the title and position of a Sith Master.

Darth Valens would then be recalled to serve the Empire in 0 BBY to replace Vader who had been captured by the Rebellion in 1 BBY at the Battle of Kamino, Valens would soon come upon a genetic lung error due to the genetic manipulation that Palpatine made upon him earlier on in his life, this forced him to wear a jaw-mounted Respirator that purified the oxygen that went down into his lungs to make breathing easier for him.

Rise of the Sith Infinite Empire series

Appearance of Luke Skywalker

Darth Valens was commanded to

Personality and traits

My power has come to encompass lives, worlds and entire armies. When I gain power and victory, I want even more and more, and together we will gain the very Galaxy for ourselves. Take a taste of the Darkside, of the start of power that I offer, and you will never go back.
—Darth Valens to Luke Skywalker.

Darth Valens had a somewhat serious personality and sometimes even gentlemanly, he had been raised by spirits of the Sith Lords and his father therefore knowledge of gentlemanly etticate during celebrations like the Imperial Galas and Balls, Valens appeared as an influential and aiding statesman of the Imperial Government with brutal loyalty to his father who was the Galactic Emperor. This couldn't have been further from the truth however as the power-plays of the Sith once again reared their ugly heads, Valens and Palpatine had always been at odds with Palpatine hating him one minute and commenting behind his back on how Valens was "a chip off the old block", Valens was indeed a powerful Sith who like his father and Emperor Vitiate had mastered his emotions and wielded them against his enemies instead of being overcome by them like individuals such as Darth Vader.

Valens' greatest skill however was something that he held in common with both his father and the Sith Lord Exar Kun, Valens was a inspiring speaker where he had easily been able to rally a crowd of individuals into an uproar with very minor touches of the Force to aid him, his youth and unnaturally energetic power radiated outwards catching the minds of civilians and soldiers alike causing the Rebellion to abate in the face of his opposition. Valens however didn't exactly lie to his people and wouldn't make his soldiers do something that he himself wouldn't have done himself at some point, Valens would be kind and smile to those he truly cared about and this was evident with the way he treated Thrawn despite the Chiss' coldness and high expectations who despite this had become a friend to the young Sith.

Valens also held interest in a number of aspects that all Sith desired: more power and Immortality. Valens wanted more power in each aspect in his life; politically he wanted to be Emperor, militarily he wanted to be Commander-in-Chief of his Army, as a Sith he wanted to know more and gain more power than any Sith past, as an individual he desired to become Immortal and live forever. It was these goals that pushed him along and his greatest enemies were the remaining Jedi along with the Rebellion on one side and Palpatine and his Inner Circle on the other. Valens eventually decided that he needed to play both sides against each other and so sided with the Empire to that end, already the Prince of the Galactic Empire gave him a larger chance of inheriting the Empire from his father upon his death, concentrating on destroying the Jedi and the collapsing Rebellion.

Valens' greatest weakness however was his arrogance and the underestimating of those enemies that had a weak or hidden Force potential, despite this he treated those with a sizeable Force potential or a non-Force sensitive with incredible skill in their own fields with utmost respect, whenever he made a deal he would gladly keep his word so long as both sides met their arranged conditions, he would however refuse to finish his side of the bargain sometimes depending if situations and conditions changed. He actually truly cared for Luke Skywalker and trained him to become a powerful Warrior and his future Wrath in his new Empire, the moment Leia tried to bargain something for Luke he would dismiss the claim immediately and state that Luke was "invaluable" to him, he would not have Luke go on missions that he knew were out of his depth and he would keep a tight leash on the young Sith Warrior.

Physical appearance

Darth Valens, face and upper-body close-up.

He was the best looking youth in all the Empire, he rivalled none in beauty or masculinity, never being rivalled... until you.
—Darth Vader, explaining the fact of Valens being quite physical attractive, to his son.

Darth Valens had short dark hair and blue eyes with a strain of grey, he had a buff upper body used to reinforce the strength that he wielded and was usually the main source of his power being the centre of his gravity while in combat, lean and powerful legs which were used for swift bolts across lands or powerful jumping bounds over large distances, swift and powerful arms that made rapid and powerful attacks at enemies easily. He had full rosy lips and a very handsome young face, and when submersed in the Darkside, his eyes turned into a blood red colour.

Valens had the physical appearance of a human however his mind and genetics were anything but, his genetics held that of the Sith species and the Midi-chlorians that came with it which calling about the Darkside easily reinforced his physical capacities, Valens retained however the mentality of the Chiss species including the advanced mental capabilities that came with it. Valens used the Darkside countless times, to strengthen himself physically and was an exception to ordinary Sith, who instead destroyed their body overusing the Darkside instead of using the knowledge they had garnered to maintain it instead.

Valens would have a number of problems however as the genetic manipulation coupled with both the Darkside and the Celestial Spirit he had gained caused his genetic code to mutate, the damage to his lungs would be revealed shortly before the Battle of the Tantive IV which caused him to wear a respirator around his neck similar to that worn by Darth Malgus during the Great Galactic War, until he managed to use the Mother Machine on Belsavis to remake his genetics code and repair his lungs.


Darth Valens' Sith lightsabers

Powers and abilities

He is everything a Sith wants in their Grand Master, he is everything an Empire wants in an Emperor, he is everything I want in a man.
—Luke Skywalker about Darth Valens.

Valens was incredibly powerful in the Force and especially the Darkside due to his growth in the Force and training by multiple Sith spirits, Emperor Vitiate himself wanted the youth who shared the first letter of his Sith name with to become the new incarnation of the Dark Lord of the Sith and become Sith Emperor over the Galactic Empire, to that he added a lot of effort and skill into the youth and garnered him up so that he could take his place in history.

He was such a master of the Darkside that he was able to channel the Force and adapt it in ways that suited a variety of needs, including subduing, stunning or killing foes. Valens had frequently proven to be exceedingly proficient in the use of Force lightning. The young Sith was a proficient lightsaber duellist, utilizing either a standard lightsaber or two lightsabers in combat. Valens could combine his skills with a lightsaber with his talents in the dark side, such as channelling Force Lightning through those lightsabers.

Upon gaining Immortality and becoming part-Celestial in the form of a Force Wielder, his strength in the Force reached a high that none had ever reached before and it was at this point that he began his goal to become master of the Universe himself regardless of the pain it caused himself personally, the fear and pain of his enemies became a source of power which he used to channel the Darkside thereby growing in power himself. Unlike Vitiate however, and something that the old Sith spirit respected, was that Valens had no interest in destroying the universe to outcome his own immortality.

Personal abilities

  • Immortality - Darth Valens at some unknown point became immortal, allowing him to live infinitely longer and survive mortal wounds, beyond that of ordinary humans or alien species. He revealed to Luke, that he had accomplished this by casting The Void spell on a minor heavily populated world during a gathering of an unnamed organization of Darksiders, absorbing all life and the Force from that planet leaving it barren of all life and Force energy. Only the Dagger of Mortis was said to be able to kill him, instantly, however the Dagger was believed destroyed on Mortis along with The Ones.
    • Eternally Young - Due to the unique method that he gained Immortality, Valens was considered Eternally young, this made him unchanging despite age and Darkside corruption. This later was proved to be only temporary as stated by Vitiate's spirit who taught him the spell for Immortality, so to permanent his power he returned to the Pool of Knowledge on Abeloth's planet which he bathed in before also drinking from the Font of Power, gaining himself the eternal youth and power of the Force sensitive Celestials before him.
  • Force-sensitive - Valens was massively Force-sensitive due to his biological inheritance as a son of Palpatine and a descendant of the Shan family line, this further increased when he was given the upgraded genetic state and the there-in Midi-chlorians of a member of the Sith species, especially of the Darkside alignment. Later it was revealed that he was somewhat the descendant of not only Darth Revan but also Darth Nox and Aloysius Kallig and also the inheritor of Tulak Hord's Legacy. Valens was so powerful that he was capable of casting powerful Sith spells while using Force Flight and Force Lightning while also using Telekinetic Lightsaber combat along with maintaining a powerful Force protection, he was capable of doing all of this at once, with very minor exhaustion.
    • Massive Force reservoir - Valens due to his emulsion in the Darkside and his genetic manipulation, was extremely powerful and could mount a massive amount of Force energy in reserve with little effort or exhaustion, it was said that Valens' power rarely ran dry in combat.
  • Superhuman Physicality - Valens was dramatically stronger, faster, durable and more agile than most species. For a limited amount of time he could match a Wookiee in physical strength, run as fast as a Vornskr, become as agile as a Nexu and be as durable as a Reek.
  • Superhuman mentality - Valens eventually would gain the mental capacity of a Chiss, thereby in having increased mental capacity, this would include a high learning capacity with Photographic memory and heightened reaction-speed for both his mind and body.

Basic Force-sensitive abilities

  • Telekinesis - Darth Valens was incredibly powerful in the telekinetic aspect of Force powers to the extent that he could blast entire Droids apart and send enemies flying, Valens' Telekinesis was stronger than most Jedi or Sith of the time. He could preform Force wound to cause pressure through telekinetic means to the organs of the individuals before him, he could use Force grip which was a more advanced variation of Force Wound that had a larger larger effect by chocking and crushing an enemy, he could use Force Death to simply combust the Organs of his enemies, he used Force choke against other Force sensitives to gain an advantage against them, and finally the most advanced version of Force Wound known as Force crush which was capable of crushing entire enemies to end their life easily. Valens was also capable of Force Push, Force Pull, Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat' and blasts of simple telekinetic energy or using his mental grip to move objects.
  • Telepathy - Darth Valens was a master of telepathy and was easily capable of talking into the minds of people over massive distances across the Galaxy, he had a powerful telepathic bond with Luke Skywalker when he became his apprentice and this flourished in their later relationship, Valens could shatter mental defences with his telepathy easily and could erect near impenetrable mental barriers in return.

Darksider abilities

  • Force Destruction - Darth Valens was easily capable of instantly killing an individual or destroying an object with Force Destruction.
  • Force lightning - Valens was a master of Force Lightning, easily using it to shock, stun or kill his opponents. Ranging from a summoning a single spark of lightning all the way up to a Force storm, his lightning took on a blood red and seemed to look from a distance as fast moving mist of blood, Force lightning was used in conjuration with Force blast to devastating effect.
  • Drain Knowledge - Valens was incredibly capable of Draining Knowledge, to the point that he could drain the knowledge from even Force ghosts, in conjunction with the Force Walk Sith spell.
  • Force drain - Valens had much skill in the act of Force drain, he could easily use the Darkside to drain the energy from his enemies and neutral individuals alike, he could use this along with the Force Walk Sith spell to absorb power from Force Spirits until they were so weak that their presence only lingered on in the Galaxy as a energy battery for Valens.
  • Force Slow - Darth Valens could easily channel the power of Force Slow and its variant abilities, it allowed him to cloud an enemy's mind thus slowing them down, both mentally and physically.
  • Force blast - Valens was capable of launching a powerful blast of Darkside energy from the Force itself, this ability was a well known Darkside power that came with explored skill in Sith Sorcery, he used this in conjuration with Force lightning, a combination seen rarely in combat: but the combination was included as Darth Nox's finishing blow during his Kaggath with Darth Thanaton.

Sith Sorcerer abilities

Leia Organa: “Luke, you have to come with us.
Luke Skywalker: “I won't have that name for much longer, as my last mercy before becoming a Sith I want you to leave, now. Should Valens catch you here, he would use his Sith sorcery to bend your body and minds to his will.
―Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker during the Twentieth Empire Day Ball.

  • Force Walk - Darth Valens learned Force walk from the spirit of Darth Nox, using the power of this Sith spell he easily bound Dark Jedi and Sith spirits to himself to draw from their power and knowledge, this power allowed him also to effect the spirits with the force and he used that to enslave Jedi spirits and forcefully Force drain them to the point that they could no-longer retain a physical form or any influence in the physical world. Among the Force Ghosts in his servitude, was Horak-mul's Ghost.
    • Ghost manipulation - Darth Valens could dismiss or trap the Ghosts and Spirits of all Force-sensitives, he could even send them on to rest and thereby give them the peace they finally deserve however Sith Ghosts and powerful Dark Jedi Spirits were proven immune to being dismissed, his most frightening ability for a Jedi Force Ghost was the capacity to banish and trap any Force Ghost unbound by the Darkside to the Darkside Netherworld as he did with Obi-Wan Kenobi's Force Ghost on Dagobah.
  • Control mind - Darth Valens was taught by Vitiate's spirit the ancient Sith skill of taking control of the minds of individuals, bending that and their bodies, to the Sorcerer's will.
  • Summon fear - Darth Valens took interest in the act of summoning the fear of the enemy and rarely even those that failed him, using their fear to feed himself in the Darkside and grow stronger from it, he used this also when teaching Luke to feed off the negative emotions of his enemies to increase his own strength in the Darkside.
  • Dark Overflow - A powerful Darkside Ritual that Valens performs on Dagobah that causes a massive evolution of Darkside energy on any single planet, the Darkside devours the Lightside energy found around the world to increase its own mass and eventually blocks out most light and morphs the natural inhabitant of the world into Sith Spawn.
  • Supernova - While discussing the power of the Death Star with Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Valens threatened Admiral Conan Antonio Motti that the Force was far more powerful than this Battle Station and stated that through use of a Sith spell he could cause a Star to go Supernova and if Motti would like him to use his home system as an example of this power.

Universal Force abilities

  • Mind-healing - From the Voss Mystics, Darth Valens learned the spell of Mind-Healing, allowing him to rebuild his mind strong enough to resist mental invasion or spirit domination.

Lightsaber combat abilities

  • Sword Master - After Darth Valens found and fought the Immortal Khem Val, the Immortal Dashade states that Darth Valens' skill level in Lightsaber combat was equivalent to Swordsmen of Tulak Hord's caliber, thus making Valens one of the most powerful Lightsaber combatants of the Galactic Civil War. This was an interesting point, given Valens' rapid training in Force powers and gaining non-physical strength, many have wondered when or how he gained the time to gain their amount of physical talent.
    • Seven lightsaber forms - Darth Valens was almost a master of all Seven Forms of Lightsaber combat used by the Old Jedi Order, he had even learned Form VII's variant: Vaapad, from a unnamed Dark Jedi that was taught it by Sora Bulq.
    • Niman/Jar'Kai - Darth Valens was a master of wielding two Lightsabers and used them impressively to destroy those who opposed him and his goals, Valens was described as a peerless swordsman while wielding two Lightsabers, easily outmatching Yoda despite the Jedi Master's hundreds of years experience in combat.
  • Unarmed Combat - Valens was quite capable in multiple forms of martial arts and could disarm someone with a almost blur-like motion of his hands, he knew all the pressure points in the human body and many of the pressure points in an alien body.


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