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Darth Vader was a male human Sith Lord. His former name was Anakin Skywalker. Before his fall to the dark side, he was friends with Jedi Knight, Nathaniel Kenobi.


While Emperor Palpatine was busy with Sate Pestage, he came into the room and announced several integral Imperial victories. Such as the destruction of the Yevethan resistance and the discontinuation of the Corellian isolationists. He also gave the report that Carida could be used as a military base and that Imperial scientists had found a strange alien lifeform on the planet Bimmiel that was heavily scarred from head to toe.

His last piece of information was the most important though: he had a report from Gilad Pellaeon, that a Jedi had been discovered and had fled from him. He gave the location of the Jedi's jump: Kamino.

Kamino Invasion

He was later sent with Wilhuff Tarkin to Kamino, so that the Clone Rebellion could be crushed. This led to the Battle of Kamino.

He led the 501st to the planet's surface and attacked his old friend Nathan. Vader tried to make Nathan turn to the dark side, but Nathan claimed that there was no such thing. After a stray shot from Boba Fett had hit Nathan's wife, Abigaile Jade. He broke off his assault on Vader and let Nam Poorf continue it. Nam was not a lightsaber specialist and was killed by Vader.

Former Sith Asajj Ventress, then attacked him. She was angry that Anakin was still alive, after he had defeated her, time and time again in battle. Their duel led them to the top of the building they were in and the two fought in the storm. Equally as good the battle looked like it would take awhile to finish, that was, until the 501st shot Asajj with no less than nine anti-infantry missiles hit her.

Final Battle

Vader came back to Coruscant victorious, but without the Jedi that he had promised Palpatine. While there, he learned that Pestage had acquired some interesting animals, ones that could block the Jedi's--and their--ability to sense in the Force: the ysalamir. Palpatine quickly formulated a plan that would ensnare his foes.

When Abigaile and her child, Abigaile Kenobi was captured by the Arkanian smuggler, Maka Jeth and his Yaka slave, Duwingo. Vader planned to train them as Emperor's Hands.

Luckily for them, Nathan came to search for his missing family and attacked Palpatine and Vader through trickery. He had discovered that they planned to use ysalamir and had bought some serum to keep the Force. After fighting Vader, Nathan freed Abigaile and his child, but the mother was killed by Pellaeon and Tarkin.


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