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I shall rule these people, and one day, be it while I am alive or otherwise, these people shall be free.
—Darth Uzlagna

Darth Uzlagna, born Uzlagna, was the Human male Sith apprentice of Darth Ximus. Uzlagna was born on Tatooine in 3,641 BBY. When Uzlagna was only five, his parents were killed accidentally by a Jedi in a bar fight. For the next ten years of his life he lived on Tatooine, scrounging and stealing, and learning to use his Force-sensitivity. In 3,626 BBY, he was found by Ximus in a bar where he was recruited to his and, by extension, Darth Vesanus' cause. He returned to Korriban with his master and trained for seven years. He and his master disliked being cooped up on Korriban, so they defied a specific order of Darth Vesanus and went to Kashyyyk where they massacred Wookiees and killed a Jedi. Upon their return, they were beaten by Vesanus, but Uzlagna did not mind.

He and Ximus were sent to recruit the Massassi to Vesanus' cause, while the Sith Lord went to get himself a third apprentice. Ximus and Uzlagna fought with the Massassi on Yavin IV, but managed to stop the attack and negotiate an agreement. When Vesanus returned, not only did he have a new apprentice but an entire fleet and army at his command. After picking up his allied Massassi warriors, he proclaimed that he was going to attack Coruscant. Uzlagna immediately declared it folly, but Ximus managed to convince Vesanus to attack and to leave him and Uzlagna behind.

They soon received word of his defeat and death, making Ximus the Lord of the Furian Empire, the name of Vesanus' army. They waited for a year, and during that time, Uzlagna was made a Sith Lord, allowing for the use of the name Darth Uzlagna. After the year, Ximus attacked the Outer Rim worlds, but the Republic quickly swept in and once again defeated the Furian Empire, killing Ximus on Korriban. After torturing captured Republic soldiers, Uzlagna learned of Ximus' death and fled to Dromund Kaas, where he began bribing men to join his cause. For twenty years, he bought or otherwise convinced men to join the Furian Empire, rallying them behind a symbol as something less abstract as the idea of the empire itself.

After twenty years, he prepared to attack. However, three Jedi who had crashed on the planet came to his home and asked for help. He agreed to let them stay the night and while they were asleep, he traveled to the main settlement. He picked up a set of black armor and told his men to be ready. Upon his return, he found the three Jedi dead and a man waiting for him. The two had a lightsaber duel, ending with the man draining the life energy out of Uzlagna. The Sith Lord's attacker crushed Uzlagna's armor, killing him.


Early lifeEdit

My parents were killed when I was only five years old. If they hadn't died, I may not have turned out this way. Who really knows?
—Darth Uzlagna reflecting on the death of his parents.

Uzlagna was born in 3,641 BBY on Tatooine. He lived a normal farmer's life until the age of five when his parents were killed in a bar fight. As the young boy watched, a Jedi Knight tried to stop the dispute. One of the men shot at the Jedi, but he simply deflected the blast, accidentally sending it into Uzlagna's mother, who had been knocked aside by the rioters. During the rest of the fight, his father attacked the Jedi, trying to avenge his mother. The Jedi tried to dissuade him, but he drew a vibroknife and charged. Uzlagna watched as his father was cut down as well. Eventually, the fight died down. As he watched the killer of his parents walk away unscathed, Uzlagna recovered their bodies and buried them in the Dune Sea.

Life on the streetsEdit

Uzlagna lived alone for the next ten years of his life. He begged on the streets of Tatooine by day, and robbed homes and storefronts by night. He took what few jobs he could, most consisting of errand boy work, but he eventually took an actual job at a cantina, and worked there for four years until the barman was killed in a fight at the establishment. The cantina was then sold and the employees were laid off.

After he lost his job, he became even more sour and frustrated. He began to long for a way to get off–planet and exact revenge on the Jedi Order, but he knew even if he made it from Tatooine to Coruscant, he could never compete with a Jedi. However, as more time went on, he began to discover that he could preform super-Human actions. While running from some drunk men trying to kill him, he found he could leap from rooftop to rooftop at high speed and accuracy, leaving the drunks behind. When a man tried not to pay him after a job, he found he could restrict the man's breathing, choking him until he paid his dues. He realized that this was Force-sensitivity, like the Jedi. He began practicing pushing, gripping, influencing minds and other abilities to hone his skills so when he finally made it off–world, he could perhaps be a match for the Jedi.

Sith apprenticeEdit

Your former knowledge of the Force has made my job easier. However, there is still much for you to learn. You still think more like a Jedi than a Sith. Use your anger!
—Darth Ximus training Uzlagna to use the dark side.

Finally, in 3,626 BBY, he was found in a bar by a man, who presented himself as Darth Ximus. The man asked Uzlagna if he would become a Sith apprentice to him. Uzlagna attempted to make it seem as if he was not very interested, but as the pair left, he agreed to become a Sith, in order to avenge his parents. They traveled to Korriban where Uzlagna was introduced to Darth Vesanus and Darth Nereis, two other Sith. He began to train under Ximus, learning to harness his Force abilities into powers he had not dreamed of.

They trained for a long time, but Uzlagna was not using his anger as much as Ximus wanted. Finally, Ximus said Uzlagna was no longer his apprentice, for he did not use his anger. Uzlagna only thought of his chance to kill Jedi disappearing, and attacked Ximus using all of his anger. Ximus readily accepted him again, but only so long as the Sith apprentice continued to use his hatred. Uzlagna began to find that it helped him to use his anger, and truly embraced the dark side.

Massacre on KashyyykEdit

Ximus: Come apprentice. I heard Darth Vesanus talking about a Jedi on Kashyyyk. We're going to kill him.
Uzlagna: But I thought that Darth Vesanus didn't want us off planet.
Ximus: What he doesn't know, can't hurt him more than he can handle. Besides, don't you want to kill Jedi?
Uzlagna: Let's go master.
―Darth Ximus and Uzlagna head to Kashyyyk.
After cleaning up from a sparring session, Uzlagna was approached by Ximus. His master said that there was a Jedi on Kashyyyk they could kill. Although hesitant at first, Uzlagna agreed to go.

They landed on Kashyyyk and were set upon by Wookiees. They easily killed them, but were soon attacked by more. Once again, the Wookiees were defeated, but they were attacked again. This time, Uzlagna fought off the Wookiees, while Ximus killed the Jedi. Uzlgana and Ximus returned to Korriban, and were confronted by a furious Vesanus. He shouted at them and beat them. He tossed them around and slammed them into the stone walls of the Sith temples. He yelled that he would need to speed up his plans because of them. After making the announcement that he was taking a third apprentice, he left them alone.

Furian EmpireEdit

Vesanus: “We are now ready, my Furian Empire is born. We will now launch an attack on the Jedi! We will attack Coruscant!
Uzlagna: “It is folly! We will be defeated!
Ximus: “No we won't. But my lord, aren't you getting too old and tired for this?
Vesanus: “No! I will lead the assault myself, along with my new apprentice. You two shall stay here.
— Vesanus plans to attack Coruscant.

Not long after, Uzlagna was told by Ximus that they were to travel to Yavin IV and recruit the Massassi warriors to Vesanus' cause. After landing, they were immediately attacked and fought for hours. Uzlagna believed defeat was coming and that they two Sith had finally met their match, but Ximus killed the leader, and in the ensuing shock was able to convince the Massassi that they wanted an alliance with the Sith race. After short negotiations they came to an accord. Ximus and Uzlagna left them with the promise of returning.

They returned to Korriban to find that Vesanus had a fleet and army of Sith loyalists from Dromund Kaas and Korriban. Ximus was angered that Vesanus had kept this from them, but he did not press the point, and returned with some of the ships to Yavin 4, bringing the allied Massassi back with him.

Vesanus then proclaimed that he was going to attack the heart of the Republic, Coruscant itself. Uzlagna proclaimed it folly, that Vesanus'—as he named it—Furian Empire would stand no chance against the Republic. Ximus quickly disputed his apprentice's claim, but added that perhaps Vesanus was too old and weak to lead such an attack. This made Vesanus even more determined to lead and he left Ximus and Uzlagna behind as punishment for their doubts. However, this had been Ximus' plan the entire time and they soon enough received word that Vesanus was dead, his attack foiled. This made Ximus the Lord of the Furian Empire and he pulled his remaining forces back, far from the Republic.

Ximus kept them waiting for one year. During this time, he made Uzlagna a Sith Lord, granting him the title of Darth Uzlagna. After a year, in 3,617 BBY, Ximus too attacked the Republic. Unlike Vesanus, he attacked and conquered Outer Rim worlds such as Yavin 4, as it was a Sith world; Elom, seeking scientists and the world's stock of lommite; and blockaded Felucia, looking to use the diverse biology as potential bioweapons against the Republic. Uzlagna stayed behind with a small portion of the army, just in case their plans should fail. Just as with Vesanus, the Republic came crashing down on the Furian Empire and pushed Ximus all the way back to Korriban, where he and all of his men were killed.

In exileEdit

We had not the strength to attempt a third assault on the Republic. Instead, I lead my small fraction of the once large Furian Empire into exile, taking them to Dromund Kaas, where we waited.
—Darth Uzlagna

Uzlagna's fleet intercepted a small transport ship that was scouting the region to see if Ximus had any remaining soldiers. Uzlagna and his men boarded the ship, captured it after a brief struggle, and tortured the men until they learned of Ximus' defeat and death. Uzlagna used a mind trick to force the captain to send a report that there were no more Sith soldiers, and then used the Force to make all of the men forget the incident and return to the Republic.

Fearing that the Republic would send more men despite the captain's report, Uzlagna fled with his forces to the jungle world, Dromund Kaas. There he and his men began a life of exile. They filtered into the people already living on the world, keeping a low profile. Uzlagna did not reveal his Force-sensitivity, and he kept mostly to himself. For twenty years he secretly continued recruiting people to his cause, and having them join the Furian Empire. He introduced a symbol for the empire around 3,616 BBY, a symbol which he used to rally his followers behind. He bribed, convinced, and in a few cases threatened, to get the people of Dromund Kaas to join him. During this time, he also created a Sith holocron, leaving in it his past history, and his plans for the future.

In 3,596 BBY, at age forty–five, Uzlagna finally decided the time had come for him to launch his assault on the Republic, lulled into a false sense of security because of decades of peace. He told his men to be ready, and told one of them to create a set of black armor for him. He returned to his home, a distance from the main settlement, and prepared for the start of his attack.

Preparation for war and deathEdit

I have been trying to find you for a very long time, Uzlagna.
—Uzlagna's attacker

However, something he had not expected happened. A trio of Jedi crash–landed on Dromund Kaas near his abode and came knocking of his door looking for help. Seeing a chance to gain valuable information, and as he used the darkness of Dromund Kaas to disguise his own Force signature, he agreed to allow them to stay the night. While they were sleeping he left his home and traveled to the main settlement. He picked up his armor, and once again told his men to be ready. Upon his arrival, he found the three Jedi dead. Waiting for him was a man with long hair, facial paint, and an aura of the Force. After saying that he had been searching for Uzlagna for a long time, the man attacked him, revealing a red lightsaber. They dueled for a time until Uzlagna disarmed the man. As he prepared to kill him, his attacker used the Force to drain the life energy out of Uzlagna. He then used the Force to crush the Sith's armor into him, killing him.


Darth Uzlagna was not remembered by the Jedi Order, as they never learned of his existence. Similarly, the Sith would not remember him. The descendants of the Furian empire would remember him, but only for a few generations. Uzlagna's holocron would be destroyed by Incultus, his killer, and thus no one would learn of him that way. His plans for the Furian empire would be adapted by Incultus, and then used to an extent.

Personality and traitsEdit

Darth Uzlagna hated the Jedi Order. He held them responsible for the death of his mother and father. His sole purpose for joining the Sith was to use the dark powers to destroy the Jedi. At first, he tried to convince himself that he was doing it for the good of others, so that no one else would be killed by the Jedi, but that slowly faded from his mind as Ximus pushed him harder and harder toward the dark side. Also, Uzlagna did not want to fully give in to his hate, but when Ximus said he would no longer teach Uzlagna and all possibilities of Uzlagna destroying the Jedi disappeared, he gave in to his anger and embraced the dark side.


Father and motherEdit

Uzlagna loved his father and mother, so much so that his entire fall was due to his love for them. The small boy was shocked when he watched his parents killed in a bar fight, in his opinion, instigated by a Jedi. After burying his parents, he sought revenge for their deaths.

Darth XimusEdit

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Darth Ximus was Uzlagna's master. As with most Sith, the only value he found in his master was that the Sith could teach Uzlagna, giving him the tools to destroy the Jedi. The only downside to Ximus' death, in Uzlagna's opinion, was the fact that he had wasted so many valuable forces in his assault.

Darth VesanusEdit

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Galen Marek evil clone

Darth Vesanus was the master of Ximus and, by extension, Uzlagna; the latter did not like Vesanus and thought of him as stupid and foolish. He considered Vesanus' attack on Coruscant suicidal and tried to warn him, though not because he wanted Vesanus to live but because he did not want to waste so many of the Furian Empire's soldiers. Ximus twisted the conversation, angering Vesanus so that he did not take Ximus or Uzlagna with him, which Uzlagna was thankful for, as he did not want to go on the mission he considered foolish.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Uzlagna used many dark side Force powers including Force lightning, Force choke, Force drain, and Force repulse, as well as many powers not associated with the dark side, such as Force push and Jedi mind trick.

Uzlagna used Form V: Djem So for lightsaber combat. He preferred using the Force over lightsaber combat, but due to practicing lightsaber combat often, he considered himself adept at it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Uzlagna was created by SavageOpress1138 to be the first apprentice of Darth Ximus and his makeshift heir. He is portrayed by the Witch-king from the Lord of the Rings films. The name Uzlagna is an anagram of the word Nazgul with one extra a.