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The menacing Dark Lord of the Sith, in all his magical, mechanical wickedness

Darth Tyler was a Force-sensitive B1 battle droid who was the subject of numerous complaints from the many galactic citizens who came into contact with him. These criticisms often complained of Tyler's vaguely MS Paint-inspired appearance or his complete disregard for the unspoken regulations as to who can use the Force. He came under attacks from many evildoers bent on the total destruction of a middle schooler's imagination. Nevertheless, Tyler always prevailed — that is, until he was the subject of a new Force power called Force Redirect, where all memory of his existence was wiped out forever.

Created in a distant droid factory before the Battle of Geonosis, the droid previously known as T-1LR discovered his inorganic connection to the Force during the ensuing battle. Afterwards, T-1LR escaped the ranks of the Separatist droid army and fled to the volcanic world of Eos. It was there that he actualized the raw power of mechanical Sith-itude, granting himself the new appellation of Darth Tyler in the process. Lord Tyler then went about creating untold legions of droid minions, modeling them off of his innate knowledge of the Separatist Droid Army. The resulting Galactic Droid Empire, ruled by Tyler, lasted for a thousand years. It was then totally destroyed by the forces of the High Priests of the Decreton Lords of the Cabal, whose feared Administratix agents used Force Redirect and Force De-Feature-fy to annihilate Lord Tyler's fleet.

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