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Darth Torrent was a Quarren Sith Lord who fought during the Bothan War as a mercenary for the Muun Federation. He and his master, Darth Naarin developed a plot to take over the Muun Federation and use the subsequent financial gains to embark on a campaign of galactic conquest. After the Bothan War concluded, Torrent would become involved in a new conflict, the Otherspace War.


The Bothan War

The plan

The Sith lords scheme to take control of the Muun Federation was not that complex, but would require careful execution and precision. The plan involved using the military to defeat the current Muun government and put Muun politician Sahg Trifton in charge as a puppet. In order for this to succeed, they would need to win over the military and create civilian resentment towards the current administration.

Fighting in the war

The first step of the plan was a success, as both Naarin and Torrent were hired as mercenaries. Torrent was present at numerous battles during the war, including the Battle of Pantolomin. He and his master gained an honorable reputation in the eyes of the Muun Military and were soon put in command of an entire starfleet. This was a crucial step in their plan, as they now had enough forces at their disposal to execute a coup. Torrent was also able to assassinate Muun senator Dru Tyrus, who was gaining political popularity by speaking out against the current Muun government and the war. Trifton, at the request of Darth Naarin, blamed Muun President Kan Xe for the murder, creating more distrust towards the current government.

Eventually, Naarin and Torrent would embark on an invasion of Mandalorian space, taking the systems for the Muuns. At the fateful Battle of Mandalore, Darth Naarin was killed and his apprentice became the new dark lord of the Sith. Torrent would call for a retreat from Mandalorian space and begin the final preparations of the invasion of Muunilist.

Defeat at Muunilist

The plans of the Sith were thrown off course when a special recall election removed Kan Xe from office and replaced him with Wit Zorit, a Muun leader who was critical of the war. Apparently, Torrent had succeeded in creating citizen resentment towards Xe, but he was replaced by the wrong person (Zorit instead of Sahg Trifton). However, the dark lord caught a break when Xe started a rebellion against the Zorit administration. Taking advantage of the confusion, Torrent launched his invasion of Muunilist. If he could succeed in this battle, he would have almost total control of the Muun Federation because the numbers of its armed forces were now small and spread out. No side was clearly winning until the CSA fleet arrived and joined the fighting on the side of Zorit's forces, believing that he was the lesser of the three evils. The combined force defeated both Torrent and Xe. Torrent was able to escape the battle, but with his personal force of defectors destroyed, his participation in the Bothan War appeared to be over. He considered going to Bothawui, to fight for the Bothan League (the CSA's other enemy in the war), but later decided against it. He figured that his fighting would only, at best, delay an inevitable defeat and that it would be better if he returned to the shadows to address more pressing matters, such as finding an apprentice.

Otherspace War and apprentice search

Torrent would eventually become involved in the Otherspace War on the side of the Charon Death Cult. During this time, he would also commence a wide scale and sometimes frustrating search for a new Sith apprentice.

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