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Darth Thraxus was a male Mandalorian and later a Sith.


Darth Thraxus (Aru'ela Ta'raysholan) was a Mandalorian-Sith whose parents had been slaughtered by mercenaries on the planet of Dantooine, turning to the Jedi for help who declined threw him into a rage, he stole a vibrosword from the Jedi's armoury and picked off each mercenary one by one, feeling as though the Jedi had failed him he directed his anger at them and sought training from a reformed Sith Empire on Korriban, shortly after his training he abandoned the Sith and assumed the title of "Darth Thraxus" changing his birth name.

After abandoning the Sith, Darth Thraxus built the astromech droid T6-Y3, and with it a HK Assassination Droid his father had told him about when he was a child.

Apparition of Yami KurdzenEdit

An Apparition of the former Wanderer Yami appeared before Thraxus, figuring the apparition was a Jedi, he unsheathed his lightsabers and ignited them, which revealed bloody crimson blades, Yami sensed great power ahead and that Thraxus should be weary, fading into the shadow after, Thraxus, who didn't know what had just happened sheathed his blades and continued on, drawn to the architectual mass ahead he trod carefully.

Inside the TempleEdit

Thraxus halted his droids and walked steadily into the temple, the temple was immensely dark and hummed like a hyperdrive, the apparition appeared before him once more and challenged him, unsheathing his lightsaber, Thraxus let out of a roar and attempted to thrash the apparition, Yami slid under the powerful strike and tapped the back of Thraxus' head and criticized his technique, Yami dissapeared shortly after explaining to go towards the red aura in the darkness.

Thraxus stepped towards the dark monument, a flood of emotion, images, sound, and shadow came bursting through his mind, writhing in pain Yami came forth explaining that he had potential to unify the mandalorian people against a greater threat, she ordered Thraxus to find unite the Mandalorians against an even greater threat. He left the temple and motioned for his droids to follow. Next stop, Mandalore.

Arriving on MandaloreEdit

Upon arriving on Mandalore, Thraxus encountered a female Mandalorian known only as Eve, upon their encounter Eve unholstered her blaster and attempted to shoot the self-proclaimed Sith Lord, Thraxus gripped her gun and crushed it while it was still in her hand.

Thraxus commenced using the force to grip Eve in the air, Eve wheezed out "I- I will- debt my life- To- To you- Let me go- P- Please!" Thraxus improved his grip on Eve until his ghostly mentor Yami told him she could be useful, Thraxus relieved his grip and announced "Your life is mine."