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You are able to see past the fog of lies they have created for centuries. You are a Jedi, yes, but it is not who you are. You can rise above the conflicts. You can be something that ascends merely Jedi and Sith.
Darth Desolous[src]

Darth Taral, previously Idnum-Ki, was a Cerean and Jedi Master during the last years of the Galactic Republic. As a Padawan, he had an interest, later leading to an obsession, of Sith holocrons. This entailed much discussion over him from the Jedi High Council, but at the time they merely dismissed it as curiosity. After being made a Jedi Master years later, he took Dular as his apprentice in 34 BBY when the Padawan was abandoned by his previous Master, Xarkun.

In 32 BBY, Idnum-Ki joined the Jedi Council of Seers, a group dedicated to stopping the return of the Sith. He did whatever necessary to stop their possible return, even if that meant killing Ibtiseh, a fellow Jedi who he had foreseen would indirectly cause the death of the Jedi Council members. During the same year, he participated in the Siege of Dantooine, in which he was turned to the dark side of the Force by an ancient Sith named Darth Desolous. Idnum gradually began to feed his own Padawan the same teachings, and made occasional visits to Dantooine for further training from Desolous, though he did not consider himself a Sith at the time.

By the time of the Clone Wars, Idnum-Ki had become a manipulative Dark Jedi. He placed seeds of doubt within his own Padawan, and used even Count Dooku, the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, as a tool. He had grown powerful enough to strip the Force away from a Jedi or Sith, and conferred once with Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith.


Early life

Why is there always such a disturbance in you, Master?"
"Because…I killed an old friend and ally years ago.

Dular and Idnum-Ki[src]
Idnum training

Idnum-Ki in his younger years training with Yoda.

Idnum-Ki was born to a wealthy family which he was proudly surrendered from to the Jedi Order. It was noted by many Jedi that he was one of the mature students of the Padawans he trained with, contrary to the High Council's belief that being brought into the Order at a later age than most would entail acts driven by emotion and anger.[2]

He had a great interest in holocrons, and, more specifically, Sith holocrons. It would usually be considered wrong for a Jedi, but at the time the Council merely dismissed it as a Padawan's curiosity and allowed him to continue his studies on them. His obsession was one of the reasons for his turn to the dark side of the Force.[2]

During the year 32 BBY, Idnum-Ki foresaw that one of his close friends and allies, another Jedi named Ibtiseh, would indirectly bring about the deaths of the Masters of the Jedi Council. To prevent this from happening, Idnum felt forced to kill him in secret.[2]

Fall to the dark side

Go, and use what I have taught you to bring peace to Dantooine. Your power will bring you victory."
"I will return when I have won. Through victory, my chains will be broken.

Darth Desolous and Idnum-Ki[src]

By 32 BBY, Idnum-Ki had come to be regarded as a wise and respected Jedi Master. He was one of the Jedi Consulars who joined the Jedi Council of Seers and was present at its first gathering.[3] Two of his confidants in the Order were Dooku and Sifo-Dyas, who had perceived the growth of the dark side and the return of the Sith.[1] In 33 BBY, Idnum-Ki took Dular as his apprentice after the Padawan was abandoned by his previous Master, Xarkun.[6]

Idnum-Ki and Dular were present in Khoonda on Dantooine for planned negotiations with the Kaleesh. However, Senator Drazil Drewton, the Republic ambassador for the negotiations, was "delayed" — in reality, assassinated. Idnum-Ki told the Khoonda leader Ludge Ganler that he believed that the Kaleesh may have killed Senator Drewton, and that they would act like they had been tricked and would wage war. Fearing a Kaleesh attack, Khoonda secretly began to prepare for war.[7]

Idnumki bow

Idnum-Ki bowing before Darth Desolous.

However, he was only partially right. Kaleesh warlord Qymaen jai Sheelal ordered to attack Khoonda, but it was through misunderstanding, as the Kaleesh had thought that they had been tricked. After breaking through the defenses, they landed Trade Federation battle droid carriers on the surface of the planet. Meanwhile, Tarisian and Raymus, the sons of Drewton, arrived at Khoonda. The Jedi Master asked them where their father was, to which Tarisian replied, with grief, that he had died. Soon after, Khoonda was raided by battle droids led by a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. The Drewtons and Ludge Ganler were captured by Fett.[7]

Idnum-Ki and his Padawan exited Khoonda, and looked upon hundreds of approaching battle droids.[7] During the battle that followed, Idnum-Ki was separated from Dular and next determined to find the captured Drewtons and Ludge Ganler in a crystal cave. Instead, he found a lone Pau'an.[2]

Idnum felt the dark taint within him that he had felt since first entering Dantooine's atmosphere and, assuming him to be a Sith, ordered him to surrender. Four visions of long-dead Sith appeared around the Pau'an instantly: Darth Bane, Darth Malak, Darth Revan, and Darth Nihilus. Though Idnum-Ki knew them to be visions, he did not want to risk an injury or death that they could possibly inflict through the Force and so dueled them. He managed to defeat the vision of Malak, but following that his lightsaber was taken away from him by Revan, and he was left defenseless.[2]

However, in the Force, Idnum felt a sudden urge to live. He envisioned that the galaxy would fall without him, and that the Sith would return, which he had dedicated himself against by being a member of the Council of Seers. Through him, the Force cried out in a burst of energy which dissolved the Sith spirits.[2]

The Pau'an was impressed by his abilities and spoke to him of ascending from simply being a Jedi or Sith. He reminded Idnum of when he had killed Ibtiseh, a Jedi who he had envisioned would indirectly cause the deaths of the Jedi Council members, and said that etched on his soul were the deaths of many more Jedi to come. Idnum-Ki said that he had only killed the Jedi because he had to, and claimed that even with that side the Republic would fall under the current Chancellor. The Pau'an, however, told him of the identity of the next Chancellor:[2] Palpatine.[8]

Idnumgrievous duel

Idnum-Ki dueling Qymaen jai Sheelal.

The Pau'an, who revealed himself to be Darth Desolous, taught Idnum-Ki much of the dark side, and instructed him to embrace it unlike the Jedi, but to not let it control him as the Sith did. Idnum bowed and promised to return after the battle was won. Soon after, the Fallen Jedi located his Padawan and Raymus and Tarisian Drewton, and claimed that the fates of the three of them were linked.[2]

Soon after, upon locating Sheelal, Idnum-Ki Force leapt in front of him and executed a Makashi salute, indicating that he intended to duel him. The Kaleesh taunted him, saying that everything he had lived for would burn, before attacking him with two lightsabers of his own.[9]

Ki was unimpressed by his abilities, and commented on how "undeveloped" his Jar'Kai was. He soon easily defeated him, concluding the duel by using the Force to choke him. The Cerean Jedi told Qymaen that he would need prosthetics to at least challenge a Jedi Master.[9]

Releasing him from the grip, Idnum walked towards the edge of the cliff to gaze at the battle. He spoke of how he could bring the General's forces to victory, and then, his eyes turning yellow, of how he could alternatively crush them and assure the victory for Khoonda. As he spoke the words, he simultaneously performed Battle Meditation and choked several Kaleesh and mercenaries.[9]

Fueling Sheelal's rage even further, Idnum informed him that his sons and two of his wives had "passed away from the galaxy". Filled with hate for the Dark Jedi, Qymaen regained control of a lightsaber and attempted to strike him down with it. However, he was stopped midstream through the Force. What immediately followed is unknown, but it is known that Sheelal was allowed to escape.[9]

With the help from both Idnum-Ki and bombs set off by Tarisian Drewton within the Invincible, Sheelal's glagship, Khoonda was victorious. On Dantooine's surface, farmers celebrated the victory. When Ludge Ganler located Idnum-Ki, the Cerean Jedi told him that although the battle was over, a mystery remained: of whether the Trade Federation battle droids were supplied by the Trade Federation, or if the Kaleesh had stolen the plans. If it was the former, Ki said, Naboo would be in danger due to the Federation currently blockading the planet.[9]

Hours after the conclusion of the battle, Ganler held a speech before citizens of Dantooine. Though they grieved for the loss of Senator Drewton, he said that they must also be glad for their freedom, which had been given to them by the Jedi, the Drewtons, and Khoonda's militia. Concluding, he declared that they would be forever grateful to them, and that their legacies would remain on Dantooine forever.[9]


I have seen how the Republic will so willingly strike out against all that opposes it. It no longer cares about the worlds it is affiliated with, it cares only for power. If a Sith Lord walked up to me and told me he could stop the corruption in the Senate, I would accept the offer.

A few weeks later, after travelling back to Coruscant, Idnum-Ki met with Jedi Masters Dooku and Sifo-Dyas, who considered themselves to form a triumvirate. Idnum-Ki gave his sympathy for the recent death of Qui-Gon Jinn at the hands of an unidentified Zabrak Sith, who had once been Dooku's Padawan. The elder Human Master stated that he never thought he would have died at the hands of a Sith, and that the fact that he did was the reason why he had called the meeting.[10]

He spoke much of corruption, which Idnum-Ki supporting his claims, saying that the Jedi and Senate's corruption had allowed the Sith to enter the Republic. In addition, both admitted to have considered separating from the government. To Sifo-Dyas's disagreement, the Cerean Jedi added that he would accept an offer from a Sith Lord if he said he could somehow out an end to the Senate's corruption.[10]

The three eventually decided that "the threat"—the Sith—needed to be eliminated, and that they would do what they considered best for the galaxy. Dooku tasked Idnum-Ki to somehow achieve something as part of the Council of Seers.[10]

Keeping the peace

Palpatine claims to have information on a Nockudumey hideout in the Tunonel District. That is where we are being sent.
—Tarisian Drewton to Raymus Drewton[src]

Years later, in 22 BBY, following the Battle of Mithus, Idnum-Ki went with the Republic Peace Keepers to the underlevels of Coruscant to locate the hidden base of the Nockudumey Terrorists. The Peace Keeper group he was with included Tarisian and Raymus Drewton, who he had rescued on Dantooine, and Kyle Krenis.[11]

Once the Nockudumey base was found, they found inside a toxin that could destroy an entire city. Immediately after Idnum said they must take it to show Chancellor Palpatine, a group of battle droids attacked them. Idnum defended the group, but they did not defeat the battle droids in time to stop the Nockudumey from escaping.[11]

Jedi triumvirate

Idnum-Ki with Dooku and Sifo-Dyas.

After Obi-Wan Kenobi had discovered the secret Clone Army on Kamino, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was granted emergency powers so the Republic could use the clones against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, separatists from the Republic who had committed an act of war, and it was revealed that Dooku had fallen to the dark side and become a Sith Lord.[8]

In a Geonosis execution arena, Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Senator Padmé Amidala were set to be executed. A Jedi force, including Idnum-Ki, had been sent to the planet, but they had not been enough against the Separatists' Droid Army. Republic gunships with clone troopers had landed in the arena to help the Jedi get away, including the Peace Keeper Gunship Purveyor, piloted by Raymus Drewton. Idnum-Ki boarded Purveyor, and when all Jedi in the arena had boarded the Gunships, they flew away from the arena, but not from the battle. The conflict quickly spread far from the arena.[12]

Due to many losses, the battle was not going well for the Separatists. The Separatist leaders decided to flee the planet, and Count Dooku left for Coruscant to bring plans for a massive superweaon back to his Sith Master. To stop evacuating the Separatist leaders, Idnum-Ki, the Peace Keepers, and clone troopers were sent to the underlevels of Geonosis, but ultimately, the mission was a failure. They found a sign further into the catacombs that they were too late to stop the Separatist evacuations: a dead Jedi body.[12]

The Clone Wars had begun.[12] A few days after the battle of Geonosis, Idnum-Ki was once again reunited with the Drewtons, Kyle Krenis, and his apprentice, Dular, who was now a Jedi Knight. They were sent to Getato its destroy the droid factories.[13]

Once landing in the shield generator control room, they eliminated the battle droids. Idnum and Dular engaged in a duel with a Trandoshan, but the kill was Lieutenant Tarisian's when the Trandoshan was distracted. The factories were then destroyed, and the mission was a success.[13]

Duel with Count Dooku

Idnum forcelightning

Idnum dueling Dooku.

I agree with you on how corrupt the Republic is, but war is not the answer. Your spirit, as diseased as it is, refuses to allow you to give up, no matter what threats you face... and whatever wreckage you leave behind you.
—Idnum to Dooku[src]

A few weeks later, on Coruscant, Idnum counseled his apprentice Dular, who was worried about Chancellor Palpatine corrupting Tarisian. Idnum told him that corruption is merely influence, called "corruption" when one disagreed with the influence. Dular then told him that Palpatine's thoughts were clouded by stress.[14] Idnum commented on Dular using the Force again, for his power had seemed to almost diminish a few years prior, to which his former apprentice replied that his connection was being slowly restored, but that he had experienced urges to use the dark side. Idnum did not warn against the dark side, but merely said to use whatever necessary.[14]

Idnum, Dular, and Anakin Skywalker were sent to Sriran to destroy a massive Separatist base called Delta Station. Fighting his way through the base, Idnum's apprentice showed tremendous ability with the Force. He and Idnum soon located the core of Delta Station, but unexpectedly both Jedi, Count Dooku, the Dark Lord of the Sith, was there.[15]

Dular was the first to act, attempting to attack Dooku. The Count, however, blasted him with Force lightning, knocking him unconscious. Idnum and Dooku then ignited their lightsabers and began dueling. Both used the Makashi lightsaber combat form.[15]

The duel quickly ended when Idnum-Ki used Force lightning to attack Dooku, which even he could not deflect. Dooku asked Idnum how he had done that, and Idnum told him to not assume that a Jedi Master does not know how to use the dark side, for he himself had ten years ago. Dooku willfully surrendered, but Idnum neither captured nor killed him. He simply told him that he agreed with him on how corrupt the Republic was, but that war was not the answer.[15]

After letting Dooku leave, Idnum used the Force so that Dular would regain consciousness. He told his former apprentice that Dooku had "unfortunately" escaped, and the two then blew up Delta Station from the inside. They escaped the explosion via gunship.[15]

Visions of the future

Chancellor leer

Idnum-Ki meeting Chancellor Palpatine at the Galaxies Opera House.

I will tell you if you wish to know. I saw my apprentice, Dular, holding my skull.
—Idnum-Ki to Chandrilla[src]

Months later, Idnum-Ki joined the second gathering of the Jedi Council of Seers. As the Consulars meditated, all received visions of the possible future. Idnum-Ki envisioned his Padawan, Dular, holding his skull, which he revealed when it was demanded of him by Master Chandrilla. The Grand Master Yoda believed the visions to be connected, as they all had to do with the Sith. Contrary to Chandrilla's advice, however, he was hesitant to act too quickly, worried that they themselves could turn their visions into a reality. They had also given them no clues as to the identity or location of Darth Sidious, Dooku's Sith Master. Following that, he met with the Jedi Council, which was, according to Idnum himself, "not happy with him".[3]

That night, Idnum-Ki met with Sidious himself, who was under the identity of Chancellor Palpatine, at the Galaxies Opera House. During their discussion, the two pretended to be watching the play being shown, entitled Chancellor Leer. Palpatine instructed him to obey—or appear to obey—the Council perfectly and to make them think that they had unwavering control over him. Palpatine also told him that he had heard from Dooku of their duel, and that he was impressed with his abilities. When the discussion concluded, they agreed that it was good to meet someone with "similar beliefs".[3]

Jedi fugitive

With respect, some common sense must be used for this matter. If this Council assumes, without proof, that one of their order has made deals with terrorists, then this Order has indeed fallen far.
—Idnum-Ki to the Jedi Council[src]
Idnum office

Idnum-Ki in the Chancellor's office.

That night, Dular was reported to have assisted captured terrorist leader Bodotor Thuvat in escaping Republic custody, as well as making deals with the Nockudumey Terrorists. Soon after, Idnum-Ki pleaded to the Jedi Council, saying that if they believed, within proof, that one of their Oder had made deals with terrorists, they had fallen far. Yoda reminded him of the Jedi who had fallen to the dark side, but agreed that a Jedi investigation was in order, and that Dular was to be taken alive at all costs if found.[6]

The same day, Dular had managed to get to the office of the Supreme Chancellor, where he instead was confronted by Anakin Skywalker. After Skywalker had defeated Dular, Mace Windu and a Mandalorian named Daklif Ordo presented evidence to Palpatine of the innocence of both the "terrorist leader" who Dular had assisted and Dular himself. When the Chancellor began to question the evidence, Idnum-Ki entered the room and declared that only one who wanted Dular dead would do such a thing.[6]

Acting, Palpatine appeared surprised by the Jedi Master's entrance. Windu confirmed what the Cerean claimed was deserved-trust, saying that he always sought peace through his actions. The Chancellor then stated that he had been wrong, and that he had done an injustice to the Jedi, with no firm proof of his own. All charges against Dular were withdrawn.[6]

Soon after, the Chancellor and Idnum-Ki discussed recent events. The former told him that they had achieved a great victory by weakening the public's trust in the Jedi, and hoped to have former Nockudumey leader Bodotor Thuvat and now-Captain Raymus Drewton be killed on Adirof. Before leaving, Idnum-Ki confirmed that the time had nearly come to reveal something long kept hidden to his apprentice.[6]

Personality and traits

Siegeofdantooine jedi

Idnum-Ki and Dular fighting in the Siege of Dantooine.

Direct action is not always the best way. It is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever.

As a Jedi Master, Idnum-Ki was considered by the Jedi to show great wisdom which likely was one of the reasons he was chosen for the Council of Seers. While it was debatable that Idnum was truly dedicating to stopping the return of the Sith by the time of the Council's second gathering,[3] he certainly showed that he was before becoming an apprentice of Darth Desolous on Dantooine. Though his actions would be considered questionable by the Jedi if they had known of them, the Cerean Master had killed fellow Jedi Ibitseh to prevent what he considered a greater evil—and likely the return of the Sith—from happening. When he first met Desolous, he assumed him to be a Sith and immediately ordered him to surrender.[2]

Even when he still considered himself to be a true Jedi, he would do whatever necessary to prevent the rise of the Sith, including killing Ibitseh and using the dark side of the Force to save himself. Through the Force, he saw that without him, the galaxy would fall and the Sith would rise again.[2]

Whether he was a Sith or approved of the Sith after being turned to the dark side is unknown, but when first being taught by the Pau'an Sith he recited the Sith Code.[2] After defeating Qymaen jai Sheelal on Dantooine, his eyes turned yellow as he destroyed Sheelal's armies through the Force, immersed in the dark side and silmutaneously taunting the General.[9] During his confrontation with Dooku on Sriran, he claimed to agree with his views, but that war was not the answer.[15] He also showed no aggression against Darth Sidious, known as Palpatine, when he conversed with him in the Galaxies Opera House. On the contrary, he had what appeared to be a pleasant conversation with him.[3]

By the time of the Clone Wars, Idnum-Ki had become self-relying and manipulative.[3][15] For manipulation, he used deception and seeds of doubt, such as when he told his Padawan Dular that "corruption" was merely influence which others disagreed with. When Dular came to him speaking of recent urges to use the dark side of the Force, Idnum simply said to do what he thought was right.[14]

At times, he showed dry humor when he said they were "past the negotiation state already", responding to Tarisian Drewton saying that his father had died.[7] Upon encountering Dooku inside Delta Station during the Clone Wars, he ordered him to surrender, but added that he was "sorry to be so cliche".[15] It is possible that he was referencing to his encounter with Desolous, though, of course, it is likely that Dooku was unaware of such a thing.[2]

Idnum-Ki was also ambiguous when answering questions. When asked of what he had seen in a vision by another Seer, he responded said "a man, nothing more", before explaining upon further questioning that he had seen his apprentice holding his skull.[3]

Powers and abilities

Idnumki burstofenergy

Idnum-Ki using Force lightning.

Do not think that a Jedi Master has no knowledge of how to use the dark side of the Force.
—Idnum-Ki to Dooku[src]

Idnum-Ki was a Jedi Consular, a title given to Jedi who preferred to study the mysteries of the Force over combat.[3] His ability to look into the future was considered great by many Jedi, which is why he was chosen to be a member of the Council of Seers. Shortly before the Siege of Dantooine, he had a vision of a fellow Jedi killing the Masters of the Jedi Council, which Idnum-Ki thought would actually happen if did not kill the Jedi. On Dantooine, he prophesied to Dular, Tarisian Drewton, and Raymus Drewton that their fates would be linked.[2]

He was strong in the Force, especially the dark side.[2][15] Darth Desolous was impressed with him when he unleashed Force lightning upon Sith spirits, something a Jedi would not dare to do.[2] He surprised his former confidant, Dooku, when he used the same ability, as well as temporarily stripping him of the Force.[15] The Cerean ended his duel with General Sheelal on Dantooine not by a lightsaber, but by using the Force to choke the General. He then proceeded to do the same to several of his Kaleesh soldiers while simultaneously using Battle Meditation to turn the tide of the concurrent battle.[9]

In addition, he was skilled in lightsaber combat, as shown when he dueled Dooku in Delta Station, and he was a practitioner of Makashi.[15]

Behind the scenes

Idnum-Ki, created by Andrew Barton, was inspired by Darth Traya and Dooku. His first appearance was in Chronicles of a Rebellion in 2006, and he next appeared in The Drewton Legacy, in which he is a major character. In 2009, the character was added to the main cast of Star Wars: Path of Darkness.[16] Barton has said that he may take the "Darth" title, though that he will never fully be a Sith, but rather on the "grey" side of the Force.[17]

Idnum-Ki was added to a list of Order 66 survivors on Wikipedia by an anonymous user. He was temporarily copied from the list onto Wookieepedia until the fanon status of the character was discussed.[18] Idnum's name has also been copied onto lists of Order 66 survivors on other websites.[19]

Idnum was made to be a much darker Jedi character and Jedi Master only at the time of Chapter 14 of Star Wars: The Drewton Legacy. Before that, he was intended to be a Jedi Knight and remain a true Jedi, as he had in Chronicles of a Rebellion. His fall to the dark side was developed and shown in Chapter 3: Dark Visions of the Sith.[16]

Andrew Barton has said that there is a "huge revelation" concerning Idnum-Ki in the upcoming Chapter 23.[20]


Reception towards Idnum-Ki's character was mostly positive. In a review for Chapter 19 of The Drewton Legacy, forum member Tolkien Fan commented that he wondered "what kind of game" Idnum-Ki was playing. Yakface forum member Justin Cook, however, said that the Hasbro figure used for the Cerean Jedi was in the photonovel was in need to customization due to looking exactly like Ki-Adi-Mundi.[21] When Chapter 3 debuted, Cook said that Idnum-Ki was showing some "intriguing aspects", and that he would never have guessed that he would have killed another Jedi of the Order. Lance Quazer found him to be a "supremely compelling character".[22] Regarding Chapter 4: Armageddon, Justin Cook said that the scene in which Idnum-Ki used the dark side of the Force following his duel with Sheelal was stunning and one of the best photonovel sequences he had seen.[23]

The article for Idnum-Ki received much praise during its Good article nomination on Star Wars Fanon. Victor Dorantes said that it was an "excellent article", and was agreed with by Brandon Rhea.[24]

Cut content

Chronicles of a Rebellion began during the Clone Wars. Idnum-Ki was assisted by Commander Bob on Xagobah in 19 BBY. When Order 66 was executed, Idnum defended himself by chopping off Commander Bob's hands; Force pushing Lieutenant Burt (Tarisian) into a wall, knocking him unconscious; stabbing Larry (Raymus) in the shoulder; and killing the remaining clone troopers. Soon after, he was contacted by Obi-Wan Kenobi via hologram, who said that the betrayals had happened everywhere, and they planned a meeting which would happen three days later.[25]


The first appearance of Idnum-Ki in 2006.

The meeting, however, was interrupted by stormtroopers. The two Jedi escaped with help from a smuggler named Tumsun, but the trio were soon captured by IG-88 and taken to a Star Destroyer. The Commander who had originally planned to interrogate them was actually Commander Bob, who had assisted Idnum on Xagobah. He claimed that a device had been installed in him to do the Chancellor's bidding, whatever it was, but that now it had been removed.[25]

Lieutenant Burt and Larry had also been captured. Commander Bob, Obi-Wan, and Idnum freed them. After battling with several stormtroopers, all of them except Idnum and Larry were captured once again.[25]

On the bridge of the Star Destroyer, they were interrogated by Mas Amedda and Governor Tarkin. Idnum-Ki arrived, however, and gave Obi-Wan a lightsaber. The two Jedi fought against more stormtroopers, and then all of them proceeded to the escape pods.[25]

However, they were confronted by someone completely unexpected: Darth Maul, who had been defeated by Obi-Wan in the Battle of Naboo. Idnum and Obi-Wan dueled Darth Maul while the others fought against stormtroopers. Further into the duel, Idnum defeated Maul, chopping him in half with his lightsaber. Maul may not have died, however, because he had said he could never die.[25]

Idnum-Ki and the others then departed the Star Destroyer in an escape pod, landing on Tatooine. On the planet, Obi-Wan announced that he must leave, and told Idnum to take care of the others.[25]

In the first four chapters of The Drewton Legacy, which were redone, Idnum-Ki was assigned to rescue Burt and Larry Drewton on Dantooine in 32 BBY. Once landing on the planet, there were no interferences with the mission, besides a skirmish with a kath hound.[9]

He brought them back to their homeplanet, Naboo, which had recently been invaded by the Trade Federation.[26]


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