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Darth Talio while being formerly known as Mortak, was a Dark Lord of the Sith during the early days of the Galactic Empire, he was trained by Darth Vader to be his loyal servant and was loyal to Vader because he saved Talio's life during the Battle of Hypori.


Pre-Dark Path

Birth and Childhood

Mortak was born on the planet Ordo. Ordo was mostly barren, although he resided near the equator, where there was a small amount of vegetation. His parents worked as farmers, and Mortak spent his days watching them, eagerly helping in any way that he could. What he didn’t know, was that his parents were being extorted by a Spice Cartel that practically ran the planet.

Mortak’s parents soon were paying more than they could afford, and planned to raise enough money to flee the planet. When he was seven, the Spice Cartel arrived for one of their payments, and when his parent’s refused, were savagely beaten by the Cartel members. Mortak watched in horror from the house as his parent’s slowly died from their attacks. As the cartel members ransacked his home, Mortak was found and taken to be a slave.

Mortak grew up with stories of the Jedi, and believed that they would soon come and free him from his slave status. But soon after he started, he realized they were not going to come, and resented them for that as well as the fact that they did nothing while the cartel exploited good, hard-working folk like his parents. Mortak was a house servant to the cartel leader, and was in that position for two years. He was trained in basic hand-to-hand combat and was in line to be the leader’s personal bodyguard.

Sith Acolyte

When he was ten, a man named Dooku came and freed him from the cartel because he found that he was a force-sensitive. Mortak gave his loyalty to this man because of his kindness, although his loyalty would soon wane due to Dooku’s hesitance to return his loyalty to Mortak.

Mortak spent the next seven years of his life in Dooku’s palace. He was trained in the dark arts by himself for a year, though after that he trained alongside Anakin Skywalker. When Mortak was thirteen, another acolyte was brought on board, Ferus Olin. Together, the three trained under Dooku, with Anakin the clear frontrunner, as Ferus and Mortak trailed behind.

Star Wars: Dark Path

Loyalty gained

When Mortak was fourteen, Anakin was chosen to be Dooku’s apprentice, and the two other were basically shunned. Anakin was given the task to train the duo to become assets for Dooku in the upcoming war. In two years, the trio grew closer, as Mortak grew in his saber skills, and Ferus became an extremely well-rounded talent.

Mortak spent his time in Dooku’s servitude practising his combat skills. He was no slouch in the force, but his forte was with a saber. Mortak was a master of form IV (Ataru), and implemented techniques of form V (Djem So) in his fighting style. He was a talented force user, stronger than the average Jedi, but not on Anakin’s level.

Mortak held an air of resentment towards Ferus, due to his belief that Ferus was picked by Dooku to replace him. He always tried harder to defeat Ferus than he did Anakin. He trusted Anakin initially due to Anakin’s friendship. As a fellow ex-slave, Anakin did not judge Mortak, and accepted him, unlike Ferus, who was astonished that slavery existed.

Mortak’s faith in Anakin was assured when Anakin saved him during the Battle of Hypori.

Personality and traits

Mortak was a very quiet young man. When he talked, his voice was always calm and low, a representation of his personality. Mortak’s sense of humour was virtually non-existent, in fact, it is rather disturbing. Mortak believed that Palpatine was (and would have been) a corrupt leader, but also believed that the idea of an Empire is structurally sound.

Mortak’s parents were honest farmers on Ordo, though they were killed when Mortak was very young, he was not been in contact with any other family members he knows of. Mortak trusted Anakin with his life after Anakin saved him during the Battle of Hypori. He also maintained a pleasant relationship with Ferus Olin, though he knew that a time will come where he may have to kill Ferus, or Ferus may have to kill him.

Mortak believed that the Jedi were his enemies. After his parents died, he believed that the Jedi could have stopped their death, though did nothing about it. He also despised Dooku due to his rather brutal training methods. Mortak’s best and worst memories both involve his parents, watching them farm on their homestead, and witnessing their grisly death respectively.

Mortak would described himself as a powerful individual, with room to get better. He wouldn’t view himself as a particularly evil man, just one with the will to go to the lengths that others would not. He also views himself as most important, and will do whatever it takes to secure his survival. Mortak’s associates would have described him as a powerful individual who has no qualms about ending lives, though he was not sadistic by any means. He also gives off a very calm, assured feeling that makes some view him in an incredulous manner, as he never loses his cool, even in the hottest of situations.

Mortak had little to no education in the finer arts, though he can read and write fairly well. He was trained extremely well in the combat arts, and was a good, if not extremely good force practitioner, though not nearly as powerful as Anakin (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being Anakin, he is around a 6). Mortak had also been a slave from seven to age ten. He then was bought by Dooku, who trained him in the Dark Arts, where he currently stands.

Mortak spent much of his time working on his saber skills, enough that by the end of the Clone Wars, he could keep pace with Anakin for thirty minutes before he began to falter. His exceptional swordsmanship had also helped him develop a love for physical fitness, and he usually spent his time improving his saber skills, force ability or physical aptitude.

Physical Appearance

Mortak was a youth with long dark brown hair that later dyed to black due to Darkside Corruption and had grey eyes that Darkside Corruption usually reverted to yellow, he usually wore clothes similar to those worn by Anakin. Mortak had a Scar that stretched from his mid-lower back, around his left hip and cuts up his ribs, ending 6 inches below left pectoral.

Mortak always carried his lightsaber, no matter what, and a comlink that only allows him to contact Anakin, Ferus or Dooku. He also had a necklace that contained a shard of his lightsaber crystal, a constant reminder of his chosen path.

Mortak usually took up residence on his Sabaoth Destroyer, named Vengeance. His quarters were similar to Anakin’s, though on a smaller scale due to their location. He had a collection of lightsaber crystals of all the Jedi that he killed, and they adorned his office wall.


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