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You had such promise. You could have been my successor. My equal. But now… But I may still have some small use for you. We still have enemies to find and destroy. You will do my bidding until I find a new apprentice. And then like Vader, you will be cast aside. Finish him.

Darth Starkiller, formerly Galen Marek, was a Human male Sith Lord who served under the Galactic Empire and Emperor Palpatine. He chose to strike down his former master, Darth Vader during his rescue of the future leaders of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. After a failed attempt to betray Palpatine as well, the Emperor brought the Rogue Shadow down onto him, crushing his body, resulting in his body reconstructed similar to Vader's. Stripped of a powerful apprentice, Starkiller was forced to serve as Palpatine's personal assassin until he could find a suitable replacement.


Darth Vader's apprentice

You have done well, my apprentice.
Darth Vader

Starkiller kneeling before his master

Galen Marek was taken from Kashyyyk in 18 BBY by Darth Vader, who trained him to become his apprentice, giving him the codename 'Starkiller', with the intention of overthrowing Emperor Palpatine.

After 15 years of training, Vader sent him to hunt down Jedi such as Masters Rahm Kota and Shaak Ti. When he was discovered by Palpatine, Darth Vader faked his death in front of his Master, but later sent a droid to salvage his body.

Starkiller was later sent to create a rebellion to battle the Empire. After gathering a group of Imperial Senators with General Rahm Kota, the Alliance to Restore the Republic was formed.

However, Vader tracked the rebels to Corellia, and captured the leaders and brought them to the Death Star for execution. He later revealed to Starkiller that he was merely a tool, and never planned to overthrow Palpatine with him.

Duel on the Death Star

Galen Marek faces his former Master

The newly-redeemed Galen Marek later travelled to the Death Star to rescue the leaders, where he dueled his former Master. After throwing support beams at Vader, he grabbed the Dark Lord and threw him into Palpatine's Throne Room.

Palpatine, pleased to be relieved of his cripped apprentice, urged Marek to kill Vader and take his place. Sensing his use of the Dark Side, Rahm Kota rushed to his side, but was quickly incapacitated by the Sith. Despite urges from the Senators to help his comrade, Marek instead chose to finish Vader, impaling him with both his and Vader's lightsaber.

After returning to Palpatine, he told Marek to finish off Rahm Kota to secure his place as his apprentice. Just as he was about to strike, he turned around and attacked Palpatine, who defended himself. He retaliated by blasting him with Force Lightning, and used the Force to grab the Rogue Shadow. After seeing the corpses of the Senators, Marek was smashed by his own ship.


Later, Marek was reconstructed in a suit of Sith stalker armor, similar to Vader was after his defeat on Mustafar. As he awoke, he noticed Palpatine stating that he had some use for him, using him to track down and destroy his enemies until he finds a new, more powerful apprentice. As the reconstruction was completed, toxins was injected into his bloodstream, binding him as a servant of the Sith once more, as Darth Starkiller.

The Emperor's slave

Duel with An'ya Kuro

At one point, Starkiller tracked down and killed Jedi Master An'ya Kuro, taking her lightsaber as a trophy.

The battle on Tatooine

Starkiller was ordered to negotiate with Jabba the Hutt to convince him to side with the empire. However, bib fortune pulled the lever which sent him to the dungeon to fight the rancor. Shortly after he left and Jabba hired Boba Fett to kill him. He then followed Ben Kenobi to millennium falcon. Before he could make his move Boba Fett appeared to collect his bounty. He then defeated Boba and proceeded to fight Obi-Wan. As the battle ensued Han Solo and Luke fled.But before they left he placed a tracking device on their ship so he could follow them.

The Battle of Hoth

Two years after the battle of Yavin, Imperial drones had located the rebel base on Hoth. He carved through the rebel base with ease as he made his way to Luke. He met Luke then they started to fight. Midway through the battle, he taunted Luke about how weak his father was and how he killed him with ease. This angered Luke causing him to momentarily turn to the dark side. However, even with his newfound power, he was still no match for Starkiller. But despite his best effort Han Solo and the princess got away.