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Originating from the human species, Darth Spade was one of the lords of the Sith whom Shmi Skywalker and Lyra Erso resurrected in 10 ABY with the reviving elixir in order to proclaim the Huge Sith Empire on the basis of them. In 21 ABY, Spade was slain by Snoke in the Unknown Regions along with the other five remaining Sith.


In 10 ABY, Shmi Skywalker and Lyra Erso completed their collection of bodies of the deceased lords of the Sith. In the temple on Endor, she brought these lords back to life using the reviving elixir so that they formed part of the new-proclaimed Huge Sith Empire within following days.

Following Shmi's supposed death, Darth Querty was anointed head of state after her, dying himself in 11 ABY in the search for the Prime Lightsaber. With no further prospects to operate, the six remaining Sith assembled at a meeting with the New Republic Chancellor Lanever Villecham. In order not to engage in any conflict, they swore their obedience to the Galactic Concordance, as they regarded themselves heir to the Galactic Empire, and their promise was ultimately believed by Lanever Villecham, who stated that everybody should be allowed a chance to make atonement.

In 21 ABY, Snoke, a humanoid who claimed to be the son of Sheev Palpatine, invaded the base of the six Sith survivors. Upon opening the blast door and entering the room that they were assembled in, the standtroopers opened fire. Snoke, in turn, welcomed the assembled and addressed each Sith with the name of theirs. Foreseeing the newcomer's actual intent, however, the Sith ignited their lightsabers in defense, with Darth Older being the first one to set off at the adversary and die just as soon. Following the sacrifice of their predecessor, Darth Ashla and Darth Spade stepped forward to face the enemy, resulting in Snoke intercepting the former's weapon and throwing her away. As for the later, he soon became another victim of his, having his hurt pierced with the blade of his fellow attacker's lightsaber.

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