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Cliegg Lars was a user of the dark side of the Force and the father of Owen Lars, also known as Darth Shpanner.

Before the Clone Wars time Cliegg got married to Shmi Skywalkera. As a husband, he wanted her to know the aspeccts of the Force and told her to go to the Tusken village. There the woman was being teached by Uahoo, the master of the dark side. Unluckily, while Shmi was studying, Anakin Skywalker arrived to Tatooine in order to find her. Cliegg did not want to stop her tranning so he flight to the village and got her out, instead of here leaving a potatoes bag her.

During the Clone Wars, Cliegg was being teached by Sheev Palpatine. In order to save his qualification, Lars fought other Sith Lords and hit then.

One year before the Battle of Yavin, Cliegg created a new organisation, the order of the Lords of Sits. He appointed her wife to the Grand Lady.

Cliegg Lars was killed by Darth Ewad, during the Battle of Kywalker.

In other langues: Darth Shpanner
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