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With this glove, my power shall be absolute, my enemies shall fall and I, Sharka shall succeed and become the first Sith to rule the galaxy since the beginning of the Universe
—Darth Sharka

Darth Sharka was a member of Darth Destru's faction of the Disciples of Bane. He served his master well, and even beyond Destru's death, until his own at the hands of Jedi Master Thame Cerulian. However, he was later ressurected but was eventually destroyed on Butar by the power of XoXaan's Glove.


My most loyal apprentice, you have returned me to life, now nothing shall stop us from overthrowing this galaxy.
—Darth Sharka to Gangru Morpir

Service with the Disciples

Sharka, as my trusted lieutenent, you shall accompany Morgu and Xethyr on this mission. Do not fail me!
—Darth Destru to Darth Sharka

Sharka was already a prominant member of Destru's Sith faction before the formation of the Disciples. His small band of Sith had been absorbed by Destru's horde years before. However, what Destru did not know that Sharka was the holder of XoXaan's Glove, that he had been given by his apprentice Gangru Morpir, which gave him awesome power. However, Sharka never attempted to seize power from his master during his years with the Disciples.

Sharka, although strong in the dark side, was not privy to his master's council like his rival Darth Morgu. However, he was chosen for Destru's important mission of assassinating his rival Darth Baden along with Morgu and the reptilian Xethyr. Sharka did this, which led to civil war among the Disciples. Unlike Morgu, Sharka escaped the battle which resulted in his master's death to fight another day.

Sharka refused to join Darth Galepius, who had now taken control of the Disciples, instead he went into hiding from noth the Disciples and the Republic. He hired Xethyr as his protector and they were together for six years. However, he was tracked down and attacked by Thame Cerulian and his apprentice Seth Khaleb. Sharka killed Seth and fled, but was evantually tracked down by Cerulian and a team of Jedi. However, his secret apprentice Gangru Morpir was among them and gave Sharka an advantage by leading some Jedi into an attack which Sharka, armed with XoXaan's Glove, could easily repel. After an intense fight, during which many Jedi were killed, Sharka was slain by Cerulian in the battle.


Sharka, I thought you were dead."
"I'm afraid reports of my death were greatly exagerrated, unlike yours will be.

—Desdemon Charel and Darth Sharka

However, this was not the end of Sharka, as Morpir returned and used the dark powers of the glove to bring Sharka back to life. Despite his return, it took Sharka many months to recover and it was not until thirty years later that he re-emerged to face the galaxy.

His first act was to kidnap former Republic Admiral Clamore and take him to Zanidu where he held him hostage. Sharka then challenged the Jedi who had helped kill him on Neimodia to come and fight him. Only Jedi Master Dooku, Desdemon Charel and Tyrel Kee went to fight him and they clashed on Corellia. Sharka quickly killed Kee before capturing Charel and taking her to his base.

As Sharka held the two hostage, he went after his next target on Strageus, the former Disciples commander Colonel Granthum, now aged over eighty. However, the Jedi got there first and although Jedi Gadore Barak was killed by Sharka, he was forced to flee.

Dooku, along with Master Djinn Altis and Gangru Morpir arrived on Zanidu and challenged Sharka. During the vicious duel, Sharka revealed Morpir's treachery and watched the other two turn on Morpir and fight him. Although Altis was badly wounded by Morpir, Dooku almost killed him with a backwards lightsabre thrust.

Sharka attempted to pull Clamore to him and use him as a shield but Charel attacked and intercepted him. Already badly wounded, Charel was no match for Sharka and he killed him by slitting her throat. Dooku then attacked, using his anger to drive Sharka back. Sharka was not prepared for this onslaught so he fled the field, barely escaping with his life.

Final Death

Power...Absolute Power...Ahh!
—Darth Sharka's last words

Sharka fled to Butar where he gathered an army of Massassi warriors together and together with his new apprentice Darth Merik he prepared for the final stand against the Jedi, unaware that it was Merik who leaked the location of his fortress to the Jedi in the first place.

When Jedi Dooku, Djinn Altis and Deva Padj arrived, Sharka now terribly weakened by XoXaan's Glove, retired to his chamber and let Merik and the Massassi combat the Jedi. However, Dooku arrived and attacked Sharka and he found himself outmatched. As he was about to fall, Merik arrived and gave Sharka the time to gather his strength.

Gathering his full powers to him, Sharka sent out a wave of force energy against Dooku. This wave blasted Merik out the window and flung Dooku against the wall. However, the strain had been too much for Sharka and the glove consumed him and he fell into dust. Mere moments after his death the Temple collapsed and Sharka was finally gone.


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