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Darth Saleej was a male Kaleesh Sith Lord of the New Sith Empire. In 1,389 BBY he was a Sith Overlord, and had spent years fighting the forces of Admiral Herqilius Arstyn of the Republic Navy for control of the Perlemian Trade Route. He was the master of several lesser Sith Lords, including Nerlus Zedum, Darth Hokhtan, Rhutizh'chal'safan, and Darth Alecto.


In 1,389 BBY, Saleej anointed the Mirialan Sith Alecto as a Sith Lord and bestowed on her the title "Darth" after she assassinated both Arstyn and Jedi Master Karr Shadeez.

Saleej won the subsequent Battle of Gizer, destroying Gizer Battlestation and sacking the planet. Over the following months, he masterminded the battles of Taanab and Lantillies, though often delegating day-to-day command to Darth Hokhtan and Telther. After the Battle of Taanab was lost to the Republic, Saleej authorized the murder of Nerlus Zedum for Zedum's desertion of his combat troops and defeat at the hands of Elata Cazars and Tirien Kal-Di.

In 1,387 BBY, the Council of Five compelled Saleej to loan three of his deadliest warriors—Darths Hokhtan, Vandak, and Alecto—to Vedya Gasald for her assault on Milagro. Saleej complied, but a Jedi strike team led by Mali Darakhan interfered with the invasion, and when the smoke cleared Hokhtan was crippled by a lightsaber to the knee and Vandak was maddened by the loss of his Anzat proboscises; only Alecto escaped unscathed.

Vandak's insanity escalated quickly, and he deserted from Saleej, causing havoc within the New Sith Empire. Aware that the Council of Five was already losing faith in him, Saleej began planning an ambitious scheme to assassinate Phnyong, the Jedi Master who served as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. In deserting, Vandak had also deprived Saleej of the use of the Brotherhood of Shadows; for a chance to win them back, Saleej was willing to risk Darth Alecto, allowing her to journey to Anzat. Alecto returned a month later, backed by her new brethren, and Saleej and his Sith entered the final planning stages of the assassination mission.

After Alecto's success, Saleej launched an ambitious campaign against the Republic, conquering numerous systems and finally capturing Taanab. His rise was briefly imperiled when Erinyes of the Furies arrived at the Unquenchable Fire, demanding on behalf of the Council of Five that Saleej either kill Vandak himself or let Erinyes do it—that is, imperil his subordinates (or risk capture by the Republic if he went after Vandak personally), or admit his inability to stop Vandak and weaken his standing. Alecto provided him an out by suggesting they "outsource" the issue to the Jedi. Rhutizh successfully fed the news of Vandak's impending arrival on Gyndine to Republic Intelligence, and a team of eight Jedi killed Vandak, despite the loss of six of their own. After Erinyes departed, Saleej rewarded Alecto with additional Sith Acolytes and dark side adepts, though he tested her as well, sharing the revelation that The Seeing One had experienced difficulty seeing Alecto's future, which had caused consternation.

Late in 1,386 BBY, Rhutizh brought Saleej news that the Cold One was dying. Predicting the vacancy on the Council of Five, Saleej told Hokhtan he would be raised to Saleej's own seat, while counseling Rhutizh to patience and observing that the Sith Overlord of Intelligence, Artius Gy-Rond, was old and could be pushed into retirement. Days later, Saleej disappeared, and Darth Hokhtan replaced him as Overlord.

Powers and Abilities

By the time he was a Sith Overlord, few beings on the receiving end of Darth Saleej's powers lived to tell the tale. However, his subordinates believed that, unlike the rest of them, he could defeat Darth Vandak in battle, a feat that Tirien Kal-Di and Mali Darakhan could not accomplish together and which ultimately required eight Jedi, six of whom died in the attempt. Whether Saleej could actually defeat Vandak was not tested, but Vandak submitted to Saleej's authority until he lost his mind. Darth Alecto believed Saleej capable of reading the thoughts and intentions of his subordinates, though she felt she had sufficient discipline to shield herself from that scrutiny with conscious effort.

Many in the Republic considered Saleej one of the most skillful battle commanders among the Sith; he was equaled only by Herqilius Arstyn, and after Arstyn's death, Saleej pressed hard into the Republic.

Appearance and Personality

A Kaleesh, Saleej had russet skin and brown hair. He wore a red mask shaped like a death's head and marked with Sith glyphs at all times, but his yellow eyes glowed through it. He was often accompanied by his Sithspawn bodyguards.

Darth Saleej was not overly fond of being told 'no', but even less did he like making strategic blunders that might have been avoided had a subordinate been honest rather than sycophantic.
—Darth Alecto's thoughts on her master[src]

As a seasoned commander, Darth Saleej expected obedience from his subordinates and was intolerant of disrespect. However, he did not tolerate submission to the point of sycophancy, and particularly demanded (respectful) candor from his council of Sith Lords. He preferred to make decisions with time to deliberate, and was not a man to make a mistake through hasty action.


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