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The Jedi Order does nothing, while innocents die and they are not gardeners either, dividing the wheat from the chaff as they should.
—Anakin Solo to Jacen Solo while he is recovering from his imprisonment by the Yuuzhan Vong, the makings of Darth Reaver and Darth Caedus.

Darth Reaver, born Anakin Solo, was a Dark Lord of the Sith after the Yuuzhan Vong War and played a major part in the Second Galactic Civil War. He was the biological son of Leia Organa Solo and thought to be the biological son of Han Solo, this was revealed to be untrue as Leia had bore the son of Prince Isolder, although both agreed to keep quite about it and pretend that Anakin was actually Han's son.

Anakin Solo faced many loses in his young life and wanted revenge to the extent that he helped found the Revanche to combat the Yuuzhan Vong Empire, Anakin was later captured during a mission in which some of the Revanche had teamed up with the Jedi to kill the Voxyn Queen and tortured by design of the Yuuzhan Vong however he regained enough strength to escape with his half-brother Jacen Solo back to Mon Calamari, Anakin however managed to recover enough to play a major part in the Yuuzhan Vong War before he and the Revanche went out into the Unknown Regions where both Anakin and Jacen would challenge the Sith Infinite Emperor in battle as Revan and Malak did to the Sith Emperor before them.

Darth Reaver would return years later and explain the Revanche's pilgrimage into the Unknown Regions as a mission of learning thereby having covered up the abandoned primary intention in the Unknown Regions under the guise of their expanded training, still answering to the name Anakin Solo despite having sworn himself to the Sith ways years earlier, Reaver and Caedus revealed that they were fighting alongside the Chiss Ascendency under the intent of destroying the Killiks to protect the Galaxy from war and secretly to eliminate the knowledge they possessed. During this time, Jacen Solo would align their goals with the Imperial Remnant whom would claim a number of worlds along the Tingle Arm to be a part of their Territory including Sith space which would confuse the Jedi.

Following the Swarm War, the Revanche would grow yet against to flood the Galaxy in their fanatical loyalty and strength, by 40 ABY the Revanche would disband and be reformed greater than ever under the name Galactic Enforcers, the Galactic Enforcers took the Second Galactic Civil War to a new level of brutality and even dragged in Luke Skywalker's young son into their operations. Darth Reaver and the Galactic Enforcers would eventually turn the Galaxy on its head as they allied with the Imperial Remnant and opened the doors for the Sith Infinite Empire to return from the Unknown Regions catching the Galactic Alliance off-guard, starting off the Second Great Galactic War and the Third Jedi Purge as well as the turning of Ben Skywalker to the Darkside, helping to return the Sith Empire as the dominant Galactic Government and to chase the Jedi into fleeing once again from a greater threat than they could face.


Pre-Path to Darkness series

Birth and Childhood

And what of you, young Anakin? Fight for the Jedi when you turned your back on them, touched by my own father's Darkside spectre as you were in the womb, bastard of the Solo name as you hold no such ties of blood to Han Solo or any other Solo. What reason do you have, to stand here, and challenge me?
—Sith Infinite Emperor Valens shows his extreme knowledge of Anakin's birth and genetic background.

Personality and traits

He's more like Kyp than he thinks, but he doesn't see it. He's been through so much and he's too young to easily absorb what he's had to deal with… He's carrying around all that pain and some day that's bound to add up to something he's not experienced enough to handle. Grief and guilt are only a micron away from anger and hatred. And he's still reckless, still thinks he's immortal despite all of the death he's seen.
Luke Skywalker on Anakin Solo.

As Anakin Solo he was described as a kind and caring member of the New Jedi Order, he was however very aware of his need for closure and so he was easily ruled into fighting aggressively against the Yuuzhan Vong ironically by, his more philosophical relative: Jacen Solo. An interesting point was that Anakin had no idea that he wasn't Han's son with only three knowing that secret: Isolder, Leia and Jacen, therefore he seems rather closed about the idea of a romantic relationship with his own brother despite the Soulmate Bond that bound them.

Anakin was likened to his step-father in many ways (though Anakin was far more quiet and reserved): their reckless confidence, their fearlessness and courage, their wry wit and sardonic humour. Though Anakin was introspective, he was also headstrong; fortunately, his instincts and intuitions turned out to be correct most of the time. The Yuuzhan Vong War and the death of Chewbacca caused Anakin to take his responsibilities as seriously as he took everything else in life. An adherent to the Living Force, he had a tendency to live for the moment and to be ruled by a stubborn yet compassionate unwillingness to sacrifice others.

His belief in his inability to save others made him prone to second-guessing himself and questioning his actions, although once he had made up his mind, he rarely changed it. Anakin's desire to live up to Chewbacca's sacrifice, coupled with his earnestness to save the galaxy—alone, if necessary, motivated him to place himself—sometimes rashly—in the forefront of action.

His charismatic leadership laid in, among other qualities, his intelligence and resourcefulness. Respected by both militant Jedi vigilantes and those in favour of a more conservative stance, Anakin was expected to take the place of his uncle, whom he had idolized as an adolescent, as the head of the New Jedi Order.

This however did not come to pass as Anakin instead followed the path of his half-brother into direct conflict against the Yuuzhan Vong, in their grasp he learned that he couldn't save everyone and that few needed to be sacrificed for the Good of the many, he saw himself as a Gardener of sorts and later tied this into the Sith philosophy.


Anakin Solo's Jedi lightsaber

Darth Reaver's Sith lightsaber


Anakin Solo's Jedi lightsaber

Darth Reaver's Sith lightsaber


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