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I Am Darth Raeikiss... I Seek Shelter from you as i Cannot Go Anywhere without the Shadows of the Empire Looming over me and in Return i will get you what you want
—Darth Raeikiss, Introducing himself to the Pyke Syndicate over the Imagecaster Hologram

Darth Raeikiss was a Sith Lord During the Rise of the Empire Era Through the Return of the Galactic Republic Era who has been Seen as the Dark Side of Norton Ren Himself


Early lifeEdit

See Norton Ren's Page for More Information

Post Clone Wars to LegacyEdit

Darth Raeikiss did not want to be apart of The Galactic Civil War But he was Forced by the Rebel Alliance because they Needed Him to Help them destroy the Empire No Matter how many times he Denies them. Before this happened, he Lived on Tatooine because he knew that the Emperor would Hunt Down Every single Jedi when he went out to Mos Espa and he found an Pit Droid which Happened to be None Other than WAC-47 who was Discarded by the Galactic Empire due to D-Squad being Disbanded. Darth Raeikiss Needed a Family since his Astromechs R2-A6 and R4-P17 (Repaired by Norton Ren Himself) were the Only Ones so without Checking to see if it has a Owner, he Put it in his bag and Continued Through the City of Mos Espa where he then saw Outside of an Restaurant a LEP Servant Droid being Abused by his Owner Until he Interfered by Fist Fighting Due to Being Hunted as a Jedi Until he Killed the Owner and Made a Run for his House which was a Abandoned House

Once he Got There, he was Confronted by Stormtroopers before he Killed them both with his Lightsaber and The LEP Droid from Before Thanks him and Asks if there was Something Wrong to which he Replied that he will tell him inside...

Once Inside WAC-47 Became Activated and he Noticed Darth Raeikiss but he called him Norton Ren on Accident which he Slammed a Protocol Droid to the Ground and Pointed to him that name has no Meaning to him Anymore, Not without the Republic or Jedi Order, He Also Says that he Doesn't have a Choice.

WAC-47 Responds Angrily that he (Darth Raeikiss) would Rather Hide from his Former Self and Become Something he weren't supposed to become in the First Place while also saying that there is Still Hope for the Republic and Jedi Order to Return and Guide him to the Right Path to which Darth Raeikiss Exits and heads over to Mos Espa to Grab a Drink while the LEP Droid (Formerly Nuvo Vindi's Droid, He was Not Destroyed by the Blue Shadow Virus Explosion) Tells him the Story and he Feels Ashamed at what he had done to the Former Jedi Turned Sith

For the Next Few Weeks on Tatooine, he Became the Most Infamous Person on the Planet for the Countless Murders and Killings he Commited. Slaying all Men, Women and Children alike, Starting Fights in Bars, Getting Into Trouble with Stormtroopers and Killing them Afterwards and Stealing Imperial Credits so that he may Burn them and Keep his Republic Credits which were now Outdated thanks to the Empire but still accepted among certain places on Tatooine

Darth Raeikiss Also Became Infamous For Killing many Racers in Pod Racing to which he Responds to the Angry Family Members whose Racers were in that Race by saying that he doesn't give a Sh**t about their Family and they can go Rot in Hell, Darth Raeikiss' Podracing Rival was a Geonosian named Zygut who Despises him for what he did in the Battle of Geonosis in the Beginning of The Clone Wars and Attempts to beat him by Cheating but Darth Raeikiss Force Chokes him and Slams him into his Pod Racer which is Disabled for 2 Laps

On the Third Lap, Darth Raeikiss Destroyed Zygut's Pod Racer Completely and Zygut Ordered Bounty Hunters after him to which once he returned he was Captured and Brought to Jabba The Hutt who Ordered his Execution now. Jabba's Guards were About to Decapitate him Until Knightfall Squad came in and Freed Raeikiss who Proceeded to Threaten Jabba's Life before he Sent Bounty Hunters after him and Threatened The Sith Lord that he is now a Criminal and that if he ever Returns here again, he will Get the Galactic Empire to Hunt Him Down



Personality and traitsEdit

Unlike his Jedi Counterpart, Norton Ren. Darth Raeikiss was Cold Hearted, Murderous, Sadistic but atop of all that, he was Calm and he did not want the Memories of The Galactic Republic, Jedi Order and the Clone Army to be Overshadowed by The New Republic to which it did not feel or look the same as before.

When he was Apart of the Galactic Alliance, he Treated the Rebels has Nothing more than "Battle Droids who were Under Trained, Not Good at their Jobs and Inferior to The Clone Army" He Begins to act like a Dick towards them and after the Battle of Endor, The Rebels found out he is a Sith Lord to which they go up to his Room and Find a Note Explaining his Actions while saying that he has Gone Back to Jakku to Continue Living his Life Until The Battle of Jakku Drove him away and was Forced to Live on Mustafar in a Castle that was Built for him thanks to the EVS Construction Droids that were Placed on Mustafar by the Pyke Syndicate he had Bonded with ever since he came to them to help them in exchange for Building an Home for him

Powers and abilitiesEdit

While Norton Ren has a Lot of Force Powers in the Light Side, Darth Raeikiss Possesses a Lot of Force Powers in the Dark Side Such as...

Force Lightning (Norton Ren also has this Power)

Force Storm

Force Crush (This is the Most Violent Force Power he has ever had)

Force Healing

Dark Transfer (Bring someone back from the Brink of Death)

Force Wave

Beast Control

Force Cloak

Force Sprint

Force Deflection (If Unarmed)

Force Doppelganger

Behind the scenesEdit

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