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Qwerty was an Ewok Jedi master who was resurrected in 10 ABY and took the name Darth Qwerty, joining the ranks of the Huge Kingdom of the Sith and then, in 11 ABY, becoming Shmi Skywalker's successor as king following her death. In his attempt to retrieve the legendary Prime Lightsaber, he was slain by his co-worker, Figi Kapuchon.


Times of the New Republic


In 10 ABY, Shmi Skywalker managed to acquire the reviving elixir, by use of which she brought back many of the past lord of the Sith to life. It was then that Qwerty took the nickname "Darth" and together with Ewad, once known as Feel, obligated himself to carry out protection of the Darth Lady of the Sith, Shmi.

Service to Shmi

In 11 ABY, Shmi Skywalker captured Luke Skywalker, the only one to know the whereabouts of Donata and Padme Kenobi. It was those women who only knew the secret that the Queen cared for and that the deceased Leia Windu passed on to them. Luke was imprisoned in a cell under the deck of Shmi's personal cruiser known as the Shmi's Eye. Once she wanted to interrogate him, Ewad and Qwerty were in charge of her escort, following her one to the left, and the other to the right, of her, holding up their red lightsabers ignited. Qwerty was also in front of the Jedi as he was questioned.

Eventually, Luke revealed that the women whom the Huge Kingdom were on Dantoine, so Shmi went there accompanied by a few Sith, including Ewad and Qwerty, who played the role of her guard. When no one was encountered in their house, she ordered that to be burned.

Qwerty returned abroad the Shmi's Eye along with the rest of the Huge Sith Kingdom guard. When the spacecraft went into the hyperspace in order to get back over the surface of Dantooine, he went back to escorting Shmi with Ewad. When the cruiser pulled over, the Dark Lady ordered that Luke Skywalker be carried there. Her command was completed by two other Sith. Within a while, Dantooine was destructed along with all of the citizens on it, and Luke took grasp of his lightsaber, starting the duel with his grandmother. Shmi was standing between Ewan and Querty, who were both ready to stand by her with their lightsaber held up. At one point, however, Ewad betrayed his mistress and inflicted a strok on Qwerty with the aim of killing her herself after a moment. With the fight terminated, he told Luke to leave the deck of the ship as soon as possible, promising his company.

Living as King

Darth Querty did not suffer serious damage in his confrontation with Ewad, who turned to the side of the New Republic and coming back to his former name, Feel. Three months following Shmi's death, the Ewok took over her title from her, being sworn in as King of the Huge Kingdom of the Sith. In the meantime, the resuscitated Leia Windu shared her secret with Luke Skywalker. The knowledge urged by Shmi Skywalker so much turned out to be the localization of the Prime Lightsaber. However, Qwerty pretended to have no interest in searching it.

Shorty after it, Qwerty tracked Feel and Luke's footsteps, who went as far as the moon of Endor. Counciller informed them of the necessity to localize the six other separate lightsabers in the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, for the artifact to be retrieved. The man followed it up with the clue that the first should be looked for on Mustafar. Qwerty overheard the talk, but once his enemies realized his presence around, he decided to escape them.

Travel to Mustafar

Darth Qwerty decided to go straight for Mustafar immediately, where the legendary red-bladed lightsaber was supposed to be. Once he landed in Sector 29, he came across Figi Kapuchon, a Dathomirian who had gotten in possession of the artifact, taking it over from the deceased guardian. The Ewok made a deal with the dark side user, promising to pick him up onto his family planet of Dathomira if he gave the weapon to him and helped to find the other lightsabers, which the man agreed to.

Trip to Geonosis and death

Shortly, Figi and Qwerty arrived on Geonosis. Upon touching down on the surface of the planet, in Sector 1138, they went a few steps in a way so that they found themselves in front of the guardian of the legendary orange-bladed lightsaber with the weapon held in the hand. It was then that Ewok said that he would take the Zabrak onto Dathomira so their ways could branch apart from then on. Figi's plan was far different, on the other hand, and so he switched on his red-bladed lightsaber in order to cut off Qwerty's head, sentencing him to death.

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