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This article is about about the Chiss Sith Lord. You may be looking for Nyne, the founder of the Ni'novian Empire.

Do you truly believe you can take over this gang?"
"Do you truly believe you can stop me?

Gurrcats prospective leader to Nyne, and his response.

Yungn'yne'akure, better known by his core name Nyne, and later Darth Nyne was a Chiss apprentice to Darth Havik, self-proclaimed True Sith Lord of the Empire Era. His life started as most Force-sensitive individuals of the Galactic Republic, he trained on Dantooine with Jedi Master Lat-Kai Ell, descendant of Zez-Kai Ell one of the masters that had condemned Revan. Nyne had never come to truly appreciate the Jedi's training, and around 32 BBY he took up his masters blade and assaulted him, ending with Lat-Kai's death. Nyne left Dantooine for Coruscant, figuring if there were a place that one could hide from the Jedi it was the morally devoid bowels of the Planetcity. Taking up with a gang known as the Gurrcats he quickly moved up the ranks, all the while training himself in the Jar'Kai Lightsaber Form. It wasn't until around 19 BBY after winning the Undercity Cup he was approached by Darth Havik.

After joining up with Darth Havik, it would be many years of what most would call wasted time, but the time was spent training and perfecting many of their talents in the dark side of the force. Many trips to Korriban later Havik, using his Clawdite abilities, would start taking the guise of Sidious, while Nyne donned a reproduction of Vader's armor, gaining themselves control of small chunks of the Imperial Navy and Imperial Storm Troopers, to conduct missions that aided their cause, to be able to take over after the false Sith could be routed.


Early life (48 BBY–38 BBY)


Nyne was born in 48 BBY, to members of the fourth ruling house of the Chiss ascendancy, on the planet Thule. At the same time Lat-Kai Ell, on a mission from the Jedi council, landed on the planet in search of any remainder of an ancient Sith stronghold on the planet. Lat-Kai discovered a force presence strong enough to make him worry that the Sith were still holding grounds on the world. To Lat-Kai's surprise, after tracking the sorce of the Force presence he was sensing, he found only a newborn child. After weeks of intense negotiations with the family, Lat-Kai was allowed to take the child back with him to the academy on Dantooine. After finishing up his search for the Sith stronghold and retrieving a collection of Sith artifacts, he gathered up the most precious of his cargo, Nyne, and headed off to Dantooine to report his findings to the Jedi council.


As a youngling things remained difficult for Nyne. His nights were often tormented with force dreams of his astranged family, though he had no ideas the meanings of these dreams, or even who the people in them were. He only knew that it was clear that they were of the same race as him, something that he didn't see in the Dantooine academy, in truth he was often poked fun at for being so different from the other human children. They couldn't see him as an alien because of the fact that he was structured the same as them, so his skin and eyes simply made him different, and weird. Aside from those difficulties the training regiment and knowledge courses were actually quite easy for Nyne, he had always worked hard in the training grounds and made vasts improvements, especially in the telekinetic forms of the Force. It was even said that in 41 BBY he had managed to lift three of his teachers and a mess hall table, though many of the students from that class would dispute the statements truth. He excelled in lightsaber combat as well, and would soon begin instruction in the different forms of saber combat. In 38 BBY he would finally be excelled beyond the rank of youngling, and moved on to being a padawan under then Jedi Master Lat-Kai Ell, the very man that had brought him to the academy.

Fall to the dark side (38 BBY–32 BBY)

Yungn'yne'akure in his early days as padawan to Lat-Kai Ell.


I'm going to kill you.
—Darth Nyne to Jedi Master Lat-Kai Ell

As a padawan it wasn't long before Nyne had immersed himself fully in his training, paying no mind to the other apprentices within the academy unless he had to. In the many trials to come he would prove time and again that he was technically better than each of them. This fed his ego, giving him a cocky attitude, and began to worry his Master, who more often than not decided to take him out into the serene pastures of Dantooine in order to allow him peace in his training.

The best part of this time spent training outside of the academy was that it allowed time for Nyne to excel at an even faster rate than he had before. He began delving into the different forms of saber combat, eventually choosing to learn Form III, Soresu, and was doing well at it. Though his problem with Soresu was one that many others had, and would have, that it was far too passive. Form III required that the user rely solely on patience to win a duel, patience was not one of Nyne's strong points at this point in his life, so he decided to delve into further studies on his own time, eventually deciding to look into the teachings of Vapaad a form being created by Master Windu, and Sora Bulq. It was through watching it's creation that Nyne started to learn what would become Form VII, and the brushes it offered with the dark side exhilarated him.

These brushes with the dark side also fueled his dreams of his past, which he was beginning to figure out were visions, visions of what his past would have been like, had he not been brought to the academy. He began to grow angry with the order for removing him from what would have been a happy life in a prosperous family, but he didn't know who was directly responsible, because of his age, and did not act on his sinister thoughts outlining what he would do when he found out.

In the time between 35 BBY and 33 BBY he participated in a number of missions with Master Ell, though the most notable was their mission to Antar 4 early in 33 BBY. They were the backup plan in the case that Jorus C'baoth couldn't negotiate peace between the Gotal and the Duinuogwuin. The plan was that should peace be unreachable Master Ell and Padawan Nyne would split up and individually kill the leaders of both sects in order to stop the war at it's source and re-engage peace talks between those that would take their place. During the Mission Nyne go the chance to learn much about steal and espionage, although Jorus' mission was a complete success Nyne classified the mission as a success in learning things that he was interested in mastering, including his newest ability to wrap a cloak of force energy around himself and hide himself like a chameleon.

It was when he got back that he learned of the Yinchorri Uprising, had taken place, and that a close friend he had made in his time as a padawan Jude Rozess had been killed in a duel with one of the Yinchorri. Her death may very well have been what drove Nyne to the edge. He spent much of the next year in seclusion, and training on his own more often than not. He began refusing to travel on missions with Master Ell, after Ell had regaled the story of how he was the one who had brought him to the order from Thule, and soon after began delving back into the thoughts he had been having about removing the perpetrator of his kidnapping.

It had been a year in the making when Nyne's anger finally got the best of him. He had finally started training with Master Ell again, and was close to the day of his knighting ceremony. He had heard rumor that it would be within the week, but he had decided that the Jedi did not hold his best interest in their mind, they had only wanted another dog to stand at their side and do their bidding. It was in 32 BBY when it had finally happened, he questioned Master Ell about his reasoning for removing him from his family. After the ensuing heated argument, Nyne drew his saber and demanded that Ell face him in order to defend himself for his crimes against the young Chiss. When Ell refused to fight his padawan Nyne drew upon the force and in an unbridled fury launched a wave of force energy that sent the Master flying for 20 feet. Nyne took up his master's fallen saber and in his first steps into the Jar'Kai saber style stalked his prey. Lat-Kai used every bit of force energy he had to try and push back the fuming young warrior. It was to no avail in a torturous show of agony he severed three of the Masters limbs before running both sabers through his chest skewering him.

Within moments the Council members surrounded Nyne, having sensed the ferocity of the battle in the force, calling for him to relieve himself of his weapons and surrender to the will of the council. After weeks in a Sith containment cell in the lower levels of the academy, he was bound in force cuffs and taken before the Jedi council to stand trial for his actions. Days later after much deliberation it was decided to forgo the death penalty and instead banish Nyne from the academy for an undecided amount of time, in hopes that reflection on his acts would keep the young one on the path of the light and allow him to return and finish his training at a later date.

Prior to his exile he was allowed to retrieve an personal effects he had at the academy, this consisted of all clothing that did not consist of anything that would denote him as a Jedi, and anything that had been sent by his parents while he was there. While he was retrieving these things he used his Force Chameleon ability to sneak into the maintenance room and relieve the academy of the materials to create two new lightsabers in the case that he ever came to need them. Then he left Dantooine and the Academy and swore that Yungn'yne'akure would never return to this place ever again.

Rise of the Gurrcat (32 BBY-19 BBY)

Nyne during his time as a member of The Gurrcats Gang.


After the death of Lat-Kai Ell, and Nyne's banishment from the Jedi Order, he opted to search out a place that would do well to mask his force presence, and keep him out of the eye of other force users. He found that there was no place better to mask feelings of anger and hatred than in the Undercity of Coruscant. He gathered some resources, selling off some of his belongings along with doing grunt work for the shady characters that resided in the lower levels of the Planetcity in order to gain shelter in a run down apartment in a rundown part of town. He spent his off time cobbling the stolen saber parts together with different focusing crystals he'd been able to find over the past months to create an interesting variation on the traditional lightsaber. He had created two individual weapons, that could be connected at the base of the hilts to form a double -bladed variation, though with the minimal amount of crystals available one blade shone blue while the other glared a deep purple, and began studying deeper into the Vapaad (seventh) Form, and with some research developed a Jar'Kai variant of it.

It was after one of his many self training sessions, around 30 BBY, that he went to a place he had been known to frequent as of late, the Rancor's Hide Cantina, and met a man named Vacre Torbin. Vacre was the leader of a local gang that was actively recruiting members and had taken an interest in some of the, less than legal, jobs Nyne had been participating in over the past couple of years.

Over the next six years things moved along smoothly for Nyne, his status within the Gurrcats had grown, as had his skill in swoop biking, he had even had the chance to ride in the Undercity Cup(UCC) Swoop Fight of 27 BBY, though after loosing in the first round didn't regain that right for some time. He was in the upper rankings of the guild, and had even made enough credits to purchase the apartment building he was living in, in Vacre's name in order to avoid a trail leading to himself. He had turned the building around and his area of the Undercity was quickly becoming one of the good neighborhoods. It was in 24 BBY that things finally turned around fully for him when, during the final round of the Undercity Cup, Vacre was hit in the head by a stray piece of swoop chassis and lost both his life, and the tournament. Nyne siezed the oppurtunity, and shortly after the funeral began pushing the gangs underlings to follow his lead. The higher-ups didn't enjoy the idea of someone so new to the gang taking over after the death of their leader and co-founder, but they had no place to argue when it was put to vote and the sheer number of Nyne's followers garunteed him the position.

In the coming years the gang members came to respect, and fear, Nyne as their leader. He was known for being ruthless with rival gangs, and even more ruthless with members of his gang who refused to follow orders. The Gurrcats were slowly becoming more soldier than gangster. It was during this time that the UCC was becoming more and more popular, and started expanding, bringing in gangs from all over the galaxy rather than just the Coruscanti gangs. The Gurrcats had also become the team to beat with Nyne as their head rider, though he was never the tournaments winner, he feared that winning would put him in the spotlight and defeat his purpose for coming to Coruscant in the first place. So rather than take the winnings for himself he would help his team members until the final round and then find a way to lose leaving the final moments to someone else. The UCC had hit an all time high in 20 BBY with the largest turnout to date, there were ten different gangs riding, plus multiple freelance riders trying to make a bid at the whole winnings without having to split with a team, making for more than 30 riders on the track. This was the first time Nyne was forced to win the tournament, relying on his adeptness with the force rather than his team. Manipulating so many different aspects of the force, for his own gains, was compelling to him. That night after the race was finished he had decided that he was not going to ride the next year, still relying on the Jedi orders fear of the dark side.

Undercity cup 19 BBY

In 19 BBY Nyne had geared up his group of riders for that years competition. The money they had been bringing in from there lude activities, including the UCC, had offered them only the highest caliber equipment. That was when it had hit him, a vision in the force told him that if he did not run the race this year, and win it in commanding fashion, he would never know his true destiny. He pondered for hours over the meaning of his true destiny, and what one simple race could have to do with it.

He had tried to shake the urge, he didn't believe he could resist another brush with the dark side, it was stronger than anything he had ever felt before, he had even halted further training in the Vapaad/Jar'Kai saber variants for fear of becoming immersed, but he simply couldn't fight it. In a last minute change Nyne replaced the lead rider from his team and rode out onto the track. One round later his team was all that remained of the three rounds worth of opponents.

Meeting of the Sith

It wasn't long after the match, he was still in the locker rooms, when a shrouded figure approached him. The figure was that of a zabrak, or so he thought, who told him that he had an offer for him and his gang. The zabrak, later to be revealed as Darth Havik, explained that he could feel Nyne's force presence, and his attraction to the dark side. He had even been able to tell him of his past, and things he'd done at the academy. His offer was to train Nyne to master the dark side rather than be consumed by it, and to bring his gang along with them, guaranteeing that they would all become very rich men.

After a long deliberation over the nature of the offer Nyne met with Havik at the Rancor's Hide, and accepted the offer.

Knighting of a Sith

Sith trials

Darth Nyne donning an exact copy of Darth Vader's armor.

The initiation that Havik put forth was one of the harder moments in Nyne's career as a sith. He was tasked with finding a way to copy Darth Vader's armor, it took him six standard months to accomplish, and was done by tracking down the surgical droid that had performed the original installation of the armor. It was a known fact that shortly after the surgery, that particular droid was put on a canceled list by Ubrikkian Industries. It was a less known fact that it was cancelled because of Vader's personal disdain for it. It was four months in when the original droid's records could be tracked down, and involved the deaths of much of the Imperial personnel in an isolated records station on the backwater planet of Tatooine. It was with the memory chips from this droid that Nyne contracted an ex-mandalorian mercenary to craft the suit.

Final trial

His final trial was to create the crystals to power his lightsabers. He set out into the Dune Sea in search of the Rakatan ruins there. He spent two days tapping into his anger and rage to form the crystals, from the pieces of a, centuries old, shattered pearl. He then used the finished weapons to destroy the man who created the replica armor of Lord Vader.

Personality and traits

At birth he had been instilled with the Chiss sense of family bound honor, being removed from his family always haunted his dreams. This fact mixed with the death of a close friend, and the taunting he'd received as a child turned him spiteful, and vengeful. He kept those traits in check until he found out who it was that brought him to the Jedi, and essentially caused all he thought was wrong in his life, after discovering who it was he lashed out.

Exile from the Jedi order caused him both fear and intrigue, mostly towards falling to the dark side. Constant brushes with the dark side through training and interaction with other sentients caused him to become cold, distant, and ruthless. His Chiss background still offered him pride in all forms of victory and a deep honor among him and those close to him.

Behind the scenes

Nyne is an acronym for Not Your Normal Enemy. The name also stems from the creator's nickname, Yung Nine. Furthermore, Nyne is a variant on "nein," the German word for "No," or "Negative." The Chiss name Yungn'yne'akure also holds Yung Nyne or Yung Nine in the name.

The character was originally not Chiss, and was later changed when the creator figured it would be cool to see a Chiss Sith. A lot of the pictures are color variations on others. The creator excels in the use of Adobe Photoshop.

This character was created to supplement the loss of Darth Havik's earlier Apprentice Jasyn Carnait who the creator decided to return to the light side.


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