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Nautolan Sith
Darth Nereis
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Glee Anselm


3,673 BBY


3,618 BBY

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1.7 Meters

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Old Republic era

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You are a weak little Jedi, fallen from grace. But I can make you more than you ever would have become.
—Darth Vesanus

Darth Nereis born Ne-Rei Dis in 3,673 BBY, was a member of the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War and later a Sith. She was taken as an infant from Glee Anselm after a Jedi on a diplomatic mission to the planet sensed her Force-sensitivity, and she was brought to the Jedi Temple. At age twelve, Kent Star took her as his Padawan learner, and the pair went on many missions during the Great Galactic War until Ne-Rei was knighted seven years later at age nineteen, due to her advanced skills and the need for new Jedi. One year later, the Sacking of Coruscant occurred, and she fled with the other surviving Jedi to Tython, but her master was found dead in the wreckage along with his killer’s severed leg.

Eventually the Jedi and Republic mounted a counter-attack on the Sith Empire, catching them off guard and the Republic was soon victorious. During an assault on Korriban led by Ne-Rei and three other Jedi, they sensed a Force presence aboard a fleeing ship. The four Jedi boarded along with some Republic soldiers and capture the ship, losing all soldiers in the process. The four Jedi confronted Darth Vesanus, and Ne-Rei realized he was the one who had killed her master, the Force allowing her recognizing his prosthetic leg as matching the leg found by the dead body of her master. Vesanus picked the other three off, then he gave her twisted truths making the Jedi seem responsible for her master’s death and tempted her with using her anger to kill him. She gave in, but he defeated her regardless. He took her as his Sith apprentice, and they fled to Nal Hutta where they trained before heading to Yavin 4 where she battled the spirits of the ancient Sith and fought terentateks. They finally returned to Korriban and trained there until she was sent to find another apprentice for Vesanus in 3,638 BBY.

She found Ximus in a bar and brought him to Vesanus, where they began to train. However, Ximus began to take the spotlight away from Ne-Rei, until in 3,626 BBY, Ximus became a Sith Lord, while she remained an apprentice of Vesanus. She was finally named Darth Nereis by Vesanus in 3,622 BBY.

She remained on Korriban, sharpening her skills until Ximus and his apprentice Uzlagna disobeyed Vesanus and revealed themselves to the Republic and the Jedi by slaughtering Wookiees and a Jedi on Kashyyyk in 3,619 BBY. Vesanus then uncovered a fleet and army of Sith loyalists, which he named the Furian Empire. To add to that, Ximus recruited the Massassi and they all prepared to attack Coruscant until Uzlagna and Ximus declared Vesanus too old to lead the attack. Furious, he left the two behind while everyone else attacked. The Republic and the Jedi fought them off with ease, destroying Vesanus and his fleet. Nereis, who had taken troops to the surface was attacked by Jedi and Republic soldiers, whom she could fight off but she was weakened and pushed back. Furiously, she realized that she had failed in her efforts, but before she could use her new anger, she was struck down and killed.


Jedi lifeEdit

Nautolan Sith2

Ne-Rei Dis trains

Ne-Rei is almost a perfect Jedi. If I had to pick her greatest flaw, it would be that she is perhaps a bit too eager to learn the powers of the Force, but that is hardly a great flaw.
Kent Star

Ne-Rei Dis was born on Glee Anselm in 3,673 BBY. After it was discovered that she was Force-sensitive she was taken at a young age to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to become a Jedi. In 3,661 at age twelve, she was taken as a Padawan Learner by Kent Star. They trained together for seven years, going on many missions, until Ne-Rei was knighted in 3,654 BBY. The next year, in 3,653 BBY the sacking of Coruscant took place. She was not at the temple at the time, being away leading the Republic army, but when she returned with the other Jedi to see the wreckage she found Kent Star's body, along with the severed leg that came from his killer. After her former master was burned in the traditional Jedi way, along with the other dead, she found herself a place to be alone, vowed that she would destroy the person responsible for his death away from any Jedi who might be able to realize it. She loved him like a father, and so wanted revenge, though it did not cross her mind that he wouldn't have wanted it.

She was not able to progress towards that goal for some years, while the Jedi remained recovering on Tython. Eventually the Jedi and the Republic soldiers attacked the Sith Empire and destroyed it. During an assault on Korriban, Ne-Rei and three other Jedi boarded a fleeing enemy ship, and found a Sith aboard. The Sith fought the four Jedi, and slowly killed the other three, leaving only Ne-Rei. Then, the Nautolan realized the man had a prosthetic leg, which matched the one she had found next to her master's body, though she had disposed of the leg along with Kent. She told the Sith, but he denied it. He then told her of how the Jedi stood in the way of peace, and egged her on to use the dark side against him. When she gave in, he defeated her, but they fled together to Nal Hutta, as Sith master and apprentice.

Sith apprenticeEdit

Nautolan Pirate

Ne-Rei searches for a Sith apprentice.

Vesanus: If we are to create our own order of Sith, we will need Sith to be in the order.
Ne-Rei: What do you mean?
Vesanus: Your first mission is to bring me a Force-sensitive. One that is of an acceptable species and heritage. One that can become my second apprentice.
Ne-Rei: I shall complete your task.
―Darth Vesanus sends Ne-Rei Dis to find him a second apprentice.
Ne-Rei trained for a short time, battling spirits of Naga Sadow and Exar Kun, fighting terentateks, and dueling her master before he sent her on her first mission: find him a second apprentice so they could continue to create an army. She traveled in disguise to Nar Shaddaa, where she searched for days. Finally, she encountered a Force-sensitive Human, who was full of anger and fear. She offered him a chance to become a Sith, and he gladly accepted, so quickly that Ne-Rei wondered if he had personal reason, though she never found out. They returned to Korriban, and the both continued to train under Vesanus.

Soon Vesanus began to think that Ximus was more powerful, as he impressed him more than Ne-Rei had when fighting the ancient Sith. He soon was sent to fight bounty hunters, mercenaries, and finally a Jedi master. Ne-Rei bided her time, thinking that she would eventually have the chance to prove herself, buhe became furious when Ximus was granted the title of Darth in 3,628 BBY. She continued to train hard, trying to prove herself, but Vesanus barely acknowledged her. She finally earned the name Darth Nereis in 3,622 BBY.

Furian Empire and deathEdit

Nautolan Sith4

Darth Nereis fights Jedi on Coruscant.

Darth Nereis continued to sharpen her skills on Korriban, working to surpass the skills of Darth Ximus. She meditated for hours on end and practiced lightsaber combinations hundreds of times in a row. However, she began to feel that she would never destroy the Jedi, and never win Vesanus' favor. Just as she was falling into a blind despair and rage, Ximus and his apprentice Uzlagna disobeyed Vesanus and made themselves known by slaughtering Wookiees while chasing a Jedi. Vesanus, knowing that the Jedi could use cycometry figure out who was behind the slaughter, declared he was getting a third apprentice and departed, sending Ximus and Uzlagna to recruit the Massassi. When they all returned, Vesanus had an army, which he dubbed his Furian Empire. They prepared to attack Coruscant, but Ximus and Uzlagna suggested that Vesanus was too old and weak, so he left them behind. Thrilled, Nereis prepared to lead the ground assault, while Vesanus and his apprentice Incultus took care of the air.

However, the Jedi and Republic troops mobilized quickly and destroyed Vesanus and his fleet while Nereis watched from the surface. She then was overwhelmed by the Jedi, and though she used her dark side powers, she was soon defeated and killed by several Jedi fighting her.


Although she and Vesanus were killed, Incultus escaped the battle. The Jedi Order never found out that the mysterious Nautolan Sith was Ne-Rei Dis, who had been presumed dead. While she would be remembered by the Jedi as a Jedi, the mysterious Nautolan Sith would fall to the very smallest mentions, more of a legend than fact.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ne-Rei will grow up to be a kind and compassionate person. Nothing can stop that.
—Kent Star

While a Jedi, Ne-Rei Dis was a gentle person. She cared about her fellow students, and tried to help them if they needed it, and if not, she would provide encouragement. She and her master had a very father-daughter relationship, and cared much for each other. He believed that she was practically perfect, and her greatest flaw was that she was too power hungry.

When Darth Vesanus convinced her that the Jedi were the ones in the way of peace and the ones ultimately responsible for her master's death, she turned to the dark side for the powers it could offer her. She began to not care for anyone except herself, and she was always trying to become stronger and better than everyone, especially Vesanus' other apprentice Ximus. It was not an immediate change, and she held on to her morals for a time, but as she immersed herself in the dark side, they slipped away with all else but the body and name of Ne-Rei Dis.


Kent StarEdit

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Ceremonial Jedi Robes

Kent Star.

Kent Star was Ne-Rei Dis' master. They had a father-daughter relationship, even though she was a Nautolan and he was a Human. She felt that she could ask him for help with anything, and he would know how to help. He thought she was almost perfect, the model for all Padawans. They trained for only seven years and Ne-Rei was knighted young and nineteen. He claimed it was because of her advanced skills, though she believed it was because he was a good teacher. They had only been parted for one year when he was killed during the sacking of Coruscant. She was broken, and almost turned to the dark side then, but the help of her fellow Jedi calmed her grief, though she vowed she would destroy whoever was responsible for his death. She had a hard time, as her only lead was a severed leg, but when she did find the Sith, he used her anger and grief to drive her to the dark side. She all but forgot about her loving master, and deemed that the Jedi were responsible for his death, and thus had to be destroyed because of her vow.

Darth VesanusEdit

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Darth Vesanus.

Darth Vesanus was the Sith Lord that killed Kent Star. He was eventually tracked down by Ne-Rei, but only by accident, as she was trying to stop his ship from escaping her assault on Korriban. She and three other Jedi attacked him, but they were all killed until only she remained. He lied to her, and twisted the truth until she believed that the Jedi did stand in the way of peace, and they were the ones responsible for his master's death. She then gave in to the dark side and attacked him, but defeated her and took her away as his apprentice. She never really liked him, but she tried hard to impress him more that his other apprentice did, though she never succeeded. She did not feel sorry when he died above Coruscant, for he had enraged her by making Ximus his heir.

Darth XimusEdit

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Darth Ximus.

Darth Ximus was the second apprentice of Darth Vesanus, and although Ne-Rei had been the one to find him, she regretted it forever. Vesanus viewed him as stronger, more powerful, and all around better than Ne-Rei. She hated him like no one else, and vowed that she would impress Vesanus more that Ximus did, and maybe even get revenge on Ximus by killing or maiming him. The closest she got was after he disobeyed Vesanus and was forced to stay behind and not go on the assault to Coruscant, though she did not know that that was his plan all along, and he had still had the last word.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ne-Rei Dis was able to use the Force stronger than a typical Padawan could, and impressed many Jedi with her skills. She was average with saber skills, but put in effort and that pleased her master. Once she turned to the dark side she began using Force powers such as Force lightning which she relished in using. She also used Force rage to amplify her powers, but she did not use it as much. Vesanus forced her to work much harder on her saber skills, bringing them above the levels she had been at.

She was not a gifted pilot, strategist, negotiator, or any particular branch of abilities except for Force power. In the rest she was average, or a little above, and this was not unheard of, but neither was it common. Her worst skills were in negotiations, though she rarely took part in such events, so it didn't have a large impact. When she turned to the dark side, she stopped practicing most of her non-combat or Force-related skills, and they fell off. By the time she attacked Coruscant, she was little more than a pawn of Darth Vesanus, a tool used to defeat as many Jedi as it could, before it became useless.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Nereis was created to be Darth Vesanus' apprentice, by SavageOpress1138. Both Ne-Rei Dis and Nereis were derived from Nereus and Nereids, the sea creatures from Greek mythology.

Darth Nereis won "Best Dark-side Character" in the Twelfth Wiki Awards.