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He was a monster. He only sought power, and would trade everything he had, all of his humanity, to maintain it. He only saw other's ends, but never his own; he never saw his own face...
Tahn Ya discusses Mykll to a fellow rebel

Darth Mykll was a near-Human Sith Lord who secretly plotted out several attacks on the Jedi Order, posing as a harmless old man though being younger then 35. He mastered an art of physical transformation by usage of the Dark Side.

Possibly born on Coruscant, Mykll trained in the Dark arts, fueling on his anger and hatred he felt. His power was great, and he grew to love it more then even himself. Over the years, he did unnatural things to better his body, slowly and slowly descending from humanity and into a state of mutation.

With his power unlimited, he wandered the galaxy for years, sending fear through the hearts of thousands of sentient beings. He himself posed as them for different reasons, and posing as an old man, he took on two apprentices fending for themselves on Felucia, twins Twui and Taroon. He trained them to be vicious Sith, and when the Clone Wars began, he told them to ally themselves with Dooku and the separatists. He, however, stayed on both sides, though secretly allied neither.

He sought out to gain a new apprentice, sensing a strong amount of hatred in a Padawan named Sandyar Trek. His new objective then came to make the boy his apprentice, and have him turn against the Jedi and do his biding. After a year of tempting the boy, he finally broke down his mental stability and sent him to lay massacre on the Jedi Temple on the lucrative Fradar. Once then, Sandyar tried to rebel against his current master, wedging him to near death, but Mykll drove down on him and caused him to still follow him as a master of the Sith.

After Sandyar dueled to death with his former master at the Fradar Spaceport Dock, Mykll faced him as well, and was killed. His body evaporated in a puff of smoke, and his body seized as he switched from face to face, torturing him in his last moments of life.


Sith training


A padawan Mykll., boy, have great fear in you. Fear, and hatred. All of that will lead you to the Dark Side. That's a good thing.
Mykll's master upon their first meeting

According to the small amount of information readable on a scrambled holocron, Mykll was born on a planet ending in "cant," possibly Coruscant. While acting as a stowaway on a Republic vessel named Count, the ship was attacked by a single Sith Lord, who slaughtered the pilots and stole the holocron of plans for a large massacre on Kashyyk. Before departing back onto his small vessel, he noticed the young boy, and picked him up. Scarred, Mykll believed he was about to be killed, but the Sith simply eyed him, and stated that he felt fear and anger inside of him, and that that will lead him to the Dark Side. He then stated that that was a good thing, and carried him out onto his ship.

The Sith took Mykll on as his apprentice, and trained him around the galaxy for 15 years. With his apprentice fully trained, he dubbed him with his Sith title, "Darth Mykll," his first true name. Satisfied, Mykll stood up from his bowed position, light saber at hip, and quickly stabbed it through his master's stomach. As the Sith's life force faded, Mykll slowly whispered into his ear, "Thank master."

Gaining Power

I did unnatural things to my body to get the way I am...

Cloud City

Do you know who I am?"
"Well you will.

—Mykll and Dann converse.

Mykll confronts Dann VaSigma in Cloud City.

Starting in 43 BBY, Mykll began scouring the galaxy for an extension to his power. Starting in Cloud City, he walked into a cantina, sitting himself next to a scientist named Dann VaSigma. Mykll greeted the man, who silently waved to him. He asked him if he knew him, and was answered with a no. He then told him he would, and force-pushed him into the wall, flipping backward to pull out his lightsaber as he landed on a platform. The bar cluttered up with mutterings of "Sith." Mykll told the man to let him come to his laboratory and no one would die. Dann did so, and the two sped out to his large point top lab.

Once there, Mykll told Dann of his request: he wanted to have more power. Dann asked how he can give him such a thing, and Mykll informed him to unleash the part of his brain without any limitations, as Dann was an expert in neurasthenics. Dann told Mykll it would be the most painful process of his life, and Mykll told him he

Personality and traits

The dark side opens up gateways considered to be unnatural by the Jedi. Including the art of physical transformation. I can be anyone! Any sentient! Twist myself to deceive anyone! Give in to me, boy, or face your demise!!
—Mykll explains his purpose to Sandyar Trek


  1. Scattered holocron on him show his native planet ending with "cant"
  2. The dark side causes Mykll to surge in power, thus causing the color of his eyes to change; naturally, though, he has dark blue
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