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How foolish the Sith are. They worship what they know not. They seek the eternal torture I currently endure. If only Revan were here to help me as he did Ajunta Pall... although I fear where Ajunta Pall fell, I fell farther; too far.
—Darth Mors

Darth Mors was a former, forgotten Sith Lord who was unwillingly granted Immortality by the Dark Side of the Force. And the mastermind behind the destruction of many Republic space colonies between 3360-3355 BBY.

Short Biography

Once a revered Human male Sith Lord, Darth Mors' studies and yearning for knowledge of the Dark Side led him to investigate a rogue planet quickly passing through the outer rim of the galaxy. This planet was unusually strong with the dark side, and upon exploration, uncovered a crudely built temple in its depths. The Dark Side was, however, too overwhelmingly strong in the area, and immediately Mors sought to flee; convinced that he'd encountered the True Power of the Dark Side. Unable to escape in time, he resorted to meditation, opting to fight for escape by fleeing to the Light. He meditated desperately to cleanse himself of this planet's taint, but was unsuccessful for 45 days. He awoke to darkness, as his body had died and severely decomposed. He spent the next year reassembling his consciousness, and was able to teach himself to sense again through the Force. It was then that he learned his essence, preserved by the Dark Side, was bound to his corpse. He spent another entire year dragging himself out of this temple and into his derelict, but functional ship. His views on the Force and the Galaxy had changed, and his desire to live was quickly fading. Wishing to rest in peace, he seeked assistance from the Jedi Order. The Council had no answers to offer and felt that he had become far too corrupted to ever return to the Light. Angered, he coaxed them into combat by killing one of the Masters, hoping to be struck down. The Council was unable destroy him, and he simply left in the middle of the battle. He then seeked what remained of the Sith Empire, and took on several apprentices, hoping one day that one would eventually do as all Sith do: kill their master and take their place. Since then, he created his own faction and made enemies with both the Jedi and the Sith in the hopes that one strong enough to end his existence would come forth and grant him his wish.

Early life

Darth Mors came into power in 3365 BBY, being anointed by his Sith Master as Darth Cadavis. In the years to come, his incessant studies of the Force - specifically the Dark Side - would help him grow in power. He eventually challenged and killed his Master in a duel. He took the name Mors, and cast off Cadavis as a way of signifying his independence. His fascination with the Dark Side only increased the more he studied it, and sought to find relics, planets, and ruins of ancient civilizations to bask and learn from its power. As such, he never truly took his place as a Dark Lord of the Sith; and in his absence, power within the Sith faction shifted greatly. His studies ultimately led him to a Rogue Planet traveling through the Outer Rim that was strong enough in the Dark Side to be felt from across the galaxy. Determined, he intercepted the barren planet and explored it's depths. It was here he found a misplaced Temple, and encountered an extremely powerful part of the Force. His fascination quickly turned to fear. He had seen and felt what the Dark Side really was, and immediately attempted to convert to the Light. But the Dark Side penetrated his body, and granted him what all Sith ultimately sought after: Immortality. With both the Jedi and Sith unable to help him find rest, he made an enemy of the known galaxy in attempts to seek out an individual capable of killing him.


The Rogue Planet Darth Mors encountered was actually one of three different objects orbiting the Galaxy directly. It was eventually found that an object which seemed to be void of, and actively absorbing the force, was making its round outside of the galaxy. Five force users sensed it, and convinced Darth Mors to travel to this object if he truly wanted to be destroyed. Darth Mors did so, and upon reaching this object's event horizon, finally died an instant death. It was theorized by one of the five force users that the objects were a physical manifestation and absence of the Force in all of its forms. A Planet which spouted forth the Dark Side, a Black Hole which absorbed and destroyed the Force, and a White Hole which created the Force as the Light Side. Each one having an orbit lasting over 10,000,000 years.


The events of Darth Mors and the man himself were forgotten in the years to come, although the theory of the 3 Manifestations of the Force were recorded in the Jedi Archives, they had mysteriously vanished years later, and it was never talked of again. Perhaps the Council had it erased for fear of anyone trying to obtain power from them. Perhaps it was a data error. Perhaps, the Force liked to keep certain things a secret.

Personality and traits

Darth Mors was highly intellectual and very scholarly driven; opting to study and explore instead of governing the Sith before his corruption. He himself never had any reason to fight. Instead, he trained apprentices, offering them extensive knowledge of the Dark Side in hopes that one would find the power to kill him. He used his apprentices to attack Republic settlements and Jedi/Sith bases, hoping that more potential enemies would lead to his death sooner.

Powers and abilities

During his corruption, Darth Mors was immortal. Unsatisfied with eternal life, he sought his elusive death. As such, he never bothered to explore the true potential of his power. He grew to hate the Force, and was utterly disgusted the seldom times he used it.

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