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Darth Destru: “Morgu, my most loyal servant, are you ready for our final battle?
Darth Morgu: “As ever, my lord. I live to serve.
Darth Destru and Darth Morgu

Darth Morgu was a male Yam'rii, and a member of the Disciples of Bane and served one of its leaders Darth Destru. However, during the Bane Crisis, he was killed with his master, battling the Republic.


Darth Morgu: “On behalf of the Triad and the Sith, I have come here to execute you Darth Baden.
Darth Baden: “Your master won't live to savor my death.
Darth Morgu: “We shall see.

— Darth Morgu and Darth Baden

Morgu was head of a cell of the criminal organization the Black Sun. His knowledge of the Force proved helpful as he gathered men and resources to him. However, he was betrayed by the organization and sent to Oovo IV. However, he was freed by Darth Destru and he joined him in his war against the other Sith cults.

Morgu served his master well, even after the end of the war and the formation of the Disciples. As Destru now served on the Triad of Darkness, Morgu led Destru's forces into battle. However, with the lack of success and the conflict between Destru and his rival Darth Baden, Morgu was brought into play. Along with Darth Sharka and Xethyr, Morgu was sent by Destru to assassinate Baden. The two Sith successfully did this, but it led to civil war. As Morgu returned to Destru in an attempt to end the conflict, Republic forces arrived and wiped out Destru's force, including Morgu.


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