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(I not longer need the power of the force.. Template:Darth Mayhem

Template:Darth Mayhem Was a Sith lord. and also the Emperor. Around 22 - 99 AY.


Sid was borned at Tatooine. He's dad is Caedum Cartos, and his mother is Amilar Asterus. He always hated the Jedi's. And have a good feeling about darkness. He left Tatooine at his 16th. He has created a army of soldiers, to kill the Jedi's. Later he found a special Cyber crystal. what can tortune Jedi's. After that he killed Zodan Paltav, The former Chancellor. And renamed him self as the new Chancellor.


Mayhem died. in the Grand Galaxy War. Against Kay Hunter. And Ricky Maledo. Mayhem first throwed Kay in one of the selfdestruting holes. Ricky slams Mayhem. in one of these holes. Kay climbs out. And Mayhem jumped out. Kay throwed his lighstsaber to Mayhem. and that killed him.


After his Death. They try to forget Mayhem. and what his faults.

Personality and traits

Very angry. Hater.

Quotes About Him

Your weakness is that you dont believe in the force - Kay Hunter

Powers and abilities

Behind the scenes

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