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Finally after years of preparing I will have my revenge!!
—Darth Mavrik

Mavrik was human male from Naboo born 10 BBY a time of consolidation of power for the Galactic Empire. He was force sensitive and soon was discovered by the Empire and taken to a secret training facility on Byss to be trained in the ways of the Dark Side and become a hand of the Emperor. After the death of his master on the second Death Star Mavrik decided that to survive and continue his Sith ways he would have to go into hiding. After years of exile Mavrik rose anew with a Sith Empire of his own and begun a war upon the Galactic Alliance itself.


Early life:

Born as Mavrik to noble parents on the lush world of Naboo he was to be brought up in a life of luxury but he was very force sensitive and so attracted the attention of the Emperor himself whilst visiting the planet.

Once the Emperor had met the child he assessed that he was indeed extremely talented and so had his parents killed in what looked like an accident but with the boy surviving and so took the child too Byss to train him.





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