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Darth Mavoc, born Corran Myec, was a Sith Lord circa 675 ABY. Corran was born on Corellia to a poor family and was taken from his home at the age of eight to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. From there, Corran grew up as a Jedi and eventually attained the rank of Jedi Knight. He later took a Padawan, who died during a battle with remnants of the Commerce Union. During the year 674 ABY, Corran stumbled upon Sith texts, which enveloped him in the dark side and adopted the title Darth Mavoc. Following his adoption of a Sith title, Corran began amassing resources for his eventual conflict with the Jedi. During this time, Corran took fellow Jedi Knight Darren Vyrik as his apprentice. Eventually Corran came into conflict with the Jedi Council when Corran sent his apprentice to assassinate a Council Member on Corellia. Corran lost his apprentice during the conflict and subsequently left the Jedi Order; announcing his ascension to the Sith throne.

During the following years, Corran used a combination of charm and persuasion to convince people of the Jedi's uselessness, their hypocrisy and their ability to drag the non-Jedi populace with them as they enter conflict with their enemies. Although age-old friends of the Jedi refused to listen to his words, Mavoc managed to persuade many people to join his line of thinking.

Eventually, a misguided Jedi Knight attempted to kill Mavoc. Although he failed, the attempt sparked a war between the Jedi Order (who was allied with the Third Republic) and the people who Mavoc convinced (becoming his Sith Empire). After a lengthy beginning, the war was thought to be cut short when Mavoc was believed killed in the Battle of Tython. However, Mavoc managed to survive and continued the war against the Jedi Order. The war concluded in the year 676 ABY when Mavoc was finally killed.