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The Force controls us, guides us, decides from the moment we breath our first breath how we will die. In away we do not use the Force...the Force uses us.
—Darth Mars

Darth Mars was a Casian Dark Jedi from the planet Lumen deep in the Outer Rim. He was born Dak Solus to one of the lower classes on his homeworld. He was found by a Jedi Master named Romulus Ark when he was 6 years old after being orphaned. He joined Revan when he called for Jedi to join the Mandalorian War.


Early life

So much pain in one so young is heartbreaking but in one who feels the force as strongly as he, is incredibly dangerous.
—Romulus Ark about Dak Solus

Darth Mars was born Dak Solus the son of a poor farmer in a village called Syl. Syl was a small village neighboring the human city of Nether. He and his family were Casians. Casians are a humanoid species that are native to the grasslands of Lumen. Casians were seen as lower than humans and were cruelly mistreated.

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