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Many Sith think brutality is the only key to victory. They are fools. Listen to me, my children. The true path to victory is through knowledge. Know the secrets of the darkness, and you control every aspect of existence.
— Manqus to his children.

Manqus Lorebrook was a Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the Sith Order. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Manqus Sha'lei Lorebrook (Born Manqus Lorebrook) was born in 3623 BBY to Alissa and Gregory Lorebrook. Unfortunately, his birth also marked tragedy. His mother died during childbirth, and his brother was killed in the First Galactic War. His father, a miner, was left to raise him. The startling thing was that he soon discovered his young son was Force-sensitive, unusual, judging by how the only ancestor of Sith blood they had was an acolyte of Naga Sadow from the time of the Great Hyperspace War and nobody in their family had been Sensitive since then. His father tried as best he could to nurture his abilities and make him feel special, but tragedy struck: his father made a horrible investment and lost all of his savings. Riddled by gambling debts, he sold his son into slavery. This event is what many historians attribute to Manqus's insecurities and his introverted personality. At 9 years old, Manqus was shipped off to Korriban to work for the rest of his life, however short it might be.

However, by the time he was 19, a certain miracle happened. They discovered, as Manqus already knew, that he was Sensitive. Lord Thresh, a Sith archivist, took the young acolyte as his apprentice and introduced him to the world of dark knowledge and the Sith. Unfortunately, two years later, Thresh was killed during a raid on a Republic orbital base near Korriban. The loss of his master and one of his closest friends bore down on him, and he began to question for the first time whether the path that he had chosen was truly the one he was meant to walk. He began traversing the galaxy looking for answers to his doubts, garnering a close inner circle of companions as he went. Eventually, however, he found his calling. On the remote pirate planet of Rishi, he discovered bastions of dark power the likes of which he had never seen, and he harvested the power to not only further his power but to learn more about the Force. Eventually he was called back from Rishi, a planet he later called "the one place where I was truly at home", even being honorarially inducted into the main tribe on Rishi, given the name of Sha'lei, meaning "The One who Seeks."

Manqus mostly worked independently from the main sections of the Empire, preferring the company of close companions in comparison to working with a large group of strangers. However, his exploits gained enough fame that when he was only twenty-eight years old the Empire granted him a substantial sum to establish a team to search for artefacts in high risk areas and areas out of the reach of the Empire, eventually showing enough skill and mastery to become a Darth at the age of 31, being awarded the title of Darth Boros and gaining higher authority within the ranks of the Sith.

He married his close friend Bastile Adrien. The couple had two children together, Castella, a Miraluka female and a Sensitive, and Parsis, a human boy and a Sensitive as well. They raised them both in the teachings of the dark side, but Castella rejected his teachings and later joined the Jedi Order, rising to the rank of Master at the time of her death. Her loss made Manqus depressed beyond comprehension, and he later regarded her turn to the light as one of his greatest failures. His son, however, became one of Manqus's closest allies, gaining not only his father's love but his undying loyalty. However, after the assualt on Tython and the Jedi Temple, he was horrified by the destruction of the countless archives within the walls of the structure and he briefly disavowed the Empire, breaking contact with the Sith and dedicating himself to reforming the system. However, he later re-established contact and established an elite task force that worked free from bueracracy to find dark artefacts that lay all around the galaxy, on the fringes, in the Core Worlds or anywhere that the Empire couldn't send an official force. It consisted of former Imperial Reclamation Officers that had shown exemplary experience or prowess in their assigned field of research/recovery of artefacts as well as multiple Sith Lords that included his son Parsis. They were based on Rishi and used Manqus's reputation there to keep relations cordial with the residents.

The Reborn Emperor and Zakuul

When the reborn Emperor and his Eternal Empire invaded the galaxy, he was one of the first members of the Empire to advocate a treaty between the Republic and the Sith as a measure to stop the invasion, but his message was not heeded until it was too late. He also ordered every resource in his arsenal to be dedicated to eradicating the newborn Emperor, working closely with his fellow Sith and travelling to the fringes of space to search for artefacts and weapons. His fleet was heavily damaged when the Eternal Empire attacked Dromund Kaas, and his expeditions were crippled for the apparent future. When victory was finally unattainable and most of the former Councillors dead or in hiding, he took his family and as much of his archives as he could and fled to Rishi, a world he had always loved. He continues to fight the Zakuul Empire from his base on Rishi, and he has spent many credits from both his personal stash and Imperial coffers to fortify Rishi from attack, but hope seems to be fading fast. His status beyond that is unknown, as no records of his death nor any of his allies and family has ever been recovered. Historians suggest that the information was destroyed during the occupation of Korriban, but that's just speculation.


Manqus was the commander of a team responsible for securing dark knowledge wherever it may be found, a job that he delighted in carrying out. He used his resources to make this new Imperial team consist of exemplary Reclamation officers and Lords that have shown a commitment to pursuing knowledge, basing them on Rishi and spearheading the department personally, overlooking every operation as it came through his office.

Personality and traits

Manqus was incredibly introverted and insecure, rarely speaking to those he did not know. He was also incredibly paranoid, athough in most situations he put up a facade of extroverted behavior to divert attention from himself. You'd be lucky to find him not reading some piece of dark knowledge or attempting to find said piece of knowledge, and that's on a good day. He dedicated his life to gathering every piece of dark knowledge he could find to further his collection. When archaeologists got past all the booby traps he had set in place, they found an immense collection of dark knowledge, apparently all of his personal archives. However, it is known that while he shied away from strangers and those who he didn't like the look of, he was fiercely loyal and loving towards his inner circle, including his companions, his wife, and his daughter, and he would sacrifice his own life to save any one of them. He is easily angered, and his tolerance for stupidity is minimal, but if you can manage to befriend him, you have a companion who will protect you at all costs.

Powers and abilities

Manqus's abilities with dark magic were extraordinary, but his abilities with a lightsaber were sorely lacking because of his lack of attention to physical strength. Due to his time with the Force well on Rishi, he gained great amounts of mental strength and intelligence, furthering his lifetime goal, but he had bouts over control of his own mind because of the strain the well had put on his mind. His endless pursuit and eventual acquisition of dark knowledge gave him access to ancient Sith powers that were thought to be lost to time. His power over the minds of the weak was also an asset of the Darth's arsenal, but his main weapon was the sheer amount of knowledge he possessed. However, if he was sufficiently angered, he was susceptible to sloppiness which could give his opponent time to get the killing blow, ending the Dark Lord permanently.

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