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Darth Mandalore, formerly called Darth Necris, was a Sith Lord who survived the destruction of the Sith Triumvirate, and, after working through various crime circles, came to control Mandalore and wage war against the Republic of Supreme Chancellor Yhar-Moalu. After an initial victory on Onderon, Mandalore was killed in a dogfight above the planet, ending his brief uprising and plunging the Mandalorians into further debt and chaos.


You challenge me? I, who has never failed to crush the life from an enemy?
—Darth Mandalore

Darth Mandalore was born in the Tion Cluster , on the planet Raxus.He was taken by a Sith Lord and trained in the Sith arts, during which time he was given the name "Darth Necris." Nevertheless, he chose not to use that name later in his life, lacking a true devotion to the Sith arts. At the age of twenty, his master was killed in the turmoil following the death of Darth Nihilus in 3951 BBY

Mandalore was given a set of red and black armor and an EE-3 carbine rifle. He completed several missions for the Mandalorians, until, on Zigoola, he found his old master and killed him. It was then that he learned Force Choke.

Force choke? You have been useful, Master. Now Die!
—Darth Mandalore

Darth Mandalore traveled the galaxy assassinating major crime lords in the Outer Rim Territories. He was then hired by Jabba the Hutt to kill Gardulla the Hutt. Mandalore led an army of mercenaries, but was defeated by a regiment of Mandalorians hired by Gardulla for protection. He was sentenced to death, but a group of Jedi Knights attacked, and, in the confusion, Darth Mandalore escaped

After he escape, Mandalore traveled to Coruscant and was hired by the Black Sun to kill the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He was attacked by a young Jedi named Yoda who had been following him. After a duel in which Darth Mandalore used his Force powers and his armor as best as he felt he could, he was killed by Yoda

Personality and traitsEdit

Darth Mandalore considered himself to be the greatest Mandalorian, the greatest Sith Lord, and the greatest assassin of his time.

This made him appear arrogant and unpleasant to be with to those who surrounded him. He once ran into the real Mandalorians and killed twenty of them before flying off. This reinforced his mental image of himself as the rightful Mandalore.

However, since he spent several years killing Outer Rim crime lords, it is clear that he did have a good side as well. This was due to the fact that he had never completed his Sith training (and was therefore not full of hate) and he had gained a sense of honor from the Mandalorians.

Powers and abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

Utilizing his Sith training, Darth Mandalore carried a red-bladed lightsaber, as well as an EE-3 carbine rifle. He dressed in red and black Mandalorian armor and wore a black cape. He flew a Firesrpay 31 patrol and attack class ship and used the Force to fly it. Additionally, his preferred Force power was Force Choke.


Darth Mandalore used his Mandalorian gauntlets to hold several different weapons, including a flame thrower. His Jetpack carried a warhead missile launcher (similar to Jango Fetts) and could fly for a limited distance (until it ran out of fuel). Darth Mandalore did not rely on his armor, and assassinated several crime lords without it. This was to his advantages as the other Mandalorians relied on their armor to deflect blaster bolts and darts.

==Physical appearance== Darth Mandalore was 1.87 meters tall and was powerfully built. It was rumored in some circles that he once wrestled a Wookiee and won. He had short black hair and was clean-shaven. He dressed in red, black, and silver Mandalorian armor and a black cloak. He had a scar given to him by his Sith Master, and so with his helmet off he was instantly recognizable to most people.