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Darth Malin was a male Dark Lord of the Sith, a founding member of the Dark Brotherhood and the creator of his Sith Empire.


Early life

The man who would become known as Darth Malin was a Tyran born to the daughter of Osman whom died in childbirth and was raised by his grandfather. By age ten, he became interested in relics kept by his grandfather in his home, particularly items related to ancient Sith such as the holocron of Darth Milias and became infatuated with the aspects of the Force after the gatekeeper of the holocron spoke to him.


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Personality and traits

Possessing golden eyes after being immersed in the dark side, he also had pale skin and red tattoos around his eyes. At some point he obtained a suit of armor made of the parasitic orbalisk.

Behind the scenes

The name Malin is derived from the French word malin translating to malignant.



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