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Darth Luvidicous was a Human male who was a Dark Lord of the Sith and the ruler of the Sith Armada during the Mandalorian Jedi Sith War. Luvidicous was able to build the Sith Armada from the remnants of the Disciples of Ragnos. During the Mandalorian Jedi Sith War, Luvidicous gained a reputation as a renowned tactician and an expert strategist.


Planning a war

Darth Luvidicous was determined to rebuild the Sith and rule the Galaxy. In order to do that he realized that he would need to weaken the power of those who could oppose him. After an extensive period of meditation the Dark Lord decided that a war would be the only way to weaken the Galactic Protection Space Union, the Jedi, and the Mandalorians.

Mandalorian Jedi G.P.S. Conflict

Darth Luvidicous had his Sith Apprentice, Darth Scandurous, meet with a corrupt G.P.S. Admiral and give him credits and in exchange the Admiral would attack a Mandalorian command ship. The plan was carried out flawlessly. During the start of the war, Darth Luvidicous served as Enrich Tollandi's bodyguard, he did this by going under the false name Rulp Verger. Darth Luvidicous managed to keep the Mandalorians from kidnapping Tollandi even after being shot in the forehead. Luvidicous then captured Tollandi for his own nefarious plot. Darth Luvidicous had seemingly lost his sanity when Adazam Vigrem was brought before him as a prisoner. In his rage, he hit Adazam and struck Ireana. Adazam managed to free himself from his binds and dueled Luvidicous, however Luvidicous proved to be the better swordsman. Darth Luvidicous then froze Adazam in carbonite.


Not long after freezing Adazam, Darth Luvidicous confronted Ireana and seemingly convinced her that Adazam had planted the memory of him striking her. He then employed the services of seven bounty hunters; their task was to locate and retrieve the first Battle Gear. After the bounty hunters departed, Darth Luvidicous met with Darth Scandurous in private and ordered him to get Ireana away from the Sith Armada for two months. Eventually the Battle Gear was retrieved by Red Mask. Admiring the bounty hunter's resourcefulness, Luvidicous offered him a position in the Sith Armada, though Red Mask declined. Darth Luvidicous went to a training facility and watched as the new Sith Warriors sparred. He ordered their trainer, Hirul, to follow him out of the room and began to ridicule him on the way the Sith Warriors fought. Luvidicous quickly pointed out that their moves were all similar to Hirul's and that they were all Human. After Luvidicous questioned Ireana about Darth Scandurous, he was able to surmise that there was no hope of rescue. On a whim, Darth Luvidicous went to where Adazam was being stored and prepared to turn off the life support system on the slab of frozen carbonite that contained Adazam. After a brief struggle with his conscience and a vision from the Force, Luvidicous defrosted Adazam. He asked Adazam to turn to the dark side and to join the Sith Armada and froze him again when he refused.

The new apprentice

Disappointed by Adazam's refusal, Luvidicous went back to the training room and watched as two Sith Warriors dueled. The victor and survivor of the duel was a young man, Alex Trevino, after taking notice he invited Alex to his quarters for a private conversation. Luvidicous cut to the chase and told Alex that he was looking for a new apprentice. Alex accepted. Two years later Alex accompanied Darth Luvidicous to Korriban. After taking an excessive amount of disrespectful comments from Alex, Luvidicous force chocked him within an inch of his life. Master and apprentice soon sensed a spike in the Force coming from Coruscant Colony. The two went to investigate and discovered a mutated Ceran. After a brief conversation, Darth Luvidicous apologized and stabbed into one of Ceran's two hearts. Luvidicous knew that the Jedi could sense Ceran in the Force and he quickly formulated a plan. The plan was to have the Sith Warriors create a single spike of Force energy to trick the Jedi away from Coruscant Colony. The plan worked and the Sith dropped the ruse at Dathomir, this led the Jedi to suspect that they sensed the witches on the planet. The Jedi were soon able to sense Ceran through the Force although he passed away before being able to reveal the Sith. Luvidicous came to the conclusion that a superweapon was the only way to combat the Ancients' world ship and he unfroze Adazam. He made Adazam design a weapon with the power to destroy a planet by threatening to refreeze him in carbonite.

Alex Trevino came before Darth Luvidicous to ask if he was going to be replaced by Adazam, in response Luvidicous activated his lightsaber and knighted Trevino, granting him the Sith title Darth Exice.

The search and the betrayal

Darth Luvidicous eventually went in search of his ancestor's tomb to receive guidance. Luvidicous nearly died in a snowstorm on Orriban before finding his ancestor's tomb. He ran into the disembodied spirit of his ancestor, Castol Dalgota. Castol quickly began questioning him and asked who he was; the Dark Lord of the Sith identified himself as Darth Luvidicous only for Castol to ask him if he was sure he was Luvidicous or if somewhere, deep inside of Luvidicous, lurked Gilbert Kensik. After an argument and a warning from Castol that the dark side could only lead to betrayal and destruction, the old spirit taught Luvidicous an old technique that few had mastered. This Force power allowed Darth Luvidicous to shoot flames from the palms of his hands and he possibly even learned a technique that would allow him to raise the dead. Darth Luvidicous began to return to Maximum before having his shuttle shot down by none other than his apprentice, Darth Exice. The Guizer and its crew came across Darth Luvidicous' shuttle and gave him medical treatment. Luvidicous ordered the Guizer to take him to Korriban for a final confrontation with his apprentice. Darth Luvidicous slipped up in conversation and decided to reveal to Ireana that he was her uncle. Darth Exice arrived on Korriban after the Guizer had left and fought Darth Luvidicous for control of the Sith Armada. Darth Luvidicous fought valiantly, but in the end, Darth Exice was victorious, but at the cost of his vanity and right eye. Exice's lightsaber stabbed through Luvidicous and Luvidicous seemingly fell to his death.


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