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Darth Kullat was a human male sith who fought during the Cold War only to disappear two years after the outcome of the war.

He was the most gifted Assassin and Sorcerer of Sith Warrior Darth Slaght, until Kullat killed him for ruining a plan of Corruption. He would seize all the trappings and property of Slaght, even taking on his own apprentice, Luchis, and would gain Slaght's legion.

He would be a leader in the Cold War, with his ever-replenishing legion. He would disappear two years after the war in battle with a Cellator colony which had broken from the Sith Empire. Millennia after, he would be discovered by Vulkan Templars to be frozen by the kosmite's advanced technology, which had kept them alive the whole time.

He would then become a major infernas of the Vulkan Templar Order, until the appearance of the First Order, which he immediately broke from the order, with plans to start a new sith empire, with him as emperor.

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